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  1. Coswecanfly

    Sydney fishing 8th June

    Good report and video.
  2. Coswecanfly

    Species Target

    Thanks for a good report. Leather jacket is my families favourite eating fish and there are so many of them around.
  3. Coswecanfly

    Sydney Kings or Hawkesbury snapper

    Nice catch. Assuming the smallest snapper there is legal then that's a stonker of a Taylor on top. Well done mate.
  4. Coswecanfly

    Outboard servicing

    Update on work done since this post: -Service including compression test, new spark plugs, new water pump kit, gear oil change, new thermostat. - New prop - Bilge pump installed and wired - LED Cabin and deck lights installed and wired - 4 switch panel installed and wired for the above - new negative terminals on batteries as old ones were rusted. - new solar charge controller installed and wired. So far everything seems to work (went for a nice run end of last week and it all feels tight as a drum). Hope it stays that way. Learned a lot about my boat over the last couple of weeks and would definitely recommend boat DIY to anyone that can pick up a spanner without dropping it on their foot.
  5. Coswecanfly

    Outboard servicing

    Stu is my main inspiration for the work and this post. I did it all with a beer in my hand. He will be proud. 😂
  6. Coswecanfly

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    I usually just switch off even though one of my two batteries has the toys on it so doesn't switch off. Never had problems until I installed a few extra toys over the last few weeks and yesterday the battery was too low to start the boat. Took it out and charged it overnight so will see how it goes now. Might have to get the multimeter on it to look if something else is draining it.
  7. Coswecanfly

    Botany Bay 7/5/19

    Congrats on the new boat. Perfect way to christen it. Be safe out there.
  8. Coswecanfly

    Outboard servicing

    I discovered that my Johnson 70 and the Evinrude 60 are the exact same motor. I got a service kit from Outboard spares (don't know if I'm allowed to mention names?) and they had excellent service. Kit was here in a few days and everything fit perfectly.
  9. Coswecanfly

    Outboard servicing

    Quick survey. Who does their Outboard service themselves and who takes it to the mechanics? I've just done the service on my Johnson 70 myself for the first time and it wasn't nearly as daunting as I always thought it would be. It's just a normal motor turned on its head. Over the last few weeks I also installed and wired a new bilge pump and lights. I don't know why I always thought boats are different to cars/bikes/trailers etc. Never thought of DIYing it like I do with everything else. Oh well. We live and we learn.
  10. Coswecanfly

    Sydney Kings or Hawkesbury Jewies- a hardcall

    Good report. You've got to live it when they go in the bite like that.
  11. Coswecanfly

    Hacking Sat arvo

    Good report. I'm itching to tow the boat there and give Hacking a go. I've heard good things but don't know the area at all.
  12. You'd probably be better off launching at tunks Park Boat Ramp and heading down towards spit bridge if you're after kingies. There are two wrecks on the way there where you can have lots of fun for the last two hours of a pushing tide on light gear.
  13. Coswecanfly

    Waterproof Phone Case

    My phone is waterproof but as I found out last year it doesn't float. 😂 I need a floating case. 🤣
  14. Coswecanfly

    Surf ski paddlers

    Today the missus and I dropped our little monkey at a friend's place and went fishing at Reids Flat in the royal national park. Had a lovely day until these absolute morons in surf skis came paddling past in what can only be described as a geriatric "race". No amount of begging and pleading was enough to make them go around our lines and they just ploughed straight through them. Tangling themselves and breaking off our equipment. Big river with more than enough water to share but then they start shouting and swearing at us! Being a big boy I'm not one to stand back so I told a couple of them what I thought of them and their un-Australian manners. If I had heavier gear I might have flung a few 5 ounce sinker straight through the side of their kayaks. Do any of you have similar experiences and what did you do? I've never experienced such blatant disregard for another river user.
  15. Coswecanfly

    Kingies for a kiddie

    We were barely in the door and he picked up the ps4 remote again. 😂