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  1. Just to answer my own question - I've worked out the limit for my inflatable cat is wind under 20km/h and swell under 1m. Those are pretty rare conditions around Sydney. Plus, the risk of conditions changing means I need to stay pretty close to the departure point, even on glassed out days like that. No worries. PS. All safety rules as per the boating handbook will be followed. And then some.
  2. Long time rock fisho, first time boatie last Friday. I headed out to a wharf at 4am and got a bunch of livies pretty quickly. Next off to Palm Beach, Pittwater side. Launched my little inflatable cat and spent pretty much most of the day roaming around and dropping yakkas down to various depths. No luck this time. Taylor (sighted) always destroyed my bait very quickly. I was targetting kings with larger hooks so these little choppers never got hooked. So, no luck this time, but had heaps of fun and looking forward to learning all this. PS. What's a good sounder for a small boat like this?
  3. Cheers, the braid cutting through the tube is something I would not think of. Appreciated.
  4. What works for me to get yakkas: They bite best around 1 hour before sunrise, and then disappear around sunrise. At Apple Tree, among the parked boats is good; PM me for the exact spot. The rig is: straight through 0.25mm fluoro, 4.5mm glow stick about 30 or 40 cm, above the hook, then a small sinker above just the hook if its windy. Apple Tree Bay yakkas are tiny, so the best hooks are the tiniest you can get. Long shank hooks have lower catch rate but are easier to unhook. The tiny black hooks from a shop (not sure what they're called) have better catch rate but break or get swallowed more e
  5. I sort of got tired waiting for the kings to come to me (northern beaches, off the rocks). I can get salmon (aka bait stealers) nearly every time, tailor pretty reliable when in season, and yakkas 100% reliably all the time. But kings and other really good fish are rare for me. Like once a month. So I pulled the trigger on a 3.3m True Kit. It's an inflatable cat and I've got a 5hp outboard coming in as well. The plan is to take it slow, get the licence, set up a sounder, putter around in the Pittwater / Hawkesburry, etc, at first. But, the end goal is to eventually venture out, maybe a few km,
  6. I've got a 12' medium rod and a smaller Nasci, but not happy with how far I can cast. I can get maybe 80 meters with a good metal lure. I usually use 15 pound line. I have a feeling the long rod actually doesn't help as it's got a fair bit of inertia so I waste energy in getting to just move. What are some good tips to get me past 100m? The school is always out of reach, lol.
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