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  1. You and me both .. but just grabbed some from bait freezer that was to be used for burley .. and using fish roe .. go figure πŸ™‚
  2. Thanks ... dont know if there are any rabbits around, will have to keep an eye out πŸ™‚ ... In mean time will stick to the current burley ... and see how we go .. cheers
  3. Hi Thanks .. I just used Flathead guts .. actually just the roe ... cheers
  4. Hi Z ... Haven't cooked yet. Tonight ill have fillets and wings. Was planning to BBQ, but too windy, so will do on stove just with some lemon and garlic .. The second fish I left whole to bake another night .. Have a good weekend .. dont get blown away πŸ™‚
  5. Been a while since writing a report .. Like most , usual offshore fishing has slowed due to COVID. Living on the Central Coast and lucky to have water at the backyard, I've previously tried a few times fishing without much success. Last Thursday, I decided to have a break in the sun by the water at around 3pm, so yes also grabbed the rod and some bait, but not expecting much. Tide was full and about to turn, with no wind. Bait consisted of frozen Flathead guts from the freezer which was going to be for making up some berley .. nothing special. Also grabbed some remains of cooked mud crab just to clean out the freezer. After thawing the bait and throwing in the mud crab remains, rigged up with some fish roe, cast in, and just placed rod with bail open, whilst I sat down. Took 5-10 minutes for the line to take off, and in came a nice bream (approx 40cm). Biggest bream Id seen for some time. After removing the hook (still with bait in tact), another cast with same bait, and to my surprise, before I could sit, the line went and a bream of similar size was brought in. What can I say ... Looks like going forward I have to keep the berley a regular activity, and throw in a line at the right time πŸ™‚ Everyone stay safe in these challenging time ...
  6. Great report and what a day. Maria will be looking forward so much more to fishing with the new electric .. well done
  7. Great report and photos .. I am keen this year to try my luck at getting some snapper. I'm on the central coast, and head out off Broken Bay, so will have to spend some time to find the grounds. Fingers crossed I can put some snapper pics up, hopefully even something close in size to your pics πŸ™‚ .. Cheers Warren
  8. Great bag of fish .. gotta be happy with that considering your uncertainty on the weather .. Well done !
  9. After all the weeks of high seas, followed by the heavy rain and flood water in Broken Bay, finally got a day with great outlook. Called around to see if my mate Gil was available (this would be his first after a fall off a ladder back in September 2020, when he received injuries), and he was given the go ahead, so was great to have my mate out fishing again. Got on the water around 8am, and headed out and off to the flathead ground. Wind was up at first, needing the use of a sea anchor, and fishing was slow. The wind calmed, and we started getting fish. Ended up with 14 good size flathead 40-63cms, before the wind came up again, so decided to head home early around 12:30. All in all, a great morning out . Good catch, and so good to see my mate on the water again after 8 months.
  10. New year's Eve , so decided I needed to wet a line for the last day of 2020. Bit of a late start, but at least no queues are Woy Woy ramp. Forecast was not good, but regardless the plan was to head to 40mt marks out of Broken Bay for flathead, and if no luck come back in around Pittwater. Well, unfortunately the weatherman was correct for once .. swell 1.5mtrs plus from the south east with 6 second period, but wind not too bad around 10+ knots I expect. This wasn't going to be very comfortable for sure. But I stuck to the plan (yeah bit crazy .. I can hear you say) , and headed out slowly not getting over 10 knots .. Been out in a lot worse I thought, so decided to continue and after setting up for the drift and putting out the sea anchor, dropped first line in around 10am, which was hit with a double hook up of two keepers .. a 40cm and a 50cm. So thought this might be a good day , apart from having to watch every wave, and getting just a little bounced around. Seas came up a bit more as did the wind, so after being knocked around for a couple of hours, feeling a bit worn out, having 7 keepers (38-50cms) and having the leather jackets move in (lost two rigs), decided bagging out can wait for another day and started the slow trip back in, riding and watching the waves. On way in, lost all power to sounders GPS etc .. bit of water I expect .. oh well , something to look at today .. Sorry no pictures, I cleaned and filleted before thinking. Happy New Year to all .. Hope 2021 is a good one .. Tight Lines...
  11. Now that's a nice feed .. well done . .enjoy
  12. Sussex Inlet .. love that place .. Spent many younger years during May holidays when they had fishing comp. Caught many big tailor in the basin, lot of blackfish, and list goes on .. all good times getting around in the old putt putt supplied with the accommodation πŸ™‚ . Been back in recent years and still love the place. Big flathead .. as you say at least you know they are there .. just keep trying .. good luck and enjoy.
  13. Hi Rookie I was up Old Bar way before Christmas, and river was very brown after rain .. My brother lives at Pampoolah and we usually get a lot of mudcrabs, but this year has been very slow with only a few taken since October. Tried many spots, up back creeks, on main river .. not sure why the reason. So can't really recommend specific areas. If kayaking, at high tide I put the kayak in at the end of Mudbishops rd (runs between airstrip and caravan park), where you can then get to the sand flats etc. even paddle around Cababge Tree Island. Good luck and enjoy
  14. Nice catch .. will have to get up that way ... after school holidays and crowds are gone πŸ™‚
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