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  1. wcurrall

    Yellowfin on the shelf

    Hey guys heading out off port stephens friday for a.run. has anyone heard any recent reports of yellowfin off Newcastle/Port Stephens? Weather pending will be going past southern canyons off newy 🀞🀞🀞thanks in advance
  2. wcurrall

    Heavy spin rod advice

    Have a look at the t curve bluewater spin range
  3. wcurrall

    Silly things you've done when tired?

    A few years ago a mate of mine and his old man were towing their boat down to bermagui, somewhere along the line the bolts sheared off on one of the wheels on the boat trailer, they heard a bang and then saw a wheel fly past them, settling about 1km away as it bounced along the road πŸ˜‚ Anyways being a saturday morning and nothing much was open, and they didn't want to pay for a towtruck, luckily the house they ground to a halt in front of was a fisherman himself, and let them park the trailer in their yard. So they removed the hub and all after chasing down the tyre, and found a mechanic that was open and he repaired the bolts etc while they waited. Legend. The boys were both buggered and still had a few hours drive, but they took the gear back and fitted it back to the trailer and set off on their way late in the arvo I shit you not about 200m down the road they heard the exact same bang and low and behold flying past them was the wheel off their bloody trailer! This time coming to rest against a parked car! They had both assumed that each other had done up the wheel nuts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Needless to say they were too embarrased to take the hub back to the same mechanic
  4. wcurrall

    Beach fishing

    I fillet them and cut out the bloodlines, cut into cubes and crumb then pan fry in oil. Actually taste really good. The crumb stops it from drying out
  5. wcurrall

    Macquarie river

    Download the water live app, its free and you can map/graph temps and levels from most nsw freshwater waterways. The macquarie at long point is really low and burrendong is 5 percent so id say sofala would be pretty poor
  6. wcurrall

    Tips for light leader

    You'll find the lighter the leader, or the main line, the more hook ups you will get so the occasional bust off won't bother you, especially if you are using ultra light mono as the stretch is very forgiving If you want to try ultra light fishing I'd suggest spooling an entire reel with 3 or 4lb good quality mono, and not worry about the leader. Ive caught flathead up to 60cm on 3lb, even caught a mack tuna on the same set up not long ago that i took to catch garfish (see photo) πŸ˜‚ to prove the same point to a mate As Derek said you'll find by using lighter lures/baits with the lighter line a lot mire fish will be lip hooked πŸ‘
  7. wcurrall

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    How'd you go out at browns by the way? Was thinking of heading out the next couple of weeks
  8. wcurrall

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    Southern boarfish i think. Apparently good eating, caught around seamounts. Japanese nearly fished them to extinction in the 80s https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentaceros_richardsoni
  9. wcurrall

    Botany Bay fish dinners

    Just something to keep in mind when taking fish from botany for a feed 🀒
  10. wcurrall

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    I'm pretty sure it was a 50mm prawn imitation. Not sure of the brand sorry
  11. wcurrall

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    If you want to keep the kids interested try some small prawn imitation stickbaits in the shallows, they'll love seeing surface strikes. In winter the whiting will be right up in the shallows. My brother recently got some decent whiting and a couple of flatties on the flats on the eastern side of singing bridge at tea gardens. Got them on the below lure in about 30cm of water. Even the small ones go hard and I'm sure the kids will love it. Just make sure you use some really like flurocarbon leader, 4lb or so πŸ‘Œ
  12. wcurrall

    Lazy Winters Day Swansea Offshore

    They are both types of wrasse, 1st is a crimson banded wrasse, 2nd is a southern maori wrasse, theyre not to bad to eat if fried whole, flesh is a bit mushy πŸ‘Œ If you're looking for fish species the below website is good http://fishesofaustralia.net.au
  13. wcurrall

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Yes just around the islands mate, south side of boondelbah for slimies, have never missed, and theres a ridge on northern side of little island heading towards broughton for bonito/mack tuna on bullets. A lot of people only try around the hole in the wall which is very hit and miss, thought it was worth a mention Nice fish, we kept ketting smashed on plastics by coota on Sat πŸ˜₯ but at least got 10 or so sand flatties for a feed Cheers
  14. wcurrall

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    @Woodsy1 what bait where you after? I know of a couple of spots that holds slimies, yakkas and bonito year round if you're interested. Picked up 3 bonito in a couple of minutes on Sat morn on the way to broughton. Plenty of free bait for a days fishing πŸ‘Œ
  15. wcurrall

    Livebait pump set up

    Hey guys have just installed a new stern mount livebait tank on the boat. What setup does everyone use to plumb in their livebait tanks? Thanks in advance Will