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  1. New year's Eve , so decided I needed to wet a line for the last day of 2020. Bit of a late start, but at least no queues are Woy Woy ramp. Forecast was not good, but regardless the plan was to head to 40mt marks out of Broken Bay for flathead, and if no luck come back in around Pittwater. Well, unfortunately the weatherman was correct for once .. swell 1.5mtrs plus from the south east with 6 second period, but wind not too bad around 10+ knots I expect. This wasn't going to be very comfortable for sure. But I stuck to the plan (yeah bit crazy .. I can hear you say) , and hea
  2. Now that's a nice feed .. well done . .enjoy
  3. Sussex Inlet .. love that place .. Spent many younger years during May holidays when they had fishing comp. Caught many big tailor in the basin, lot of blackfish, and list goes on .. all good times getting around in the old putt putt supplied with the accommodation πŸ™‚ . Been back in recent years and still love the place. Big flathead .. as you say at least you know they are there .. just keep trying .. good luck and enjoy.
  4. Hi Rookie I was up Old Bar way before Christmas, and river was very brown after rain .. My brother lives at Pampoolah and we usually get a lot of mudcrabs, but this year has been very slow with only a few taken since October. Tried many spots, up back creeks, on main river .. not sure why the reason. So can't really recommend specific areas. If kayaking, at high tide I put the kayak in at the end of Mudbishops rd (runs between airstrip and caravan park), where you can then get to the sand flats etc. even paddle around Cababge Tree Island. Good luck and enjoy
  5. Nice catch .. will have to get up that way ... after school holidays and crowds are gone πŸ™‚
  6. Great catch .. and a meal to die for .. Well done
  7. The smile on your young fella says it all .. enjoy
  8. May have been a slow start, but the picture says it all .. well done !
  9. Haven't tried Pittwater recently, but yes offshore has been slow recently. Will be getting out again soon .. and hope for something to write back about πŸ™‚
  10. Very nice fish .. and the steaks Yummo .. well done
  11. Even though under size, as you say good fun with the kingies and good to share with the boys ...
  12. Now that's a good catch of whiting .. and good to see the fisheries were around checking .. except I expect fish may not have been alive and able to be put back 😞
  13. Well done .. what a great story .. and final results of a good catch .. a Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas .. what else can you ask for ..
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