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  1. When the weather is good, i was sick. And when i get better, the weather is bad. I am busy in the weekend so i convince myself to brave the bad weather(willyweather forecasted 90% of shower) in the afternoon. The condition was not ideal on Friday afternoon 11 Oct 2019. It was windy and the wind is blowing the wrong way. It has experienced a high tide in the morning already and the blackfishes would already had their feed. I was at the groyne next to the pool left of Omeros at around 1pm, got my first 31cm blackfish after half a hour. Then i noticed some gov workers starts putting up fences around the pool. I think the council is doing renovation on the rock pool. Anyway, i have to go after my first blackfish otherwise risk of getting fence off. So i try the next groyne further to the left. There are some small bites but not enough to warrant any hookup. Next i know, it is already 4pm and time to go home. Only 1 blackfish in the esky but i am still happy as i get to fish a bit after so so long. I bumped into a fishraider fan at the Tonbridge St. weed ground. I think he said he is from Windsor?! So keen! He ask me to post if i catch any blackfish so i did... Also here is a latest picture of the Tonbridge St. weed ground:
  2. Last 2 sessions, I encounter the school on low tides. Least bites on high tide, my guess is they off somewhere to feed as the high tide gives them easy access to food source. Order from least bites to most bites: Run out from high to mid tide, Run in from mid to high tide, Run out from mid to low tide, Run in from low to mid tide. So the best day is when the daybreak(first light) start with run out mid tide.
  3. Just pickup some string weed at Tonbridge St this morning. There are still plenty left... Cheers.
  4. Very nice catch. It is always a nuisance when the choppers are around when you flick for flatheads with soft plastic.
  5. Nice catch. Salted Tailor? Any good as the tailor flesh is so soft. Keith.
  6. Finally got everything sorted out and got the whole day to fish. That's what i thought! Got to Ramsgate beach by 7am and pickup some string weed on the way at Tonbridge St. There ain't that much weed as i had anticipated but i still easily collected enough for one session. Not enough for burley but if i am lucky, there should be some weed at the rock. Must be my lucky day, though high tides but the tides are not that high hence i manage to collected so short weed for burley without getting my feet wet. Sometime i feels like the burleying is a formality but it is worth a try if there is no bites. Anyway, today i fish on the groyne next to the pool left of Omeros. One, intuition told me there are fishes there and second, someone already there. I don't mind some company. A regular fisho after both blackfish and travelly. He got 3 rods out but no fish yet. And he is nice enough to pack one rod to give me some room to fish next to him. I decide not to use the burley yet worrying it may take away his fish. Second cast, my first blackfish. Then 5 minutes later, another blackfish. Again another 5 minutes later, yet another blackfish. I am a bit worry then but luckily our friend also hookup his first blackfish. Nothing worst than someone comes alone later than you but starts catching all the fish and you still got no bite! I think he is after trevally and since there is no bite, he packed up and went not too long after. That's when the fun began - i found a school of blackfish or they found me. Bites after bites. As soon i put the blackfish into the keeper net, the other rod would goes off. Oh... i now using 2 rods since i got the whole groyne to myself. I haven't had so much fun for a while. Then disaster strikes as one of the line snap off. And the float was cut loose and started to float away from me. I was so obsess with getting the float back, i forgot to fish. I got my float back but lost the school of fish:( But then the fishes are still biting, just not as frequent. There are lots of small one which i released though legal therefore i didn't bag out until 10:30am. All around 31-32cm. I fished a bit more for fun until my weed ran out. Lots of people from my badminton sport club has been asking for fresh blackfish! So i am going back tomorrow morning for another session.
  7. Hi Pauls, Very nice catch. I am collecting notes on blackfish. Can you provide a bit more information on the blackfish. Bait used, rig used, time of the day, tide level in or out, weather condition and wind speed and direction, or any other interesting things? Cheers. Keith.
  8. Yes. I saw them pull out a legal size trevally while i am still there. The trevally comes in school, the trick is to attracted them toward you and then keep them around. It is good fun pulling them out one after another within a short span of time. And they fight a lot harder than blackfish as well but blackfish tastes a lot better though.
