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  1. Admis If you're up for a drive and want to target some tailor/salmon/bonito land based head up to dark point off mungo brush rd. Not sure where you are based in port stephens. A bit of a walk across the sand dunes, which are pretty awesome too, and fish the northern corner off the beach and rocks. I usually use metals and pilchards on gang hooks for the larger fish. Caught about a dozen or so 1kg+ tailor there about a month ago, and theres usually salmon and bonito about. You should be able to see the schools of fish and birds working so you may have to chase them. Get there at sunrise for your best chance. There is 4wd access but we just park at the carpark on mungo brush rd and walk in. Good luck
  2. We stayed at tuross head this january with 11 people, great fishing and good swimming etc for the kids. No traffic as has one road in, try calling the real estate agencies down there or as berleyguts said look on stayz, have booked places off there plenty of times
  3. Was about to ask just this. Tried the above method yesterday on a couple of sand flathead and no good, the flesh kept tearing. I had them on ice but not in slurry, will try this next time. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Hey mate have fished the eastern side of both the north and south of Jervis, mainly around flat rock on the north and cape st george lighthouse on the south - theres a couple of tracks you can pick up on google maps. Some great fishing off the rocks (obviously weather pending) we usually have either a livey or whole pilchard on gangs under a balloon for salmon/tailor/kingfish, and pump a decent berley trail for snapper etc. Always come home with a feed. Have seen blokes get kingies on poppers off there too but 3hrs of casting is a bit too much for my short attention span haha As always, especially on a long weekend, fishing first and last light not only for better fishing but to get away from the crowds 👍
  5. Raiders Heading through Sydney to port stephens thursday afternoon, and the tackle shop up there that i get burley bombs from will be shut before i get there and heading out early friday Can anyone reccomend a place to grab a few on the way through Sydney that isnt too far out of the road (map below)? Will be towing the boat will need some easy access Thanks guys
  6. Great fish mate and i know what you mean about the photo, they always end up looking half their bloody size haha
  7. Second the Windamere suggestion. October/November is the best time to target them. 30 percent there is fine, live yabbies around any trees you can find 👍
  8. Just a thought but could maybe be a large Rankin Cod? The larger ones over there are a lot darker and have that sort of hump on the head as in the attached photo. Judging by the size of your grandfathers hand I'd say the fish would be 20 odd kilos, the one on the right below is about 12 kilos so would fit the bill possibly Cheers
  9. Hey mate you'll definitely need the elbow, as soon as a small bubble of air gets in the pump it will just drain out. Just put something on like the attached, cut the side facing forwards at 45 degrees. Looks like you have a female thread there so should go straight on. I have the same pump on mine feeding a 60l tank, although mounted externally as i didn't want to drill through the alloy hull if not needed. Was going to order a proper brass pickup later on but this works just fine
  10. Juvenile Tripletail wrasse I'm thinking
  11. I've seen people take mountain bikes but most of the track is too steep and they end up pushing it most of the way back up. Much better just slogging it out, the journey in and out is what makes it such a good trip - not only how isolated it is but when you get back to the car all cramped up and buggered you swear you'll never ever come back, but them next year you find yourself flying back down the hill 🙄
  12. Haha yeah it's bad, i meant compared to yesterday! Thanks for the tip, probably been fishing a bit deep, best thing about Port is there's always plenty of options even if it blows up
  13. Hey mate We usually go most years and fish the jenolan, access off jenolan rd, onto black range rd and then onto a fire trail moorara boss trail. You'll get to a locked gate, you can drive around the first, and park at the second. Be prepared for a BIG walk in and out. I have a mate who takes his dirt bike which makes it a lot easier The spawners basically didn't come up due to lack of rain this year, but there is a very healthy population of browns here that specifically live and breed in the river. Only get up to 1kg or so (compared to the 4kg+ spawners) but have fished here in spring and caught 30 to 40 in a session quite easily. Not unusual to have 10 or so follow a lure in! It is very isolated here, probably 45 min walk in and 1.5 to 2hrs out due to the gradient so take time and prob an epirb if by yourself. It's worth it though, basically walking through rainforest and crystal clear water, you can clearly see the fish hit the lure most of the time. If you walk a few hours downstream you hit where jenolan and coxs merge. Its amazing Small minnows 3 to 5cm in natural patterns work best and 4lb leader max. Good luck!