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  1. Different species good to see great size catch
  2. Smobaby

    Outboard problems

    The only way the jets in the carburettor can become blocked is by dirt fuel. Most fuel filters used in carbureted outboards is only good for tadpoles and house bricks. Do you have a proper paper type filter before the engine. Obviously the complete fuel system needs cleaned thoroughly even a stray eyelash can cause severe problems. Sometimes ultraviolet cleaning is required as all fuel has dyes which when fuel evaporates will be left in fuel bowels. Once new fuel is introduced into the system partials can block jet orifices causing problems. It doesn’t hurt to drain carburettor bowels periodically to prevent this happening and change and clean filters more often preventive maintenance is the key.
  3. If the battery is dead flat the newer charges won’t work they need a minimum charge to activate the charger. Try jumper leads to a good battery then connect the charger.
  4. Thanks for that have since seen local Honda dealer spoke to the technician whom informed me that the temp should be around 60-70 at the thermostat. Done a service on the motor and ran it on muffs for a while motor temp on gauge got up to around the 78 degrees checked with a heat gun at the thermostats and was 60 degrees at cylinder head 70 degrees at the block which is within specifications. Then checked the block and oil circuits and readings were comparable with the Garmin gauges which confirms that the readings are oil temperature which is within normal specifications. Need a water test at WOT with the heat gun to confirm. Hopefully boat ramps will be open still ?
  5. Sounds like a great week away long as you caught a feed and had a good time
  6. The. Torque settings will be foot pounds for 1/2 inch drive inch drive and inch pounds will be for 3/8 and 1/4 drive torque wrenches big difference.
  7. Smobaby

    Check under floor

    Bet you didn’t know you lost it. Luckily you do this seasonally possibly saved you major corrosion problems can be costly.
  8. Have not tried dealers yet manual contains nothing on this internet is very vague nothing 100%. Problem is there are 4 temp senders for the engine 2 at thermostats 1 at exhaust manifold 1 on the block no one can tell me which sender the NMEA reads the temperature from even Garmin there gauges only read information supplied by the computer through NMEA cable. Just hoping someone else has a similar set up and could compare readings. Only thing an an American site was 60 degrees to 116 degrees apparently through a service bulletin from Honda
  9. Have a Honda bf150 connected to Garmin gmi 10 gauges through NMEA 2000. Temperature readings 65/75 degrees Celsius at idle and up to 99 degrees at wot does anyone else have similar setup and what readings are you getting. Is this normal can’t seem to find much information reguarding this.
  10. Hit up the local tackle shop spend a few bucks sure they will lead you in the right direction
  11. Yes postponed feel sorry for Tony and all concerned will be very hard to organise a time when the fishing is at it peak like it is in autumn. Annual leave and accomodation will be problem for some, most people plan this months ahead. Still heading up 31 March 7 April got 3 6 metre boats coming a decky would be great we will have our own fun jus hope the weather is good. David
  12. The tournament has been canceled. Anyone still heading there ?
  13. Great catch you’ll be back for more
  14. Great report and nice fish. Fisheries and waterways only doing there job imagine what they must see
  15. Not what we need good luck with the recovery be safe