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  1. Nice work! Your giving me ideas of heading down there
  2. Hey guys, Headed out late last night (9:30) to fish the run out tide on the flats, the weather was 10/10. Decided to fish the flats for some whiting but no luck on whiting. After couple of hours dropped down a pillie cube to see if that gets anything, no movement in the line after 15min so pulled it up and it had some weight! head shakes! 80cm flathead!! Caught on a Rovex 1-3kg squid rod, 10lb braid, 15lb flurocarbon and a size 2 black magic This is my PB for flat head, I can't imagine catching a 90cm.
  3. I'll adjust the tab and see how I go, cheers guys
  4. Hello, I am hoping someone can give me some advice or tips with this I have a brooker 415 with a 30hp 2 stroke yamaha. When I have it in forward gear and just on idle if i left go of the handle the engine will full turn to the left (boat goes right) I have put a down rigger on my boat now and need that minute or two when the boat can go straight to set up the line. any solutions for this?
  5. All night the weather was clear but around 11 some light rain cloud patches had came.
  6. Hello, Left Sydney yesterday at 5:30 heading to Brooklyn in search of the silver slab! Traffic was flowing so didn't take us long get there. We set off at 6:45. First we tried flint and steel only catching 1 undersized snapper and the this crab (both released). We moved to railway bridge, no luck then moved to hawkesbury river bridge and had some luck with flathead 1 measuring 38cm and another at roughly 45-50cm. Also monster shovel nose which was released. We packed up at midnight. If anyone has a spot for jews in the hawkesbury their willing to share please dm me
  7. Hi Guys, Weather was awesome last night so went out chasing some squid. Dropped off at foreshore ramp around 7pm and went over to kurnell, dropped a squid light in and drifted a few times with no luck. Moved to yarra bay drifted with and without the light still no luck. Last spot of the night tried La parouse with the light in some deeper water and we hit the spot. Packed up 10:30pm. Biggest hood measursing 24cm. Boated 3 lost 1.
  8. Hi Guys, Dropped off at drummoyne and headed to abbotsford bay around 8:30pm We didn't have much luck to be honest, only fish we caught was this 30cm Bream. Packed up around midnight and that's why it is called fishing not catching.
  9. Nothing exciting just a Brooker 415 fisherman but you know the saying. Small boat Big fish 🤣
  10. Hi guys, Got myself a new boat and wanted to test out so went out late tuesday night around 10pm for a quick fish. Landed a pup snapper, which i released and packed up shortly after.
  11. Hi Scatchie, Please add me to the list 🙋‍♂️
  12. Wow! I can only dream of catching one that big. Awesome work!
  13. Sweet, will check them both out
  14. Hey guys, Just curious what weather app are you using, I am using seabreeze but curious if there is a better app for weather/fishing?