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  1. Looks like you will have to ring Garmin helpline tomorrow hopefully only something simple.
  2. Check power connection for corrosion and full voltage with volt meter try removing sd card. Then try software upgrade.
  3. With those welds it would not matter where the wobble rollers were there only there to stop rocking on the trailer after all . Alloy boats need keel rollers to support the hull weight which you have. Definitely no weld procedure or qualified welders involved in that build. If worse comes to worse contact a welding inspector and get an inspection on the welds with documentation. Then you will have some real evidence to throw at them. Obviously this will initially cost you some money though.
  4. Always use handline for bait collection caught many larger other species in the process. Earlier in the year up at Port Stephens the misses caught a 50 cm snapper when she was supposed to be catching slimies.
  5. Smobaby

    Swapping seats

    It will be over a much larger area compared to the pedestal the floor is plenty thick enough providing it is in A1 condition , use a larger gauge screw to compensate or drill more holes in the bracket if there are not enough for your liking. Make sure all holes are sealed correctly.
  6. Looks like you have a problem the lower right plug has no residue at all. Your motor is running on 3 cylinders they should all be looking the same. Is that cylinder sparking the plug even looks dry is the compression even in that cylinder compared to the rest. In a 2stroke at idle and lower RPMS the plugs will be oil fouled in a premix engine the only way to check the plug colour would be to run at WOT then pull the plugs and check the colour. The only external adjustment you can do is the idle mixture 0 to 1/8 throttle. After that the jets takeover. Give it a good water test (flogging) then recheck the plugs, burn all that unburnt oil out of the system. Might need to service the carburettors.
  7. Rowing club is Penrith there have been plenty of brown and rainbows caught at the weir have not tried up the river but they must be there. Have seen a few in the 50s
  8. Head down to the weir behind the rowing club burley up and hang on. There are catfish on worms. Take some lures still bass and trout, I think there lowering the dam level still.
  9. Go the girls doing great in many events more medals to come.
  10. Cheap insurance and keep them charged great report Zoran
  11. It's not the galvanising as much as the inferior materials used. Seriously the difference would only be two or three hundred dollars to do it properly, as you know everything is made to a price now, not like the old days it was built to last and companies supported their products . I do a lot of work for Sydney Trains where I have to warrant a 25 year warranty on galvanising, pitty trailer manufacturers were not subject to similar legislation. Most trailers are manufactured offshore and assembled in Australia.
  12. Fab you can see the speckled effect on your galvanising this tells me that the material used has too much silicon content cheap steel, which why the galvanising coverage is not up to any standard the coating should be much thicker no QA there. But that's what you get from mass produced products.
  13. Reguarding stainless trailers the material price would be triple that of mild steel. The only structural stainless is duplex $$$. The normal 316 is not a structural product which will lose integrity with flexing of a trailer. The welds won't break if done correctly to proper weld procedure by qualified welders, but the metal next to the weld will be compromised. Pasivating the welds after fabrication will reinstate the chromium to the surface preventing corrosion it all costs money. For stainless not to tea stain (rust) it must be mirror finish. Stick to structural aluminium. Will be cheaper and all metals still corrode just some quicker. Reguarding galvanising if done properly should last for a decade at least. Problem is the material that's used in the manufacturing cheaper imported steels have too much silicon content which doesn't allow the zinc to penetrate the metal. Been dealing with this for years on boats- trailers and commercial applications. Don't block drain holes flush them with fresh water.
  14. Trout and bass are being caught near the weir at Penrith due to the dam gates open. There been around for a week or more on bait and lures.
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