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  1. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    All good mate. I just posted the reply. Turns out that I had an earth lead running from the ignition / throttle assembly to the bus bar at the back near the battery and then nothing after that. I called a leccy in and he put a new earth lead in for me and now all works. Thanks for all your feedback
  2. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Thanks for all your valuable feedback. I really appreciate it. Yes I agree it was a mess and has since been cleaned up The problem turned out to be a missing earth lead from the bus at the back of the boat that went to the battery if that makes sense. I had an earth wire running from the throttle / ignition assembly to a bus bar and then nothing after that. All good now. Thanks again Cooky
  3. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Hey Ah Me, Well, I've had a few goes at it and so far what I've got is this. Main cables coming from the battery being Red and Black and wired to the bus bars. As I mentioned, everything from the bus bars on work with no problem except when the key is turned. What I then found is that a cable that is wired to the throttle assembly, when disconnected (as in the photo's) I lose electrics again. I've finally given in and have someone coming to look at it next week, but I'd love to know what's going on. I will ask him and once I've got an answer, I'll post it here for you. As an explanation of the photos, the first one is just the cables going to each bus bar and the next two show that I've got power going to the switch panel when the cable is together and no power to the switch panel when the cable is disconnected. Thanks all Cooky
  4. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Hey Noelm, Yes I agree that the shared fuse isn't the best and will be changed. All I have connected are my nav lights, a fish finder at this stage. I will be adding a VHF radio, a bilge pump and some LED strip lighting in the cabin. Wiring is basically from the battery to the bus bar and from there to the shared fuse and then on to the device. The only thing that confuses me a bit is the additional yellow wire going to the negative bus bar as well but I'm just following the wiring instructions that came with the switch panel.
  5. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Hey Ah Ming, thanks for that. I will disconnect the bus bars as you suggested. I'd already used them prior to posting my query. Cheers Cooky
  6. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Hey guys, I've attached a diagram of what I've got so hopefully you'll understand what I've got. The black and yellow wires that I've circled are connected to the negative side as per the instructions that came with the switch panel. I've also used two bus bars, a pos and a neg. I have not used a fuse block as I'm relying on the fuses that are part of the switch panel. As far as power to the bus bars goes, I've taken the existing pos and neg cables coming from the battery. These went to the original switch panel. I decided to replace the old one as it was poorly positioned and was pretty old and tired. Looking forward to your replies ( I think ) wiring diagram 1.pdf
  7. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    Guys thank you so much for your replies. I will get straight on to what you’ve suggested, the first being the diagram. Awesome fellas. Thanks. Cooky
  8. cooky6983

    No electrics with engine running

    G'day all, Firstly, I am loving this site. It's so good to find a place like this with so much good information. Anyway, the issue that I have is that I have just done a rewire on an old 4.9m fibreglass runabout, with a Merc 90 on the back. Having done a heap of research on how to do the wiring I was pretty proud of myself when everything worked the way it should when the switch was least I thought so. The problem that I'm having is that everything works beautifully when it's just me and the boat sitting on a trailer in the drive. However, when I turn the key to the acc position (the one just before the engine kicks over, I lose it all. Turn the key off, everything comes back. Obvioulsy I'm missing something in the wiring that goes to the key so if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. I've got a marine mech who can do it and an auto elec that I can contact as well, but I'd really like to try to get this solved just so that I know as much about the boat as possible. If anyone has some ideas I'd be most grateful. I'm happy to send pics of my wiring if you need them. Cheers Cooky