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  1. Zoran all good flat out upgrading Lapstone station until then. Give me a PM when you get closer. Will be able to help you out. Your more than capable to do a lot yourself hopefully I can help you out.
  2. Good fish definitely be worthwhile in the evening when the tide I right.
  3. Nice feed and looks like a great day out, much better than working enjoy it while you can.
  4. Your a true fisherman great feed. Look like the estuaries for a little while.
  5. Well done you have helped to save there lives another big achievement. Shame about the marlin though.
  6. Mate don't try to to do it yourself if you have know idea. Been doing this stuff for 25 years. It's not cheap to get done properly the tools equipment and skills required will blow you out. That rail in the video would be an expensive add on mirror finished stainless good luck. Better off going a fabricated aluminium powder coated mount and modify your Bow rail. Still won't be cheap though, but the end result is what matters.
  7. That looks as to be very early 1980 era, corrosion will be your biggest demon compression 100 plus and all even. Check maintenance history you might be lucky and get another few years happy boating. They were built tough and ready in the USA back then.
  8. Try the swimming area at Watson Bay against the nets usually a live bait spot but have hooked some large Leather Jackets in the process. Last Saturday we hooked a 60 cm specimen on live bait handline lost at the boat though. Plenty there if you fish deeper and close to the net use long shank hooks.
  9. Great report and captures as usual another donation to the fishing gods. Hopefully the fish survives and recaptured with a bonus rod, have caught one previously but the missus has lost an expensive outfit also, that's fishing.
  10. Zoran the only way to do this would be by custom fabrication as you already know. Have made many for ally boats reasonably simple but fibreglass boats is another story to get right. Many templates and time to get perfect can be done but takes time. Love to help you out but too busy for about a month. Something out of 6 mm aluminium would suit your rig. David
  11. Great report and epic photos. Your putting in the hours congratulations on the results can't wait to get a break from work to do the same now the water is warming up
  12. EVA foam look the part but hard to adhere, carpet good quality very good but hooks love it. Try flowcoat applied properly stays cool very durable check the net.
  13. If outboard motors were ment to have them it would be standard. It's not the motor it's the hull and weight distribution, trim tabs will help fix the problem even small boats benefit as other people have said they can have adverse reactions. There is another device which is some sort of box type or foil on YouTube. Hope your problems are minimised and boating more enjoyable.
  14. Been looking at the same ovens as already have the cheaper version black box type which once sorted out work ok. The cigarette socket burns out causing major dramas whilst on the water. Connect directly to the battery problem solved. Also food sweats no ventilation the proper ovens have vents allowing pastry to cook properly check out u tube big dollar difference. With some extra work the same result can be obtained but nowhere near the same capacity. Both use heaps of power. Support Australia go the travel buddy. Cannot find any Sydney distributor to get one of the shelf only online.
  15. Have a look at thru hull transducer no adjustment required also work well at speed.
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