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  1. Hey crew, not wanting to get 'political', however, the truth needs to be pushed into the mainstream. By 'truth'. I mean the FACT that EVERY local council charges developers 'head works' charges as part of the land subdivision costs. These 'head works' charges are MEANT to be put aside by each council to expand and increase infrastructure such as water, sewer, etc. But. MOST local councils have NOT invested in the increase of water storage. WHY? IF they had, despite the drought, every council would have increased water storage and therefore there would be NO NEED to go into water restrictions. The REAL issue is that existing water storage is insufficient for an increased population (more houses, more people, more water used, more water storage needed) It's well past time for the employed bureaucrats and past elected Councillors to be held ACCOUNTABLE. Please consider contacting YOUR local council and ask them what they have done over the past 20 years to INCREASE water storage. And, don't be swayed by the BS 'bluff' of new houses needing a rain water tank - that was at the cost of the home owner ... WHAT HAS YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL DONE TO INCREASE PUBLIC WATER STORAGE?
  2. Ah Me Ting

    NAV Lights

    Yes, isn't it frustrating when people ask for help but then just disappear and never report back if and how the problem was solved. @jordy πŸ‘ onya mate!
  3. Ah Me Ting

    NAV Lights

    Or, the hull is part of the circuit? Known to be wired that way by some boat builders (and owners).
  4. Ah Me Ting

    NAV Lights

    What's the hull material? What sort of boat?
  5. Ah Me Ting

    NAV Lights

    Were you testing on the positive (red) wire or the negative (black) wire? Where did you attach you testing leads?
  6. Ah Me Ting

    NAV Lights

    When you tested the starboard light, where did you attach each end of the leads? Did you by pass the switch for the nav lights in the way you tested the circuit? Port side could then be a stuffed light, or other circuit issue.
  7. 😲 ... Geez, ole mate Matt made a LOT of cuts and must have used a LOT of rivets! His finished set up looks good. The under floor rod storage locker looks interesting. Great share. PS: I like your project too. Following your thread with interest.
  8. Hope this is not against the forum rules, but, here is a link to a boat for sale listing... It has a bait board over a similar motorwell. @Ah Me Ting take a pic and add it here please
  9. Ah Me Ting

    Outboard oil

    100% agree ... on both. I still do not know how, to this day, I managed to put full tank of unleaded fuel into my diesel ute. Brian fade moment as I picked up the nozzle at the bowser is all I can muster as any form of defense. And, just like this outboard boating instance, I had the ute towed and drained the tank to avoid any possible engine issue. Not cheap, but a lot cheaper than an engine rebuild.
  10. @Green Hornet have you got any more pics of how you did your floor, etc? Post 'em up in the new thread I just started, so we don't hijack this thread. New thread is here:
  11. I just started a new thread so we can share our idea's... It's here: @kingie chaser ... you wanna repost your's in there too?
  12. I can not seem to get these to all go into the one post. Message keeps telling me I only have 2.12Mb of total pictures to post? But, on this new post I have 4.88Mb? Anyway, here's a few more pictures: This is the floor fully installed:
  13. Ok, so I'll get it started. I setup up a Stessco Squire 385 a few years ago. At the time, I wanted the option of keeping it available as a roof topper type tinny, so decided to make the floor fully removable. So, I built a 'truss' style sub floor on which the carpeted marine ply floor was fixed. Here's a couple of pictures: This is the 'sub-floor' aka "truss": This is how I did each side of the floor:
  14. Rather than hijack @Tinny pimp project build thread https://www.fishraider.com.au/topic/89936-tinny-fit-out/ I thought I'd start a new thread where we could share and discuss the various ways we've gone about putting a floor in our tinny. So, c'mon show us what you've done, or have! It might just help someone with an idea or alternative solution.
  15. If your still hunting ... Try putting up a "wanted" ad on gumtree. Just mention in the listing that you're happy to travel to collect it and a price range your happy with...