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  1. I've been trying to figure out how to use soft plastics and hardbody lures for a while now. I just have a few questions on how to improve strike rate. My playground is mainly the Nelson bay break wall because its where I always bag fish on frozen petrol station bait. I have tried the soft plastic Zman Grubs 2.5 with 1/4 oz weight size 2/0 hook and I never get anything touching it, so one of my first questions is, there is so many baitfish around the walls and the soft plastic is to imitate those it pointless to use soft plastic land based because the fish already have a better fresher live option in front of them? And is it better to use the soft plastic for deeper inshore and offshore work, where the soft plastic has more of a chance to be taken because it will stand out more from the protection of the walls. I understand soft plastics may work very well when rock fishing with heavy gear but I think of the break walls as lighter family friendly fishing.

    I do have some hardbody daiwa double clutch lures the small 70 or 75mm ones and I love the action they give, are they only for shallow water use ? Can I put a sinker on it so i can try fish it in deeper water off the break wall? I think i might have a chance to catch something good on it if i can get it deeper? Or are they not meant for deeper water and only shallow flats?

    I really appreciate your knowledge and help.

  2. No Volitan, I only take one rod with me when I go and it was fitted with 8lb braid, so I'm pretty sure I would of got busted up or spooled if I did manage to hook one. I'm not that proficient yet and I haven't brought a bigger rod and reel for bigger fish yet, I only try to get the bread and butter stuff. There's so many schools of baitfish there too, if I did try for a kingfish would it be better to live bait for it or use a soft plastic and a jighead or one of those hardbody surface lure things ???I doubt I'd hook one on the peeled prawn I try to catch bream with lol.

  3. Headed down there at 3:30am to try and get some squid, the guy at the fish shop said the day before the young lad who worked there got 42 in the morning anyhow I got none, my mate John got 3 in about 5 hours lol. An old man was there in his Akubra hat and full fish overalls with his 2 alveys set up fishing fresh nippers I believe, he pulled up a massive bream I mean huuuge and about a 2kg trevally I heard (he was fishing towards the police boats), at the time I was on the point flicking prawns as usual on my 1-4kg jewel - 3000 stradic. I pulled up and dropped decent bream and trevally on the rocks, but I did walk away with 3 nice bream 1 trevally and 2 solid leather jacket. I also caught a stingray which nearly broke my rod he fell off as I went to lift him to unhook him so I was happy with that. As usual towards ocean side of the wall, plenty of schools of baitfish and plenty of schools of kingfish feeding on them travelling the wall up and down. There was also snapper on the point but nothing bagable today. Trevally are good fighters that was high light of the day for me.

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  4. Went out this morning 9am with the old man at low tide fishing west of the point on the wall there, was getting only small snapper and bream. A few hours into it started catching some nice leather jackets, managed 4 of them biggest was 36cm smallest was 25cm. A gentleman further down was using a float and he got a solid salmon. Not a bad place to drop a line.


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  5. 48 minutes ago, noelm said:

    The huge fish you couldn't hook would be Mullet, not too sure about Tuggerah Bay?

    It must have been mullet and something else because the schools looked like different fish.

    And yeah I wasn't to sure about tuggerah bay jetty as well, I was using Google satellite to have a look at lake illawarra to find somewhere to fish and saw that big jetty and decided to try it. Its bloody shallow though 2ft of water, lots of small stuff and that surprise 40cm flathead. Lots of weed there too but I didn't have a problem with it.

  6. Took my car down for a service at wollongong and brought my rod along, headed down to windang foreshore and was throwing frozen prawns on my 1-4kg jewel - stradic 3000fk 8lb braid, just getting small flathead. Moved over to the breakwall and there was so many huge fish in the water I just couldn't hook them but I did get a 30cm wrasse looking thing. Moved onto tuggerah bay jetty just to have a try and got a small yakka, heaps of small bream and a small tailor... half way through my last bag of prawns got a 40cm flathead so quite happy with that, I think that lake must be full of them if you know where to go, very shallow and sandy all along the edges.

  7. Yeah it was good fun and a great morning, I don't know if it was kings or bonito or mullet I'll go with what you gents recon, They were all about 50cm + there were about 100 of them in 2 groups and yeah I guess, I had a bag of rotten prawns and was half using half throwing, went down to the fish shop and got some cooked prawns and used them instead and they were pretty good, I had to use quite a heavy sinker the fish were biting further down than I thought they would but I'm still learning I'll get there.

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  8. Salt and Pepper + Vegeta 

    Lemon slices 

    Cleaned catch


    Firstly preheat your BBQ and close the lid.

    Take a large piece of foil, a piece that is big enough to wrap your fish in. 

    Snack your fish down on it and sprinkle sprinkle and lay some lemon slices too.

    Roll your fish up so it's in a little foil baggy - en papillote

    Throw it on the BBQ or Charcoal whatever you got and let the magic happen. 

    I reckon about 5 to 6 minutes a side for the bread and butter stuff, the bigger boys I just wing it. 

    The best part is the flavour and moistness that is retained from cooking it in the little foil baggy. And the lemon slices on top and underneath the fish help protect the fish from burning when it's cooking.

