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  1. Ah Me Ting

    Yamaha vs Suzuki vs Honda Tiller Steer 40/50hp 4 Strokes

    How long you had the boat? How do you find it? What type of use?
  2. Ah Me Ting

    Yamaha vs Suzuki vs Honda Tiller Steer 40/50hp 4 Strokes

    You know you can get power (hydraulic) tilt n trim on 2 stroke outboards? Also, with the added weight of a 4 stroke if you decided to go that way, get maximum HP for the hull.
  3. 🤔... I think he was the one who used the defibrillator on this thread?
  4. Ah Me Ting

    Fishing mate

    Have any of you guys managed to go fishing together? How'd ya go?
  5. Ah Me Ting

    Boating drowning deaths: 10 year analysis

    Geez, this thread bounced back to life!
  6. Ah Me Ting

    Searay for offshore fishing

    Not owned one,nor ever fished out of one. If the layout is anything like the one in the link below, I think it would be a PITA to fish out of inshore, let alone offshore. https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2007-Sea-Ray-240-Sundancer/SSE-AD-5976385?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5976385
  7. Ah Me Ting

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Where'd you stay? The 'resort'?
  8. Ah Me Ting

    Live well tank info

    So, where's the pics of what you made?
  9. Ah Me Ting

    Renegade EPIRB mounting location

    Here's a pic of where I have the EPIRB, Fire Extinguisher, etc.
  10. Ah Me Ting

    Boat battery charger

    Crew, Reviving and old thread instead of starting a new one. I was doing some research for battery chargers as I felt my old one wasn't doing it's job well, and had no indication of charging status or any of the 'new' modern functionality. I think my old charger is around 20 years young. Anyway, I just grabbed a C-Tek MXS 5.0 today after reading good things about them on here, this thread, and in / on other forums. Anyway, for anyone interested, Repco have them on sale until Sunday: https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/ctek/ctek-battery-charger-12v-5a/p/A9512219
  11. Ah Me Ting

    No electrics with engine running

    @cooky6983 How'd you go fixing the problem?
  12. Ah Me Ting

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    Price needs to drop a long way too before electric motors and associated batteries become 'mainstream'. If I'm reading the information on that website linked in the OP correctly, a 40hp equivalent electric motor is about €15,000 and the batteries another €12,000. I assume wiring and installation is on top of that, so let's say €30,000 all up. At current currency rates, that's a mere $48,486 😲
  13. Ah Me Ting

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Wooli would have to be one of, if not THE, shallowest bars to cross on the East coast. If Wooli bar is a bit sketchy the beach launch at Minnie Waters is generally a lot safer. Some seriously good, BIG, very capable offshore fishing boats, get launched from there. Have you got all the 'green' aka "no fish" zones for the area? They use a lot of aerial surveillance up that way. +1 for jealousy.
  14. Ah Me Ting

    minn kota vs motorguide

    Have you looked into an upgrade for your current MG? Does MG do add on upgraded for their motors like MK did, do?
  15. Ah Me Ting

    minn kota vs motorguide

    Nothing like a bit of smoke n mirrors! They must have had a producer / director from the TV shop direct ads running their filming and editing? 🤔