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  1. I don't suppose there could be a change of date please ? As it is my 40th wedding anniversary on the Sunday and if I go it could be my last. Just putting it out there but no problem if it can't change. Cheers The Skipper
  2. Hi mate am heading up there this weekend with a couple of mates and we r putting at Summerland Point . Any chance of some areas you fished for that nice haul . cheers The Skipper
  3. Mate I have an onsite van at Cudmirrah for nearly 20 years and have fished alot in the basin for always getting a feed of lizards . I was down there over the long weekend and fished all around it for not one take. Water temp was down to 13 degrees a pretty dramatic drop and this will push them deeper. Plenty of bream around as is always the case down there. I sometimes prefer to fish the beach at Cudmirrah just north of where Swan Lake comes out there are several gutters that are good fun on some decent size salmon at times to 80cms. It is a great family location as you have got the beaches , inlet , the quays and the basin plenty to choose from. My PB flathead out of the basin is 82cms so far but there are much bigger around and you can sometime even see them lazing in the shallows but will not take a lureor bait. Anyway that is fishing ! Cheers The Skipper
  4. Hi mate are you Craig from Signage One ? It is Paul here from ADCOAT Graphic Solutions you have bought some of my two pack coating for banners. I have a 6mt Sailfish which I would like to wrap can you call on 0412 383 240 to talk cost. Cheers The Skipper
  5. Hey mate I knew it was too good to be true I cannot make that weekend it is my 40th weddding anniversary on the 13th Sept so I am , again, a scratching unless the date changes. The Sklipper
  6. Mate I am in ... hopefully I can make this one. Cheers Paul
  7. Mate have not a Barracuda but had a Blueifn 525 bow rider best made boat I have had and should never have sold it.
  8. Mate use to fish the harbour a lot and always came home with a feed also plenty of throw backs. If you a drift out from Middle Head back to the rock at Balmoral you should pick up some reasonable flatties and bream.Also do the drift across near Old Mans Hat inside north head back towards Manly we always got under size snapper and flatties check keep an eye on the ferries if they are running as they do not give way. Up into the harbour try area around Clifton Gardens. Bare in mind it is a very busy waterway on weekends especially Sundays with yacht races etc so go early and come home early. Try and launch from the north side of the harbour rather than going back under the coat hanger it gets like a washing machine once all the ferries start running. We had a lot of fun over a lot of years fishing our beautiful harbour but too many idiots with big powered boats that do not know anything about boating is a turn off for me these days happy just to do the estuaries and chase Kings down south. Tight Lines The Skipper
  9. Thanks mate yeah have always caught under size reds especially at the reef you talk about in Yarra Bay thanks for the marks I will give them a crack.
  10. Hi Raiders I am looking for any spots to chase some reds during winter in Botany Bay or beyond if anyone would share some intell would really appreciate it otherwise I might have to do the trip north and stalk Scratchie for some spots. Cheers The Skipper
  11. bloody awesome news now lets all do the right thing !
  12. Mate my go to knot is the uni knot for everything ... just my preference
  13. I am planning a trip out the newly located FAD of Swansea next week. Does anyone know of spots I can get yakkas or slimes in that area ? regards The Skipper
  14. Nice healthy looking lizards Good job. the skipper
  15. mate that is on the top of my list ! Cheers
  16. August last year took a large slimey two minutes after it hit the water.
  17. Just a couple of snaps with my Dollie PB 135cm at the FAD out of Port Hacking and a great day on the reds fishing with my two boys some 18 months ago in South Australia before the snapper ban.
  18. Mate I get my live bait where a lot of others do in the little cove where the tug boats live at the opposite end to Moullie Point and the last couple of times we have got plenty of yakkas with the odd small slimey mixed in with them. Best to get there as early as you can purely to get a spot as it can get packed with boats and do a bit of berleying it does tend to bring more slimeys up. If you do not have any luck there is a reef in Yarra Bay that attracts alot of bait fish and it normally holds slimeys most of the day it to gets popular so you should not have any problems finding it. The Skipper
  19. I have seen that colour a lot in estuary caught flathead which predominently live around weed beds with the flesh not being as firm as the blue spot or ocean caught species. It is off putting when it comes to eating but have never had any issues with eating them. Have been getting a few good numbers out of the bay recently all around that 40cm mark and they are that clean white flesh along with the tailor that are lurking in there as well. If you look after them as soon as they are caught and straight on ice they will keep nicely. The Skipper
  20. Hi Hookerbruce, Mate we got amongst some nice flatties and hit a huge school of tailor that stayed up for nearly 45 mins gusting themselves on whitebait. Cheers The Skipper
  21. Gentlemen , gentlemen please take a chill pill and do not read too much into my post. I was just trying to do the right thing and convince myself it was ok to go fishing which I did both things. Apart from all the interpretations of the restrictions the police made it plain and simple to me. - two people per boat who reside at the same residence of which you must have proof. - your intention is to go fishing not just pleasure cruising. - be aware of the 1.5 distance rule at all times these are the rules I followed and we did not have any issues even with having a visit from maritime and police on jet ski during the day they to were really good and again just doing their job. So get out there and have a fish it sounds to me like you all need to wet a line. Cheers and tight lines ! The Skipper
  22. Thanks Jeff you hit the nail on the head I was feeling the guilts about just turning and in my mind I did the right thing. As far as the fishing was I had an awesome day with son with a creel full of flatties and an awesome session for around 40 mins throwing some metal at a huge school of tailor. Anway mate thanks for your clarity on this and look forward to Easter when we can hopefully do that fishing trip. Cheers Paul
  23. Hi Raiders , I sat back like a lot of others contemplating life without wetting a line for several months when the restrictions were originally put in place which I have no problem abiding by. The hardest thing for me is not being able to see my kids and cuddle our gorgeous grand children but as the old saying of " absence makes the heart grow fonder " I am just so glad they are all safe and well during this horrific time in our lives which we should all take stock of and change the way we do things everyday. After the minister included fishing as a type of exercise I thought long and hard about whether it was the right thing to go and wet a line. It eventually got the better of me but instead of just rocking up at the boat ramp I did a recon drive, without the boat , to the ramp at Foreshore Drive where I found a police van and the army had taken up residence in the car park. I went over and spoke to the police who were really helpful and explained the restriction requirements for fishing. There were about twenty boat trailers in the car park and the cops said that everyone who put in that day had complied with restrictions and no fines had been issued to date. So I decided to get back on the water which we did one day last week and had a great session guilt free. It appears that the fishos are doing the right thing so far so lets keep it going so we can all enjoy one of life great joys. Tight lines The Skipper
  24. In 1 to 5 mts water as light as possible sinker to a swivel with a 900mm trace of say 12lb line to a long shank hook another option I used alot is a small ball sinker down onto the hook and float down a berley trail you want it to sink slowly. I prefer to flatten the barbs on my hooks on all rigs as I find more hook ups ( why I do not know ) and easy release of under size fish. Paternoster rigs are the go to if nothing else is working and you are marking fish near the bottom and around reefs but I only use one dropper before the sinker personal preference. There are no hard and fast rules try everything and use what works for you the fun is in experimenting. Tight Lines The Skipper