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  1. Great part of the world, bloody cold though obviously the fish don’t mind it or yourself.
  2. A worthwhile trip got you out the house doing something you love
  3. Personally I would not put any rods I that, nas it will fall apart with any load and stress. They also should be more vertical so you can still cast a rod from the cockpit without collecting the other rods.
  4. Nice box of fish seas look pleasant great day out.
  5. Well done won’t be long and you’re going to have a new career teaching fishing for a living
  6. Bug juice ( E10 ) is 94 octane normal unleaded in 91 octane
  7. Data dot is good once the item has bee found ! You then need the infrared tools to read the information. Real-time tracking is the go you’ve got them wherever they go. But if someone wants something they will still get it you can only slow them down until the authorities can become involved.
  8. Smobaby


    Exactly that’s fishing tomorrow will be a different story your very lucky to be able to fish daily so close to home but still requires dedication good on you. You will find the fish.
  9. The big ships will be 2 stroke diesel basically running on crude oil. It all about producing torque at the required rev range
  10. I know of an all Australian company which can manufacture aluminium or galvanised ,trailers and could possibly repair boat trailers depending on the structural integrity. Please PM me for details. If this is allowed in the site rules. Located Western Sydney.
  11. That’s when a tracker would be invaluable. Imagine pulling up with the Police when they think there safely parked.
  12. Nice fish looks like a great day
  13. What sort of fishing are you using it for fresh salt shallow or deep have a look at Garmin very user friendly