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  1. Mate no better feeling than being the skipper of your own boat and a wise move taking someone experienced with you. Regardless of how many times you put it in the water you will always find different things that need to be done and that you will learn to do things your own way. You can listen to everyone who will give you advice on how things should be done , and there will be plenty of those, but for what it is worth from me listen to what they have to say and make your own decisions on what you think is best for your and your crew. I hope it brings you as much fun and enjoyment that I get out of my setup with my family and friends. Stay safe out there and tight lines. PS. happy to meet up when you are ready to share a day out on the bay. Cheers
  2. Nice bag Scratchie.. looking forward to Easter> The Skipper
  3. Mate, I have bought two boats from Qld and towed them back into NSW . I had to hand the plates in before I left QLD which then deregistered the trailer so I had to get a permit to tow it back which only lasts a couple of days and you cannot diviate from your trip otherwise you need to get another permit at around $40 a pop. When you get it back here you then have to get a blue slip for the both boat and trailer before you can register in NSW absolutely ridiculous it is like we live in a different countries as nothing is recognised from one state to another. I had a road worthy certificate on one of the trailers I bought that was done by the previous owner in QLD which was done the week before I bought it and RMS NSW would not recognise that hence the blue slip which are not cheap. You also need to register the boat in NSW where you have to take it to licenced inspection person to check all its number etc cost around another $200 plus. Absolute bullshit this country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Once you start to use your electric motor you will get addicted to it and a normal battery will not cut it and may leave you stranded. Keep your battery as close to the electric as possible to also save amps. Do yourself a favour and invest in a deep cycle 100 amp or better and only use it for the electric that way you have a solid back up if your main battery goes down. With me if you are going to set up a boat with the bells and whistles do not skimp the pennies on the important items.
  5. Mate regardless of what hook you use I would always flatten the barb . I find you get more hook ups and less trauma to fish you need to release. I do not use long shank hooks on dropper / paternoster rigs and still hook good catches of flathead etc. The Skipper
  6. Hi Raiders , I am shooting up to Lake Macquarie on Saturday to wet a line has anyone got any numbers / GPS marks they would be willing to share ? The Skipper
  7. Mate, I was married in 1980 and coming up for 40 years September next year. We have four grandchildren who will never experience what I did as a kid growing up in the 60's and 70's. As a kid I would ride my bike everywhere without any worries of road rage or getting caught using my mobile phone while riding. I actually feel sorry for the kids of today as their life is constant video games and social media bullshit! Yeah I am old school and proud of it and would not change a thing in what we did bringing up our kids but as sad as it is to say it will be lost on their children. However the 80's was a good era to raise your children and I am very proud of how they have turned out the rest is upto them. Anyway enough of this crap get out there and take your kids fishing it is one thing we can all share together. Tight lines.. The Skipper
  8. yes mate they take some getting use to but I am a fan at the moment.
  9. I have my dream boat but it now needs to be the bigger version a Sailfish S8 Platinum but I do not have $250k which mind you I would pay in a heart beat given the opportunity so I will settle with my 6m Reef Runner. On top of that there is the cost of the truck to tow it Dodge Ram or F250 so throw in another $120k plus the mods I would make to the boat and call it a cool $400k there we go, done and dusted For those who have not experienced a twin hull once you do you won't go back in my opinion.
  10. Nice Reds Jeff I will get up there one day soon this summer. Cheers Paul.
  11. I have found that 6lb is a good all round leader as you have a better chance of retrieving those snagged up expensive lures but that is my preference but always two rods with the second one having 4lb just in case. The Skipper
  12. I will make a call today from where I normally get mine supply which I buy direct and let you know . The Skipper.
  13. Yeah they were in plaque proportions I am pretty sure they would have thinned out alot by now with the odd one or two hanging around. There was alot of bait fish around last summer as well I remember some days you could not get a bait passed a slimy.