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  1. BUG89

    central coast blackies

    yeah i rate them now pretty high on my fish eating now, and easy to get at my local area. cheers
  2. BUG89

    central coast blackies

    sure is rick
  3. BUG89

    central coast blackies

    i been finding i have been having more hook up rates on really windy days like over last weekend was very windy and wet but thats for the entrance
  4. BUG89

    central coast blackies

    cheers guys, tasted good too, went back today and pick up 2 more. cheers
  5. BUG89

    central coast blackies

    1st report here been lurking around. thought i would try my luck down the entrance for some blackies 2nd time trying to chase these guys was there for about an hr and came home with 3. lets hope this is a good start to winter. cheers Bug
  6. BUG89

    Stocking up for winter reds

    20 in a hour are you a squid whisper hahaha, i am getting more and more every time i go out but not that many yet nice work.
  7. BUG89


    Was this land or boat. Jew can get spook very easily that's what I have learnt so far
  8. BUG89


    i will be having a nice dinner tonight @ricmarlin62 thanks agien, i will need to try and get a big red next.
  9. BUG89

    Jew fish cenrtal coast land base

    ahh cheers man sorry only new
  10. hey all new to fishing just wondering if anyone can point me in the right area that i can target jew fish from land base. cheers for any help