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  1. New zodias is on shimano website saying it will be released this year
  2. Hi mate I had a similar thing happen with a two piece daiwa rod. My local tackle store was able to order me the bottom half of the two piece that I snapped but It did cost me 75% of the cost of a new rod!
  3. I ended up with the Slammer 3 7500. Have used it on one trip so far. Great reel, robust, nice drag but it is still a Penn. They are not as smooth (or noiseless) as a Shimano or Daiwa.
  4. Hi all, looking for a 7 to 7.6 rod to pair with penn slammer 3 7500 fishing 30lb mono bait fishing around shallow reefs. A softish tip would help for casting. Looking for something in the 10-15kg range. Budget $300. cheers
  5. Time for everyone to relax 😉
  6. Thanks mate I thought about those but the slammer 3 just feels so much smoother in the hand. Cheers
  7. Thanks mate I’ve heard that
  8. Hi, wondering if anyone has a Penn Slammer 3 and if they are any good? Looking at a 6500 HS model. Apparently a lot of charter boats use them now so they must be pretty robust and good value for money. Thanks in advance