    Another good thing is that the fish should fall right off the bone, if done correctly you can gently lift and pull the fish tail towards the fishes head and the whole fish skeleton should pull apart from the cooked flesh leaving you with a Yummo fisho and pretty much almost no bones. 

    This is how I cook 90% of my catch and mainly because I've got my BBQ hooked up to Natural Gas.

    You can infuse any flavors into this method and I'm sure it will be a banger. 

    Try some butter too if you want.

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  9. Went out this morning at 6:30am to the point on Nelson Bay Breakwall. Was a slow start with lots of schools of baitfish swimming around, was throwing peeled prawns on my 1-4kg Shimano Jewel and 3000 stradic Fk (8lb power pro) pulled in 2 legal bream 26cm and 29cm. The others were 27cm tailor, 28cm snapper, 26cm snapper, 3 other snapper ranging from 15-24 a couple baby bream and I think it was a baby drummer. Have had success there before with decent leather jacket. A trawler was on it's way in the marina as a school of something huuuge was swimming around the rocks, my misses hooked one but it busted off and 2 minutes later this guy on the trawler boat comes back on a smaller boat did a few circles and scared them all back out and went back in to the trawler. I was thinking what the hell.

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  10. Got down to the breakwall around 9am and fished till 2pm.                High tide was 7am so wasn't expecting much, as soon as I hopped out the car I saw schools of baitfish jumping and then I saw a rat king jump after them.              Was targeting bream and throwing out prawns on 2/0 gamakatsu circles and 6lb braid mainline. Managed a 36cm tailor and 4 leather jackets from 25-35cm.              I threw back 3 leather jackets I didn't know what they were until I asked the lady at the fish shop what they were and then I started kicking myself. Anyhow good day and the tailor and leather jacket tasted great. 

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  11. Ok Gentlemen,

    The balance was absolutely horrendous so I went and ordered an Alvey Estuary Special 55 will see how that flys when it arrives.

    10"6 / 3-5kg line rating

    Berley I googled the stacer, that's an absolute little Gun of a boat.

    Will keep the Ugly Stick and load it up with a bigger Alvey one day if the occasion calls.

  12. Berley, that sounds a hell lot of fun chasing them on the beach on 4kg.

    Savit, if you find a 500c5 and a 8"6 rod comfortable I'm 99%! sure I will find it just as suitable and comfortable as you say.

    I'm gathering a 500c5 should really be put on a shorter rod (8-9ft) while the 12ft Ugly Stick should be fitted with a 650 reel.

    In saying that though in reference to Berleys set ups,

    The Ugly Stick (UGS- SP1202ma) does feel quite heavy and the tip is extremely whippy ? And soft ... so    it would probably be better suited to the heavier 650 reel for balance and the beach for casts that need to go over the wash when using pilchards and soft baits,

    ...Since I will mainly be going to breakwalls and won't be needing to cast far I guess, I read all the fish are closer to the rocks than you think.

    So I think I will buy a  3-5kg line rating 8-9"ft rod and spool it with 800m of 5kg line on the 500c5 reel,

    And save the 8kg for a 650.

    If Savit is catching legal kings and almost everything else on his 500 and Berley is having fun with 4kg I think I should be more than happy with 5kg and it should land me most of what I want.

    I've never been beach fishing before but now I have a rod and some knowledge to set it up properly for when the time comes to give it a crack.

    Berley I want a boat lol!! Tell us what you got !

  13. 29 minutes ago, Berleyguts said:

    Firstly, does the rod have a low winch mount and a large first stripper guide? If a medium or high mount and no large first guide, it’s not suited to an Alvey. I use a 5 inch C5 on a 10ft Snyderglass MT4120 rod (10ft blank plus sand spike) with 4kg line. I’m sure, if you’re fishing 8kg, the longer heavier rod will be fine... as long as it has the low winch mount and large first guide.

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions FrankS ,rebel and berleyguts I appreciate it.

    Berley, the rod does have a low winch mount and a massive first stripper guide. I have never seen anything like it before.

    Can I ask what species you target with your setup?

  14. Hello fellow raiders,

    First post quick intro,

    My name is Lawrence I'm 26 and keen novice fisher and I've just settled near Newcastle, so I have all the fishing options of the lakes, port Stephens, the jettys and break walls.

    I've had the pleasure of being able to research all the topics and posts and build up some solid knowledge on just about everything.

    I have just purchased an Alvey 500c5 I'm going to spool it with 8kg momoi hi catch and I have bought a 12ft Ugly Stick Gold 5-10kg.

    Is this a ridiculous setup ?

    Is the rod to long for a 5 inch alvey is the retrieval going to be a hassle?

    I read the 500c5 can handle up to 10kg line so I didn't want to get the shorter 10"6 - 3-5kg rod, and put 8kg line on it, I didn't really think about the drag at the time to be honest.

    I thought if the reel can handle the line and its lighter in the hand then it would be slightly more comfortable to use for extended sessions.

    Should I buy a smaller rod for the 500c5 and a larger alvey reel for the 12ft ? If so please tell me what larger alvey reel you recommend.

    I will mainly be fishing the break walls with pilchards and I may even throw from the beach occasionally.

    Would love to get big bream, snapper, flathead, kingfish and maybe even a jew with it.