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  1. Great reds Jeff will be there in the new year to have a crack at them. Have a great Xmas mate and stay safe. Cheers and tight lines . The Skipper
  2. Thanks mate was a great weekend windy as hell like the south coast is but we got out on Saturday with a lot of hits on the Skutes with a few just legal released to fight another day. Need to do some tweeking on my design but happy with the way they cast. Best part was time with my brother on water together which we have not done for a very long time and the odd beer and bullshit session a night over the bbq. Life is pretty good. Cheers The Skipper
  3. Mate , what you experienced is till pretty special although devastating at the same time as a fisho there is nothing worse to see it but not land it. If there is one thing my dear old Dad taught me is that is that when you fish you hope, you dream and if you are lucky enough you will one day land that fish of your lifetime and don't get caught up in competing with someone else just be happy with what you can catch. Personally, I am hunting that kingie as well as I have caught plenty of juveniles that go hard enough so for me it is about that hoodlum that will one day be unlucky enough to
  4. I didn't think drive ups had rollers ... I could be wrong.
  5. Is that Mrs Murphy's crack.. Scratchie ?
  6. Awesome stuff Mate mouth watering snapper must organise a return trip. c The Skipper
  7. Any Raiders heading out to Botany Bay tomorrow to wet a line if you are give us a wave or maybe stop for a quick chat. This my tub. Cheers The Skipper
  8. Great job fish of a lifetime and well reported awesome to see you having a crack !! Time to plan a trip. The Skipper
  9. Thanks Longy I will be down there from Thursday. The weather forecast looks ok but the wind looks to be a bit dodgy anyway that is the south coast. I fish mostly in the basin across the east side near Oaky Island where there is a nice drop off and fish the incoming along a channel around 4.2 mt depth also don't mind a run across to Wandandian Creek. Tight lines The Skipper
  10. That's the “ Dart “ Scratchie .
  11. Yes mate I have done quite a few now it tends to have become an obsession. I have used 1/8 and 1/4 jig heads with different hook sizes. Took one to Broughton Island with Scratchie a few months ago and it cast really well but no joy so far. Happy to send you a couple to try if you like I need feed back on how they go and what needs to change , how they cast etc. Cheers The Skipper
  12. Hi raiders ,. Heading down to Sussex Inlet for a few days catch up with my little brother to spend some quality time out on the water chasing lizards in the shallows. Looking to try out my home made "Skutes" to see if fish will have a crack at them. Will report bhack. Cheers The Skipper
  13. I fished it with Scratchie in late August with no luck even though we had close to perfect conditions but water temp was still down a bit.
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