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  1. hey mate, thanks for the reply. I dont know whether i should do one hook through nose, through tail or two hooks somewhere. does anyone know the best way to hook a live bait if its eaither a small 20cm yakka or a 35cm mullet? any tips? and sliding sinker?
  2. Went out again tonight with a few solid beachworms but didn't have any squid left so was hoping to catch some there. when I got there I caught a couple of bull mullet and some decent tailor which all went on as live bait and I chucked a side rod out for anything else. Landed some legal writing on the small rod, some good bream and more tailor. One of the rods with live tailor started screeching drag but by the time I ran over I wound in a half left tail from my 35cm tailor live. My mullet got eaten too but didn't hook up. I threw the soft plastic vibe out around 20 times in attempt for a jew b
  3. Hello, After recently feeling the urge to persist fishing for mulloway, I headed out the Clontarf beach in Middle harbour for a flick from 4:30 till 8. I used squid strips from a monster green eye I had caught recently, which at the start produced a couple of good sized bream (30-35ish), some decent trevally (30ish), a couple of tailor (25-30) and a few decent sized baby snapper (25-28ish). All these were released. When it got dark around 6:30 I landed a monster blue swimmer crab on the squid followed by a solid whiting (29cm) which were the only two kept for dinner. I flicked a larg
  4. Hello, I just recently signed up to fishRaider due to my inability to catch Jewfish. I would love to know rigs and WHERE, Without giving me your secret spots. I live near manly in Sydney and have no clue where is best, i would prefer not to travel long distances and usually fish the Spit bridge, 40 baskets, little manly, north harbour reserve and clontarf. Anyone have any key locations and tips, thanks in advance
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