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  1. wcurrall

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    I'm pretty sure it was a 50mm prawn imitation. Not sure of the brand sorry
  2. wcurrall

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    If you want to keep the kids interested try some small prawn imitation stickbaits in the shallows, they'll love seeing surface strikes. In winter the whiting will be right up in the shallows. My brother recently got some decent whiting and a couple of flatties on the flats on the eastern side of singing bridge at tea gardens. Got them on the below lure in about 30cm of water. Even the small ones go hard and I'm sure the kids will love it. Just make sure you use some really like flurocarbon leader, 4lb or so 👌
  3. wcurrall

    Lazy Winters Day Swansea Offshore

    They are both types of wrasse, 1st is a crimson banded wrasse, 2nd is a southern maori wrasse, theyre not to bad to eat if fried whole, flesh is a bit mushy 👌 If you're looking for fish species the below website is good http://fishesofaustralia.net.au
  4. wcurrall

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Yes just around the islands mate, south side of boondelbah for slimies, have never missed, and theres a ridge on northern side of little island heading towards broughton for bonito/mack tuna on bullets. A lot of people only try around the hole in the wall which is very hit and miss, thought it was worth a mention Nice fish, we kept ketting smashed on plastics by coota on Sat 😥 but at least got 10 or so sand flatties for a feed Cheers
  5. wcurrall

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    @Woodsy1 what bait where you after? I know of a couple of spots that holds slimies, yakkas and bonito year round if you're interested. Picked up 3 bonito in a couple of minutes on Sat morn on the way to broughton. Plenty of free bait for a days fishing 👌
  6. wcurrall

    Livebait pump set up

    Hey guys have just installed a new stern mount livebait tank on the boat. What setup does everyone use to plumb in their livebait tanks? Thanks in advance Will
  7. wcurrall

    Braid - Looking for specific

    Am i the only weirdo that feeds the line through the entire rod, ties onto the reel, puts a pen through the spool of line, then holds the pen each side with big toes on each foot? You can put pressure on the spool of line to wind on nice and tight, and the rod loads up so it goes on evenly. just make sure you have socks on as it burns 😂. Have had some weird looks from the mrs haha but it works
  8. wcurrall

    Garmin 1020xs transducer install

    Just realised this should have gone in Boating thread sorry
  9. Hey guys, Recently purchased a 6.2m plate alloy cuddy cabin, which included a Garmin 1020xs. After a bit of research am upgrading the poverty pack transducer on it to a B75 600w chirp transducer and GVC10 scanning module to hopefully get the most out of it. My questions for you guys are 1. Any other recommendations for the transducer set up for this sounder? We fish mainly offshore on the deeper reefs/shelf 2. Can anyone recommend a mechanic/marine electrician to install the through hull transducer. Preferably Sydney but travel up to port stephens regularly Appreciate any feedback guys. Have only been on here a while, and have learnt a lot already by flicking through the regular posts and replies Thanks again Will
  10. wcurrall

    Braid - Looking for specific

    Black magic rainbow elite. Have used their leaders and terminal tackle for years as is imo the best on the market, and this is the best braid i have used. Has the 10m colour change also, great if targeting fish off your sounder. Good luck 👍