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  1. I have my dream boat but it now needs to be the bigger version a Sailfish S8 Platinum but I do not have $250k which mind you I would pay in a heart beat given the opportunity so I will settle with my 6m Reef Runner. On top of that there is the cost of the truck to tow it Dodge Ram or F250 so throw in another $120k plus the mods I would make to the boat and call it a cool $400k there we go, done and dusted For those who have not experienced a twin hull once you do you won't go back in my opinion.
  2. Nice Reds Jeff I will get up there one day soon this summer. Cheers Paul.
  3. I have found that 6lb is a good all round leader as you have a better chance of retrieving those snagged up expensive lures but that is my preference but always two rods with the second one having 4lb just in case. The Skipper
  4. I will make a call today from where I normally get mine supply which I buy direct and let you know . The Skipper.
  5. Yeah they were in plaque proportions I am pretty sure they would have thinned out alot by now with the odd one or two hanging around. There was alot of bait fish around last summer as well I remember some days you could not get a bait passed a slimy.
  6. yeah that is where I go all the time and we normally have a dozen in less than 30 mins but it was a real strange morning when no other boats were getting them either. My young bloke even picked up a 60cm kingie on a yakka rig , blackfish hook and the smallest piece of pillie , at that spot it was the funniest thing watching him run around the boat with the rod bent to the handle most of the time and after about what seemed like forever landed the tacker. There were two blokes in a boat only about 30mts away who watched the whole thing broke out in applause when he reached for the net and landed it quick photo and back to fight another day.. absolute gold.
  7. Hi Raiders have not hit the water for a few weeks but looking to go out Sunday. Last outing I could not get any livies ( yakkas ) along with twenty other boats at Mouli Pt in the bay does anyone know if they have turned up yet. The Skipper
  8. Got out not as early I would have liked but still on the water by 6.30. Could not get any livies for love nor money why I have no idea . Absolute cracker of a day but no joy on the fishing front. Need to get a bit more fair dinkum. Tight lines.
  9. Hi Raiders, I am having a crack on Sunday in and around Botany Bay may even travel south down to JD reef. Putting in at Foreshore Drive is anyone else wetting a line in that direction.
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    Members Boats.

    The Shelf Runner is the next model up from the REEF Runner the ultimate is an S8 which start at $179k the biggest they build is a 13 mt tri-axle baby worth more than my house but I would would swap in a heart beat.
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    Members Boats.

    Yeah I was originally of the same opinion but it works well and there is plenty of power for what I want also the twin 60's are very economical. the max on this boat is 75's which would have been nice but I bought it second hand and I have been after a Sailfish for a while there are not to many around .
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    Members Boats.

    My 6m Sailfish with twin Honda 60 four strokes does the job for me.
  13. Hi Raiders, I am lucky enough to have scored myself a little tinnie which I am looking to set up to get back into some plastics and lure fishing in the estuaries down south. I am looking for a reasonably priced minn kota preferably 55lb with a foot control if anyone has one for sale could they please contact me and have a chat. Mobile 0412 383 240. Cheers The Skipper
  14. Go boys kick some arse be safe and enjoy 

  15. Thanks Jeff .. hope next weekend goes well and that all the "Raiders"bag out . Please keep me posted on how it goes and plenty of pics. Tight lines to all . The Skipper
  16. Yeah great eating fresh or made into fish cakes but the best is the fight they give you . Cheers
  17. Took off down south with the wife for a few days of r and r so I did not drag the boat down. After a couple of days of doing the right thing I needed to wet a line on a local beach on Tueasdya after everyone had gone home . With a perfect tide and conditions I latched onto a school of salmon landing over a dozen and one shovel nose for good measure had a ball went through a block of pillies with a hit on just about every cast . The gutters down there are full of Pelagius coming into winter with the run up tide so it is always a good back up if you do no good out of the boat. Couple of picks of three I kept they go ok fresh seasoned with with some slat and pepper dusted with flour in a quick fry up. cheers The Skipper
  18. Brendan, I have an onsite van near Swan Lake , Cudmirrah. There is van park there with good amenities and grassed area you can pitch a tent . It is called Lakeside Caravan Park Goonawarra Drive Cudmirrah ph 4441 2516. There are three locations for boat ramps I will be down there over the long week end. Cheers The Skipper
  19. Good report mate . Keep them coming.
  20. We went out early on Saturday and the wind was up so I went south around the back of Moon Island and found a reef full of every reef fish known to man. Had some live baits smashed but no hook ups. Had enough by lunch time when the wind started to drop ( of course it did ) had to get back and help a mate set up his new trailer. Crossing the bar was easy enough as there little to no swell but did note it was very shallow across about 50% of the mouth so respect is always a good thing. There are several GPS marks out from Swansea that I am looking to try and will keep in touch when we are going > The Skipper
  21. I am looking to go out through Swansea tomorrow. Conditions look good wind is looking to be around 15kms at 9am and then tapering off and swell prediction is for around 0.5 mt all day. So really conditions are good if you wanted to have a crack. Just be sure to log on with "Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie " before you go out . Cheers The Skipper
  22. Hey Scratchie, I am happy to sponsor the event with supplying some printed tee shirts for all who turn up. So knowing a confirmed date would be good and getting access to a logo and details to put on the tees. The offer is there if you want. Cheers The Skipper ( Paul )
  23. willy weather for me.
  24. I am planning a trip up to Patonga and wet a line around Barrenjoey Headland in a few weeks. Would anybody be kind enough to shares any spots they may have around there as I have not dished there since I was a kid with my Dad along time ago. Any help would be most appreciated. cheers The Skipper
  25. Frank have a crack at the artificial reef in Yarra Bay it has been holding undersized kingies for a couple of months but jackets are a bit of a pain. if the weather sucks try the little bay around the back of Mollie where we get our yakkas picked up a couple of juvenile kings in there as well. Anyway beats working...tight lines. The Skipper