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  1. Ah Me Ting

    Easy way to hitch trailer

    I'm guessing, home security system camera footage? Surely old mate would have deleted it! Darwin award nominee on two counts. Finalist for sure.
  2. Ah Me Ting

    Tohatsu Motors (50hp 4 stroke to be specific)

    Can't offer any personal experience with 4 strokes, but in the 2 stroke variety... FIL had an old grey 25hp Tohatsu that was a late 90s model. Very reliable despite maintenance neglect. I had an 18Hp Tohatsu for 7 years which never missed a beat. Went with the 50Hp Tohatsu earlier this year based on the above and it's a no nonsense economical unit. And, yes, Tohatsu make the smaller 2 strokes for Mercury, and have various arrangements with Honda and BRP Evinrude for 4 strokes. https://www.boatsales.com.au/editorial/details/outboard-engine-buyers-guide-2018-111436/ https://www.boats.com/on-the-water/brpevinrude-announces-deal-with-tohatsu-for-small-outboards/ https://www.boatingmag.com/boats/honda-to-private-label-large-outboards-tohatsu/
  3. Ah Me Ting

    Sol Lunar tables

    Don't we all? ­čĄŚ But. It does remind me of that old saying: My only concern is that when I die my wife will sell all my fishing gear based on the price I told her I paid for it!
  4. Ah Me Ting

    Boaters in NSW reminded to light up during darkest days

    I'm a bit surprised by this waffle: "Using´╗┐´╗┐ navigation lights helps boaters stay safe ´╗┐so they can avoid hazard´╗┐s´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐a´╗┐nd ´╗┐exercis´╗┐e´╗┐ good judgement, and reminds boaters to keep a proper lookout´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐when visibility becomes limited or reduced..." Huh? How does turning on my nav lights help me avoid hazards. Avoid a collision, yes, but me avoid hazards? Also, how do nav lights help me exercise better judgement? That all just sounds ridiculous. Work experience person must have been given the proof reading task.
  5. Ah Me Ting

    LB Estuary Winter Fishing

    Nobody with an answer, perhaps? I can't comment on the nuances of fishing in Sydney waterways. But, from experience clear vs murky water isn't as much an issue as other factors (species, time of day, water flow, other disturbances, bait, technique). Fish move from season to season and time of day, day to day. I'd look at the surrounding environment and assess impact(s). Are you only targeting bream?
  6. Ah Me Ting

    Sol Lunar tables

    Don't need a watch or printed almanac, everything is on the interwebs these days: https://tides4fishing.com/
  7. Ah Me Ting

    Braked boat trailers

    And then do you put the walkway and spare tyre back onto the trailer?
  8. Ah Me Ting

    Buying a boat etiquette

    100% take someone 'experienced' with you. Ideally someone who is familiar with that type and style of boat. Taking ya mate who has only ever had an old creek based tinnie to look at a top of line fibreglass cabin boat is just as crazy as asking ya other mate with only glass boat experience to test a estuary or bay style open to tinnie. Things to check, not exhaustive, but a start, others will chime in: - how much water comes out of the bung when back at the ramp? - does the motor cavitate (ventilate) and if so when, how bad, etc. - does the motor start from cold ok (might be hard to test as the seller might warm it up at home) - any flat spots in acceleration or other unusual nuances with motor sounds. - any water in fuel filters at end of the trip. Assuming none at start, and particular important if under floor fuel tanks. - how does VHF radio sound, do a radio test to local boats and or VMR. - does the hour meter measure true. Check hours at start and end of trip. - how much fuel did it use? Make sure tank is full at start and fill up tanks at end if there is no fuel sensor on the motor. - does it launch and retrieve ok? Get stuck or winch on hard work? - assess on water stability, space, movement based on intended use. Good Luck and keep us posted. We like pictures too!
  9. Ah Me Ting

    Haines Hunter Seawasp Thread

    Aren't you only 11? Considering, for the first couple of years, you, like all of us were struggling to walk. Then, the next few years, you, again like all of us, would struggle holding a decent rod, let alone manage to fight a decent kingy... Has 'dad' taken over your login on here?
  10. Ah Me Ting

    Haines Hunter Seawasp Thread

    Any further work on boat? How do to store your rods while underway?
  11. Ah Me Ting

    boat trailer guides

    Couple of things: 1. You should never need to get your car wheels wet. Should not even be close. 2. Water up to hub on trailer wheel is usually deep enough for most sub 5m boats. 3. Rollers are designed to roll. If your keel rollers are not rolling, start there. 4. A floating boat, pulled at bow by winch rope will straighten the boat up.ad it comes into the trailer. 5. Key is where, how, you start it. I use my winch lug on the boat to just sit up and on my keel roller. I attach the winch rope and wind up. 6. In heavy wind, or water current. Loading straight needs better tactics or a deckie. On my own, I just make sure the trailer is not as fat into the water, so I can 'hold' the bow using the keel roller and the bow latch. Even if I have to lift the bow up and onto the keel roller a bit. Once done tension is added to the winch rope, the boat pulled up onto the keel roller. 7. Boats should sit on the keel. Weight on keel rollers. Skids and wobble rollers are there only to stop the boat rocking from side to side.
  12. Ah Me Ting

    Heading to the Gold Coast

    Where are you going to be based?
  13. Ah Me Ting

    Heading to the Gold Coast

    Doubt you'll get out through many bars mate. If you have a large boat, and like it rough, maybe, but doubt the drift etc will be worth it. Horrid ESE wind forecast and lingering swell. Broadwater, rivers and canals will be better, safer, options. Here's a link to the wind readings at Coolangatta: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDN60801/IDN60801.94592.shtml Wind readings at the GC Seaway: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDQ60801/IDQ60801.94580.shtml And, here's the Marine Forecast: http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/forecasts/gold-coast-waters.shtml
  14. Ah Me Ting

    What to look for good riding boat

    Oops, going off topic again... But. It does depend on what type of conditions you want to go out in... I'm starting to think a lot of you guys fish in some ugly oceans, seas.
  15. Ah Me Ting

    What to look for good riding boat

    At risk of going further off topic ... I have one! I have a 420 Renegade TS.