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  1. Yes totally understand Tony is a top bloke wish him all the best. Very disappointing for all the others that have booked accommodation and holidays for this occasion. Weather not looking the best anyhow but hopefully the fishing community will join together and have a great weekend for those that still turn up. Will miss the commadartery involved with this competition,It's a bit hard to cancel accommodation with such short notice. Will still have a great week away. Hopefully catch a fish or two and relax in a beautiful spot. Have a house on the waters edge at Corlette pull the boat up to the
  2. Trailer boat tournament cancelled. What a letdown.
  3. Great report persistence paid off. As far a working in the industry goes try a independent tackle shop, offer to volunteer your time to learn the skill required. You can only go forward from there. Be persistent.
  4. Great report they were very lucky. As you said always be prepared things go bad very quickly.
  5. Smobaby

    Boat ID

    More 1970 vintage possible fish about 16, have one at work ready for total modifications and refurb solid boat.
  6. Much rather speak to a human than rely on a phon app.. Inshore maybee but offshore your phone will not save you. When you call a mayday you will be an unknown, will have to start from scratch with information. Do a radio course it may help to save your life, communication is the key to survival.
  7. Great report, helping mates is what it's about.
  8. Great flathead and video
  9. Entries are open. Come and enjoy a fantastic weekend. Not sure how to post the link but if you google 2021 tbft you'll get it.
  10. Not looking good. Every time the dam is opened the trout flow also.
  11. Top effort and great feed.
  12. Still a good looking feed.
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