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  1. Nick Harvey

    Live well tank info

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. Cant wait to get some livies and squid for chasing the jew's!!! Thanks again
  2. Nick Harvey

    Live well tank info

    Hey guys First post here guys but have been reading posts for a while. Looking at pimping out the tinny soon and just after some advise if possible. Would it be better to install a live well that draws from the water or one that recycles the water? Thinking fresh water all the time is better but not sure, I know recycling the water would be easier to install but want to do it right straight up. Also what would be the right flow rate from the pump? Thinking maybe 35-50LT esky would be a good size and maybe a 350gph pump, or would I need more? Thank for any assistance. Regards Nick