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  1. No. I went on Saturday. Only so so... Too windy coming Monday and Tuesday night but Wednesday night may be worth a try.
  2. You are correct it is the wrong moon phase but with the smoke haze, there are no moon at all. Maybe the prawns are all knowing without seeing, there are hardly any prawn run. What make it worse is the wind. Too windy, difficult to prawn with the LED Headlamp. People with underwater lamp may do better?! I caught just over 1kg, enough for a feed. People fishing had better luck us prawning. A group of people caught a Jewfish 1.4m long. I heard because they are so excited, they shouted to each other its length back & forth, taking turn taking picture with the fish. Then this 2 dudes come along and question the actual length of the fish. It don't look 1.4m to me either. Anyway, they measured it with their own tape and the fish is in fact 1.04m long. It is still a pretty good fish!
  3. Haven't been out for a while due to the bad weather. Got really bored so i brave the Smokey Haze today. Once i am out on the groyne, it is a lot better than i expected. At least no burnt wood smell or i am too busy fishing, i didn't noticed. But i do notice that i was the only one fishing! Windy in the morning according WillyWeather so decide to start late. Pickup some stringy weed at the local creek. Got careless and fell into the creek:( Luckily only got a bit wet but the shoes got mud all over and they smell. Got to Ramsgate beach by 11:30pm but didn't get to start fishing until 12 noon as i need to wash the mud off my shoes and lower pant. It is mid tide toward high and the wind is blowing outward. Lots and Lots of blackfish as there are bites everywhere. It doesn't take long for the float to go down but hookup is not so sure. Anyway, i bag out by 2pm. I knew i had a few about 28cm in the keeper net. i found 3, release them and continue to fish. The second around is a lot slower and hookup rate dropped even further. It takes me 2 hours to catch the next 3. As i was landing the last fish(about 4pm), i saw something big trailing it. The blackfish is 30cm and whatever behind it is 3 time as long. I quickly took out my lure rod and flick out a hardbody lure. After 3 flick, i got a bite right next to my feet but no hookup and nothing after that. I still didn't get a good look at it but i believe they are tailor. Tailor get fire up just after the sun goes down. I wish i can stay until dark but my mum is waiting for my fresh fish for dinner hence i went home at 5pm with a bag full of blackfishes(10). In the next 3 days, good wind condition in the morning. So i may have another blackfish session before going to The Entrance prawning this weekend.
  4. I was there on Sunday night. There weren't that many people, around 10. I was prawning in front of the car park at the end of Hutton Rd. I was going to go on Saturday but it is so windy, i had to change it to Sunday. Hi @blindmullet, where exactly do you do your prawning on Saturday when it is so windy?
  5. Thanks @phil2135, Good to know about the dietary requirement for fishes caught in Botany Bay. Also even better to know as there are no dietary requirement for Luderick(Blackfish) for adult consumption. Cheers, Keith.
  6. Hi @nomispro, Hope this helps: How deep do you set your rig at? Just above the sea floor up to 1 meter. I uses 2 rods in the start and each rod had a 2 hooks float rig. One rod has a bigger float and heavy sinker hence unaffected by the current and can cast further. Whereas the other rod has a very light float, less weight, more sensitive to bites and move(lift) with the current. What this result to is i had 4 bait/weed sitting at FOUR different depth! Do you connect your main line to a swivel and use a trace or is it better just to use a line to line connection? I uses both. I had a diagram of my two hooks rig in my earlier post. Is it also better to use a longer rod (10 or 12ft) or will a 7 ft rod suffice? Long rod has its pros and cons. With long rod, it is easier to steer the fish away from the snags and rock edges but i found it hard to land the fish when your rod is more than twice the length of your landing net. I uses 10ft telescopic rod. Once i steer the fish to the surface, i reduce the length of the rod for the ease of landing the fish with the net. Cheers, Keith.
