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  1. It's a one spot puller (Chromis hypsilepis). The yellow gill margin is the indicator. Looks like the case is solved.
  2. Awesome catch and great footage!
  3. I'm quite confident that the fish is a pink-banded grubfish (Parapercis nebulosa). At first glance, it does look like a lizardfish, but the continuous dorsal fin and bright blue stripes around the head are the telltale signs.
  4. Thanks everyone! Thanks mate. Nup (I'm from Sydney) and I haven't tried cobbler either. It was released quite immediately 😅 I've just read that cobblers are prized table fish and quite expensive in WA, should try one next time lol.
  5. Thanks guys 👍 The fish at the bottom is an estuary catfish, also known as a cobbler (Cnidoglanis macrocephalus). Indeed one of the ugliest fish in the sea 😂 Be careful when handling them, they have a sharp venomous spine on their dorsal and pectoral fins. I'm sure it already boasts the record for the ugliest catch 🤣 But in terms of size, I reckon you could be right mate. Couldn't find the biggest estuary catfish/cobbler record here. That thing was around 65cm.
  6. What's up everybody! I've been following this forum for a few weeks now and this place is awesome. A lot of useful info and interesting posts to read 😀 A few days ago, I went for a quick fish with my mate - landbased along the Georges River. We arrived at 5pm, right around the low tide mark. We used raw prawns as bait and paternoster rigs on the end of our main line. The first catch was a 19cm whiting followed by a tiny snapper. The highlight of the day was when I pulled up a 20cm common silverbiddy from the drink. I thought it was a snapper at first but didn’t realise after I landed it. Pretty surprised to see a silverbiddy reaching 20cm in length, and it now remains as the new record to beat on this site :) . The day finished off with a few more snapper, toadfish and tailor. We returned around 6:30pm. Overall, it was great day out with my friend. All fish were released. Before I finish, I want to post some highlights and pictures of our past catches (since we fish the Georges quite often). The river is like a mix between a monster’s playground and a mystery dip, especially near Botany Bay. Catch everyone later! There'll be more reports to come.
  7. Hey everyone!! This is my first time posting, and it's pretty exciting - I'm here to submit a new record for the common silver biddy. Measured approximately 20cm and caught on raw prawns. Although it's not a major target species, at least a record is broken. Also this is a great site. It won't be long before I post more content here. Thanks for reading. Cheers!