  9. Meant to go on the 11th September but got busy(lazy). As i was planning my belated trip, i saw a message from @eladamrine and said he fished on the 11th and on the groyne i recommended but no bite. Haha, i not going to that groyne anymore, at least for a while. Anyway, i arrived at Ramsgate beach at about 9am - late night, i just couldn't get up at 6am. It is already high tide so all the weed are covered by the water up to thigh deep. Getting my shoes and feet wet is one thing but not my ****. I got 2 backup plan. One, see if there is any weed in the local waterway as it is already spring and two, fish with the weed i collected on the 5th September until low tide. I was lucky, some weed had starting growing in the local waterway and there are just enough for this trip. In a week or 2 's time, there should enough weed for everyone! At first, i try the groyne on the far left of the rock platform. A few bites here and there but no hookup. It is high tide so not expecting much. By 12 noon, i changed to another groyne next to the Omeros and collecting more weed for burleying where i met @eladamrine as we invited each other to fish together. @eladamrine did okay as he caught his very first blackfish after 2 failed attempts to land them. First attempt, the line snapped off and second, the hook came off half way. I think he will became an expert in no time if not one already. Anyway, here are my result for today: 32cm, 42cm., 33cm, 35cm and 33cm. Also, the trevallies are back. All three groynes around me are occupied with trevally fishermen before dawn. And here is the location of the waterway where i get my weed and PLEASE take only what you need. X marked the spot. There should also be weed in the waterway next to the 16ft Sailing Club(not checked). Kelso Park also if you lived near East Hill(not checked).
  10. Use uni-knot and leave a shot tag end(3-4mm). Braid the string weed 1-2 time above the tag end, then braid the rest onto the hook. Cover as much of the hook as possible except barb and point. Enough weed to cover the hook but at the same time, small enough so the blackfish can suck in both weed & hook in one go. No bite may mean not enough weed or no fish. Failed hookup may mean too much weed or the weed failed to cover the whole of the hook. Hope this help.
  11. String weed work best here. Someone once told me string weed is for the river or estuary and cabbage weed is better for open ocean rock. Since it is moving water, burleying may and may not help. It may attract the fish toward you, it may also pull the fish away from you depends on the current flow. I found fishing with friends is best as their weeds in the water acts as burley. Wind and current flow direction effect how you fish. Direction going out is best if you want to relax. On the contrary, if you fish against the current and direction, you will be forever busy casting out or risk snag the seaweed and rock at the groyne. Hence wind direction and current flow play a big part at where you cast your float\weed. Sometime you had to cast everywhere(near, far, left and right) to find the fish. If your weed get taken in certain spot, keep casting to that same spot will almost guarantee a hookup eventually. Further hookup may meant you had found a school of fish otherwise you had already caught the lone fish:( If a certain groyne yield good return , stick to that groyen.
  12. Hi Eladamrine, Not on the groyne and if there are, they are not long enough. The string weed are on the rocks underneath the foot path. I got my near the 'Omeros On The Beach' restaurant. Recently i fish on the groyne to the right of Omeros just for convenience as it is close to my parked car. All groynes hold blackfishes as far as i know. First rising mid tide are the best time for blackfish. As with other species of fishes: Trevally - heard nothing since 2 months ago - use bread for bait Whiting - heard nothing since 3 months ago - use nippers for bait Tailor - nothing since last summer - pilchard and hard body surface lure. Salmon, Kingfish and Jewfish on several occasion when there are lots of good size bait fish(yellowtail scad and garfish) about. Flathead - again not much since last summer. They are still about but in smaller number and size. Sometime leather jack close to the groyne if you use prawn pieces with long shank hook that is if you can avoid those pesky little wrasse. Legal size bream are rare for me and they are by product when i fish for bait fish. When there are no fish, there are always some rays and Port Jackson about especially if you use pilchard. When i am really bored and keep busy, i'll catch a dozen or so of those pesky little sweeps for fun. They are good eating if you deep fry them bones and all. No size limit i believe. You can found them at the platform to left of the Omeros. Cheers, PS. Remember to bleed the fish you are keeping and release those you are not. Watch out for size and bag limit.
  13. Great report. Looking forward to get my own caravan and do what you are doing...
  14. I haven't seen much fishing report being submitted recently! Is it because of the poor and cold weather, fish is scarce hence nothing to report!? I myself haven't been out for a while. Anyway... i better play my part and make my contribution... The weather finally warm up a bit. Has to get out. Planned to get to Ramsgate beach by 7am at low tide to pick up some seaweed off the rock. Had a late night, just couldn't get up even with the help of the alarm clock. Didn't get to Ramsgate until 10:30am at mid tide. I did managed to get some string weed but at the cost of wet feet, socks and shoes. The weather is great - nice and warm, and slight wind only. Water is clear without those garbage weed floating about. Caught my first blackfish on the first cast (float rig with double hook). Afterward, just mainly enjoying the nice weather and waiting patiently for the next bite. High tides at 1pm and since most weed are now accessible to the blackfish. I don't think they would be interested in the tiny weed on my hook anymore hence time to pack up and go home. Anyway, i ended up with 4 blackfishes between 30cm-34cm. It is going to be very windy and possibly shower in the next few days. I am not that keen when the wind keeps blowing sands into my mouth hence no more fishing until next Wednesday.