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  1. Hey Gengar, I use to use them but found they did not last very long and six hooks is a pain so I make my own. I just use between 4-6lb line and make up a pater noster rig for two hooks and a small bomb sink in the loop on the bottom. Hooks I use are Mustad red extra long shank 1/0 and tie them on by cutting down one side of the loop you normally feed through the eye of the hook because you will not be able to push the loop through the eye of the very small hook. So you will be able to thread the line through the eye of the hook and tie it off do that to both loops. I normally use salted pillies cut into very small pieces as the salted pillies have a tougher flesh and will hold on the small hook better I also flatten the barbs on the hook so as to be able for quick release into your tank without damage to fish and try not to handle them to keep them in prime condition if you have to use a wet rag. Berley is key but do not over burley just enough to keep them around your boat . This system works well for me on yakkas and slimies. Cheers the Skipper
  2. To all Fishraiders hope you are all safe and well. I would like to make the offer to provide Fishraider boat stickers to all our members. My business is involved in the outdoor media print industry and my customer base consists of large and small format printing companies. If there is a current design that I can get a hold of that would be great if not my daughter is graphic designer and I am sure I can get her to design a new one if you would like. I think it would be great to be able to identify a fellow Fishraider member at a boat ramp or on the water and this would be an easy way to do it. I am happy to fully sponsor the cost of the stickers. I do not know who to contact in this forum to ask if this would be ok to do so if someone could contact me I would appreciate it. Cheers Paul Elliott "the Skipper"
  3. the skipper

    Bung plugs

    My mate had a similar problem and was looking at everything except the o rings and a simple rubber proper fitting O ring was the issue also they perish in a short space of time particularly if you slightly cross thread it when you are trying to screw it in and you nick the rubber. I always carry at least on set of spare bung plugs in the boat and check the O rings regularly it is amazing how much water they let in if they do not seal properly. The Skipper
  4. Yeah this comes at a shit time my son actually works for Garmin and he got message to say that this affects the whole company world wide and it could affect his job.... bastards. The Skipper
  5. Heading south this weekend to chase a few bream around the shallows in St Georges Basin and have a crack at some big salmon off the beach great time of year for a beach fish and a lot of fun. I can feel home made fish cakes coming on. Never too cold to fish !!! Cheers The Skipper
  6. How do I get two red ones please
  7. Yeah mate I want a sticker . The Skipper ( red )
  8. I don't suppose there could be a change of date please ? As it is my 40th wedding anniversary on the Sunday and if I go it could be my last. Just putting it out there but no problem if it can't change. Cheers The Skipper
  9. Hi mate am heading up there this weekend with a couple of mates and we r putting at Summerland Point . Any chance of some areas you fished for that nice haul . cheers The Skipper
  10. Mate I have an onsite van at Cudmirrah for nearly 20 years and have fished alot in the basin for always getting a feed of lizards . I was down there over the long weekend and fished all around it for not one take. Water temp was down to 13 degrees a pretty dramatic drop and this will push them deeper. Plenty of bream around as is always the case down there. I sometimes prefer to fish the beach at Cudmirrah just north of where Swan Lake comes out there are several gutters that are good fun on some decent size salmon at times to 80cms. It is a great family location as you have got the beaches , inlet , the quays and the basin plenty to choose from. My PB flathead out of the basin is 82cms so far but there are much bigger around and you can sometime even see them lazing in the shallows but will not take a lureor bait. Anyway that is fishing ! Cheers The Skipper
  11. Hi mate are you Craig from Signage One ? It is Paul here from ADCOAT Graphic Solutions you have bought some of my two pack coating for banners. I have a 6mt Sailfish which I would like to wrap can you call on 0412 383 240 to talk cost. Cheers The Skipper
  12. Hey mate I knew it was too good to be true I cannot make that weekend it is my 40th weddding anniversary on the 13th Sept so I am , again, a scratching unless the date changes. The Sklipper
  13. Mate I am in ... hopefully I can make this one. Cheers Paul