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  1. Make sure you clean the commutator as they wear out and build up with excess carbon from the brushes making it ark out overheat and stop working.This is done by scraping between the copper positives on commutator this will help with the reco
  2. Heaps of bass tench reserve area and up towards your area
  3. Good on you great outcome live bait wins every time worth the hard work
  4. The only way to check is to look through the carburettor and make sure the throttle butterfly is fullly horizontal. You can do this by turning the throttle to maximum throttle then remove an cover at the carburettor inlet opening look through and make sure butterfly is perfectly horizontal. If not then an adjustment is required. Possible by cable or linkage make sure there no broken or missing rollers in linkage or cable could be stretched.
  5. Good on you for having a go nowadays everything is replaced as a unit. If you can rebuild it if parts are available save you heaps bit of old school elbow grease
  6. Congratulations put that one in the photo album at the top for now
  7. Love the commitment you are a true fisherman with results to prove it
  8. Another one is bread crumbs or two minute noodles you’ll be surprised providing its a clear type trap for poddies
  9. Looks lie bail arm has jumped over the stop. Pull the bail arm off have a look stop might be worn out
  10. Know your pain Montague island and Port Kembla islands they love 1metre kings as well they all have to eat.
  11. Has anyone used this in saltwater. Looks the goods but big outlay seems like cheating what are your thoughts
  12. Externally would be you ideal option but there is nothing to take the weight fixings would be in sheer on an aluminium transom could cause problems. Don’t be afraid to drill holes into your hull done correctly with the right fittings and sika no problems. Keep your bait tank as low as possible this will help with the handling of your boat remember weight distribution is very important your boat looks pretty heavy at the rear already with full fuel and battery. Depending on capacity do a trial with it full and move it to different locations before cutting holes for drainage spend the time it will be worth it cheers David.
  13. To achieve what you want which is ideal, you need to connect to the transom coming, you will need custom fabricated mounts bolted through. The method would allow freedom of a removable bait board and extra rod holders at the transom.
  14. Penrite gear oil will be fine they manufacture for the big boys just re labeled with a different price tag.