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  1. Thanks .. Yes out there with Zoran a mate from Castle Hill.. The 25 Bertie is Gil's , I have a YaltaCraft 555HC … So we alternate in which we take out .. Though I go to the boat ramp and don't have to remove flybridge steering πŸ™‚ .. Might have to catch you at Long reef some time … Cheers
  2. Hi Raiders Long time watching of Fish Raider, joined last year and first post today. Originally from Ryde, lived in Castle Hill for 30+ years when married, and now live at Horsfield Bay on the Central Coast and working on fishing locations around the area. I have fished all my life, originally introduced by my uncle (professional fisho) and spending holidays with him at the Spit, Clontarf, in Sydney and heading out each day at 5am to pick up his fish traps in Middle Harbour, back by 9am, then spending the day catching bream, leatherjacket and the like rowing around in his tend
  3. Hi … (first time posting … hope it is interesting) After a big trip to Brown's Mountain (Thursday, June 11) from Woy Woy Bay with lack of results, Gil decided he needed a feed of flathead. So as the weather was looking good for Tuesday, June 16 (NW <10knots , Swell <1m) I was given a call to join .. which never takes much to convince me. Forecast was for wind to come up in the afternoon, so thought a few hours fishing would be good. So all packed up and ready to go, headed around to Gil's at 7:30am (Note: One challenge each time we go out in the 25ft Bertie, is the tide un
  4. Heh Zoran Great write-up .. I think you said it all. Slow fishing .. but always better to be on the water. Gil's boat is a 25 Bertie .. very solid sea boat , though bit slow at times .. just have to sit back and have a beer and a snooze at times πŸ™‚ . Like you, we headed south with big expectations, left the land fog, and then into the sea fog for some time. With the wind behind us on the way south, and then when the wind turned it was a similar run back to Woy Woy Bay with the wind behind us , about a 3 hour run . Strange day at browns - lost rigs, bait bitten off on way down
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