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  1. glad to see I am not the only one I showed this to my wife so she could see for herself that I am not alone in my passion for the sport . Thanks KC.
  2. you need to get one or you will get done as advised by the nice person from Maritime.
  3. 38 bream.msgHi all, Please be aware of a crackdown being carried out by Martime on fire extinguishers in boats. As many of you may or not know every boat that has a fuel source and an electrical system must have on board the appropriate type and size fire extinguisher regardless of its size. The extinguisher must be in date as they have a 5 year life before retesting or replacement is required. I have this info first hand as I was on St Georges basin on Sunday morning having one of those rare days where I was boating a fish every drift and after landing 3 lizards to 45cm plus top it off with this thumper 38cm bream I pulled out of shallows when I turn around to see maritime heading my way. Knowing I had all the gear he did a safety check but I came up short with the fire extinguisher being 3 months out of date I received a caution from the nice ( my arse ) maritime person otherwise it was a $200 fine but the cruncher was that he would not let me keep fishing until I replaced the extinguisher so I headed home.
  4. Yes mate my brother does it all the time I am pretty sure he texts his wife to ring him as I am backing the boat down the driveway ready to clean but there is always the call that he needs to go. I do not know who he goes fishing with now don't really care.
  5. I had a similar thing happen on my Honda and it was a seal that need replacing thankfully not the ram. If it is still under warranty take it back to the dealer their problem. I run Yamaha on my boat pick of the outboards for me. Yamaha do a rubber block with a channel that fits snug over the ram and then you trim the motor down onto it acts like a shock absorber which I use on my 200 when towing which is purpose made to take pressure off the ram You can ring any Yamaha dealer and talk to them about it.
  6. Hi mate, Do you put in at Davidson Park. I use to fish the harbour alot but use to come in from Parramatta River end I would not mind having another crack out there. The Skipper
  7. Nice feed there mate well done.
  8. Yeah I would do Brooklyn it is protected and a good set up with floating pontoon
  9. Nice kreel of flatties mate. I took a mate out on Sunday in Botany bay and drifted across a nice patch of flounder kept 8 from 38 to 50 cm also a couple of nice flatties to 45cms. Awesome weather day got better and better sorry no pics but will get some next time. Cheers The Skipper
  10. Cheers mate just a few things to tweek but very happy.
  11. It was with some regret that I sold my Sailfish after pressure from she who should be obeyed for a more family friendly boat. So as luck would have it I found a boat where the front half satisfies the wife and the back half is my domain. Took it up to Lake Macquarie on the weekend for its maiden run with a few mates and the Stacer did not disappoint with plenty of room , comfort also with a bit of grunt coming from the Yamaha 200 hanging off the back and to top it off I landed 64cm lake mac lizard. Happy days ahead I hope.
  12. Scratchie is the guy to talk to about where to get worms.
  13. Hi Jeff,

    I have just bought myself a Stacer with their setup with the ski pole / bait board which I do not like. I was looking at that brand of bait board where you got yours which is a brilliant idea.

    Could you please send me details / dimensions etc as I would like to get one made or text me on 0412 383 240.


    The Skipper ( Paul )

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    2. jeffb5.8


      Well if your in Sydney we can swap

      for a few weeks so you can make sure it suits.

    3. jeffb5.8


      Well if your in Sydney we can swap

      for a few weeks so you can make sure it suits.

    4. the skipper

      the skipper


      Thanks for that I would be really interested in seeing how yours goes height wise etc.

      I am in Guildford but have no problem driving to where you are.



  14. Great job Jeff they should be forever grateful. Every boaters worst nightmare but it would appear that the skipper was well prepared. cheers mate
  15. Good morning all, After much deliberation with my ever growing family it is with regret that I am putting my boat on the market. It is the ideal vessel to do any type of fishing you want with ever reliable twin Honda 60 hp fuel efficient outboards. It is a safe reliable boat with many features for the avid fisho. Late last year I did trip to Broughton Island in the boat with Scratchie who I am pretty sure was impressed with set up. If there is anyone that may be interested in more information please send me a PM and I will supply the full details etc. Cheers The Skipper
  16. Great reds Jeff will be there in the new year to have a crack at them. Have a great Xmas mate and stay safe. Cheers and tight lines . The Skipper
  17. Thanks mate was a great weekend windy as hell like the south coast is but we got out on Saturday with a lot of hits on the Skutes with a few just legal released to fight another day. Need to do some tweeking on my design but happy with the way they cast. Best part was time with my brother on water together which we have not done for a very long time and the odd beer and bullshit session a night over the bbq. Life is pretty good. Cheers The Skipper
  18. Mate , what you experienced is till pretty special although devastating at the same time as a fisho there is nothing worse to see it but not land it. If there is one thing my dear old Dad taught me is that is that when you fish you hope, you dream and if you are lucky enough you will one day land that fish of your lifetime and don't get caught up in competing with someone else just be happy with what you can catch. Personally, I am hunting that kingie as well as I have caught plenty of juveniles that go hard enough so for me it is about that hoodlum that will one day be unlucky enough to take my bait and I am hoping I will be ready for the fight I can tell you it won't be for lack of trying. Cheers mate and keep on casting it will happen for you. Regards The Skipper
  19. I didn't think drive ups had rollers ... I could be wrong.
  20. Is that Mrs Murphy's crack.. Scratchie ?
  21. Awesome stuff Mate mouth watering snapper must organise a return trip. c The Skipper
  22. Any Raiders heading out to Botany Bay tomorrow to wet a line if you are give us a wave or maybe stop for a quick chat. This my tub. Cheers The Skipper
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