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  1. Defishensea

    La Perouse/Yarra Bay/Moli

    Launched kayak at La Perouse at 6am. Set up two trolling rods hoping to hook a couple of tailor, which I’ve been catching a bit lately around Yarra Bay. One lure further back and deeper, one shorter and shallower. Headed across Frenchmans, then Yarra and out to end of Moli. Then back across Yarra followed by over top of FAD. No hits after that, so pulled the hard body lures in at about 7.15am and drifted flicking a SP for flatties from few hundred metres off Yarra drifting down towards the beach. Got pretty close to the beach and was running out of water and time and began to wonder if it was to be a donut session, as had to head home pretty soon. Then, hooked a tailor on the SP I was targeting flatties on, which was funny, as I had just paddled round trolling hoping to hook tailor, but caught one when I started targeting flathead. Trolled one lure from Yarra back to La Perouse. Briefly hooked something, although lost it pretty quickly. Good to hear the drag scream though.