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  1. So, thanks again to all for the help! I haven't yet decided but thanks to everyone's replies, I think I now have a better idea now of what I am after. Either I'll just use the BG 2500 that I have, or might see if the store will accept exchange for the BG 3000 instead. As for rods, searching so far I've found the likes of Daiwa Sweepfire and Crossfire or Shimano Catana and Maikuro to be in the 10.5'-12', 3-5kg/4-7kg range and $80 to $120 price so I guess it comes down to the hardware and action?
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies and feedback, I really appreciate it and now have lots more food for thought! I purchased my BG 2000 from Dinga and was very happy with the service, will see what else they have that might suit. So it seems the general consensus is a 4-6kg rod would be more appropriate than the 6-15kg and reel anywhere from 2500 to 5000 size. I probably don't go out more than a few times a year if I am lucky, I have a toddler who I've also just introduced to the hobby and enjoyed it immensely (tho, would prefer to stick with beach and not too keen on rock for safety factor). The Rovex rod I found for $70 so probably stick to the upto ~$100 ball park for suitable rod, I'm not sure I'd get enough use to warrant $200+. As for the reel, my reading so far suggests ~100m is the furthest casting distance from shore, so how much spool capacity is sufficient? 200m, 300m? I am assuming less is best in that no point having a bunch of line that will never get used, but enough that if the fish runs away I don't run out of line?
  3. Hi all, great forum and lots of informational reading to do. Just after a sanity check since I'd like to get out and do some more fishing. I purchased a Shimano Sonic Pro 2014 Spin Rod (7' 2-4kg) and Daiwa BG 2000 with 10lb braid which I intend to use for bream around Apple Tree Bay and Bobbin Head. I also picked up a Daiwa BG 2500 but it has been unused and after reading a few threads on the subject I am now thinking I'd like to get a setup for beach bream/whiting around northern beaches and rest of NSW. Am thinking the Rovex Revenge (10' or 12' 6-15kg) and my thinking is that the 2500 might be too small (drag and weight). Would I be better trying to exchange or purchase the BG 4500 instead? (Seems the sweet spot between the heavier 4000 and 5000 for drag/weight/spool).