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  1. I would been keen pending on dates would have to maybe see if I can get a ride with some one in there boat willing to chip in fuel and beers as never fished for snapper but would be keen
  2. Hey all does anyone know where to get custom brag Mats and custom fishing shirts made thanks
  3. Hi I’m Brett I work in the heavy vehicle industry as a spare parts interpreter, have a little girl who is turning 2 and a fiancé who both like trying to fish when I go. i have been fishing since I was young grew up around gunnedah fishing keepit dam and then moved to the Newcastle area where i got hooked to salt water and jetty and harbour fishing shore based but have moved back out west Dubbo way where I call home for now, I’m always up for meeting new people and flicking a line I’m not a precessional just an amateur who wants to learn new skills and techniques. drop me a message is your keen to catch up sink a few beers and have a fish