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  1. Coswecanfly

    Has anyone used a bait boat?

    Haven't used on here yet but used one of these in South Africa before. Few things I found. Depending on where you are, deeper water is like a desert with no fish there. Fish gather near the shore because the breaking waves dig up creatures that feed bigger creatures and so on till you get to the big fish we fish for. Often while casting I caught more than buddies using the boat to take bait into deeper water. If you're not fishing from your ute it's too big and bulky to carry far. With all the batteries, remotes etc. you're pretty much limited to a small patch of beach. The range is never near what they advertise and I've heard of quite a few guys in South Africa that lost their boat due to it going out of range or batteries running out. It's a lot of money to lose to the ocean if it doesn't wash up on the shore which often it doesn't. In my opinion after using one a few times it's not worth it. It seems like a bit of a toy and doesn't guarantee better catches.
  2. Coswecanfly

    Northern Beaches Weekend

    An old trawler captain once told me "first you think you're going to die and then you wish you would die" and it's 100% correct. Happens to everyone at least once and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.
  3. Coswecanfly

    First time boat launch.

    I also lost my brand new phone at Bayview a few years back. Bent over to tie up and saw a phone butterflying down into the depths. At first I thought "that's strange, where would a phone come from" and then it struck me that it's mine from my shirt pocket. Next thought was "dive after it!" which luckily I didn't or I would have lost a phone and a auto inflate life jacket. 😂
  4. Coswecanfly

    First time boat launch.

    The missus tripped over a cleat on the dock and dropped her sunnies. I had to go back late that afternoon at low tide and luckily found them. 😂
  5. Coswecanfly

    First time boat launch.

    Very good boat ramp etiquette. I wish all boat owners could read this thread.
  6. Coswecanfly

    Boat harbour

    Cheers mate. Had to crop it and reduce size. The original was almost 10mb. 😬
  7. Coswecanfly

    Northern Beaches

    Nice feed and good report. It was a beautiful day to be out there. Spoke to an Englishman on the beach today that says he can't believe how lucky we are to have winter days like this.
  8. Coswecanfly

    Boat harbour

    Packed up the ute for a day on the beach and drove to boat harbour. Hight tide when we got there and nothing touched the bait for ages. As the tide receded and I could walk in to cast into deep water, I got a small salmon (gut hooked and bleeding heavily so he went in the esky). Just after lunch the rod tip moved and the missus got a fiddle ray (only photo for the day sorry guys). Later on as we packed up I left the rod for last (as you do) and as I got down to it, I noticed the line running off at an oblique angle. I took it out of the holder and set the hook. Luckily I was holding on because it took off like a small freight train. Couple of meters down the beach and a while later and to my surprise I had a +- meter bronzie on the beach. Missus came running with the pliers but forgot the camera (I might have to divorce her for that one). First bronzie I've ever caught in the daytime. Poor blighter must have been hungry. Got the little bugger in the water soonest and he swam off strong. Followed him through the breakers just to make sure. All in all another beautiful winters day on the beach.
  9. Coswecanfly

    A quick flick for salmon

    Nice little session. Good report. 👍
  10. Coswecanfly

    Garie Beach school holiday

    Thanks for that. Didn't know the kitchen existed. Done.
  11. Coswecanfly

    Salmon pickled South African style

    Didn't know this section existed until Mrs Swordfish put me onto it. Thanks for that. I know very few Aussies eat salmon, but it's underrated. Here's just one recipe I've tried on them with amazing results. Instead of doing the fish in the oven, I dust it in flour and coat in beaten egg then shallow fry in a pan. You can also ad things like Chillies or pickling Spices to the pickle mix according to your tastes. As long as all the fish is covered in pickling sauce it lasts for weeks in the fridge and goes well with a nice heavy wholewheat bread. The longer you let it pickle the better it gets. Easy lunch to take to work on a busy morning. Just grab some from the fridge and Bob's your uncle. In Cape Town, South Africa the Cape Malay community make this dish year round but especially around Easter and Jewie is one of their favourite fish to use for it.
  12. Coswecanfly

    Weekday Sydney and surrounds

    Hi Ragnar. Been there three times in the last three weeks. Beach only, not the rocks. Came away with two salmon everytime. Fished the rocks on the right one day with the missus and got a nice mixed bag. Unfortunately the only time I fish is during the week. Weekend is family time.
  13. Coswecanfly

    Brisbane Waters Donut

    I fish to be on the water. Not the other way around. Thanks for the sunrise pic.
  14. Coswecanfly

    Garie Beach school holiday

    Thanks Saltrix. This is a basic recipe I doubled for this batch. You can then ad things like chilli or other pickling Spices as per your tastes. Lasts weeks in the fridge so you can just grab some in the morning to take to work for lunch.
  15. Coswecanfly

    Garie Beach school holiday

    Thanks Scratchie. These guys didn't have much of a chance though. I share one overhead reel between my beach rod and my heavy boat, kingie rod. So 12kg mono on a Shimano Torium made sure they came out nice and quick. 😂