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  1. Has tackle world had a dust up with daiwa? I went into a Queensland tackle world store and there was not a single daiwa product in there. No rods and no reels. Anyone else noticed that?
  2. Depending on your budget the shimano t curve deep jig range would be perfect. I think they are around $300
  3. Noelm I saw a YouTube video where someone pulled apart a slammer 3 and the carbon fibre washers are individually glued to the steel washers if you get what I mean. Each “washer” therefore has a steel side and a carbon fibre side. I will pull apart my slammer 3 7500 tonight to check
  4. The slammer drag washers are glued to the metal separating shims I believe. That is how they develop such high drag ratings. Why don’t you pull it apart and give the washers a good rub with cals grease? Might help. Whenever I have replaced factory washers with carbontext ones I have always used cals grease.
  5. That’s pretty much what I am after. Mine will be used for mostly bait fishing in shallow water with a locked drag so if the smaller gosa is nice and tough it may be the way to go. Cheers
  6. Yeah I have the 8000 and it’s really what I am looking for. Cheers
  7. Yeah I’m probably leaning towards the gosa now with all the positive feedback. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the Saltist. I know it has cast gears as opposed to machined also so I am leaning towards the other two. Cheers
  9. I said the 4000 Saltist as it has roughly the same body size as the others. I’m really tossing up now between the gosa and slammer. Probably can’t go wrong with either. Cheers
  10. Mate I have a thunnus 8000 and love it but am really after a solid salt water reel that I can fish with a locked drag. I will take a look at the Clash. Cheers
  11. Looking for a new mid range spinner for 30lb braid. Tossing up between the Saragosa 6000, Saltist 4000 or Slammer 3 5500. I have a larger Saragosa plus larger slammer, does anyone have any experience with the smaller ones? Is any of these better / not as good as the others? They are all pretty similar price wise. thanks in advance
  12. New zodias is on shimano website saying it will be released this year
  13. Hi mate I had a similar thing happen with a two piece daiwa rod. My local tackle store was able to order me the bottom half of the two piece that I snapped but It did cost me 75% of the cost of a new rod!
  14. I ended up with the Slammer 3 7500. Have used it on one trip so far. Great reel, robust, nice drag but it is still a Penn. They are not as smooth (or noiseless) as a Shimano or Daiwa.
  15. Hi all, looking for a 7 to 7.6 rod to pair with penn slammer 3 7500 fishing 30lb mono bait fishing around shallow reefs. A softish tip would help for casting. Looking for something in the 10-15kg range. Budget $300. cheers
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