  7. While we talked, I didn’t pickup all the details. Sorry! I wish I could have giving you more info. Though our friend is no longer a Fishraider member, he still follow our post. Let’s hope he saw your query and give you the details you seek.
  8. Finally find some time and good weather to catch some blackfishes. Since the rock pool area is under renovation, i fish on the far left groyne just past the rock platform. Got there about 7:30am, it is at bottom tides so not expecting any bits soon. Caught my first(37cm) after 30mins, then another(33cm) a bit later. Lots of bits but very small. Went home about 2pm, only 5 keepers (...30cm, 29cm and 28cm), and throw back twice as much as they are around 26cm-27cm mark. Haven't been out for a while and if it won't for the increase in wind speed, i would had stayed longer. During the 1st and 2nd fish caught and just for a brief period, the water sudden boiled up around me. I managed to get my metal lure among the chaos. 3 flicks but no take! The fishes disappeared just as sudden as they appeared. Kingies? Salmons? but definitely not Tailors! Met an ex-fishraider in the car park, learned a few things from him. 1. Botany Bay is polluted with buried metal. 2. Use canola oil(cheap coles brand spray) to protect your reels. 3. Blackfish can be caught at night I may give night blackfishing a try some day....
  9. The water level lower than last year. I almost mistaken high tide for low tide. Still plenty of people doing night fishing.
  10. Prawning season finally started. Drove up to The Entrance with my girl friend to try our luck. It was quite windy(over 40km/hr) on Saturday afternoon but relying on the weathers report claiming it is going to be lower wind ( less than 18km/hr) at night. Lucky the wind forecast is correct. But the high tides time is incorrect(Willyweather) and the run out tides were 3 hrs late hence wasting the 3 hrs chasing shadow. We are there at 8:30pm but the prawn run didn't start until 11:30pm. The prawns are not big but decent size, most are around 9-10cm and some 11-12cm. I won't tell you how much time we put in but we ended up with 3.5kilo worth of prawns. Most are still alive and jumping when we got back to Sydney. Just the little plate of fresh cooked prawns(for breakfast!) alone made this trip worth while.
  11. Most dangerous fishing spot. Try Bass Point, a lot safer and just as many fish. When the wind is blowing the wrong at Hill60, people goes to Bass Point and vice versa. Two main rig people uses, pilchard on float or squid skirt lure on weighted float. Long rod and long cast. When it is in season, it is very crowded.
  12. When the weather is good, i was sick. And when i get better, the weather is bad. I am busy in the weekend so i convince myself to brave the bad weather(willyweather forecasted 90% of shower) in the afternoon. The condition was not ideal on Friday afternoon 11 Oct 2019. It was windy and the wind is blowing the wrong way. It has experienced a high tide in the morning already and the blackfishes would already had their feed. I was at the groyne next to the pool left of Omeros at around 1pm, got my first 31cm blackfish after half a hour. Then i noticed some gov workers starts putting up fences around the pool. I think the council is doing renovation on the rock pool. Anyway, i have to go after my first blackfish otherwise risk of getting fence off. So i try the next groyne further to the left. There are some small bites but not enough to warrant any hookup. Next i know, it is already 4pm and time to go home. Only 1 blackfish in the esky but i am still happy as i get to fish a bit after so so long. I bumped into a fishraider fan at the Tonbridge St. weed ground. I think he said he is from Windsor?! So keen! He ask me to post if i catch any blackfish so i did... Also here is a latest picture of the Tonbridge St. weed ground:
  13. Last 2 sessions, I encounter the school on low tides. Least bites on high tide, my guess is they off somewhere to feed as the high tide gives them easy access to food source. Order from least bites to most bites: Run out from high to mid tide, Run in from mid to high tide, Run out from mid to low tide, Run in from low to mid tide. So the best day is when the daybreak(first light) start with run out mid tide.
  14. Just pickup some string weed at Tonbridge St this morning. There are still plenty left... Cheers.