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  1. Thought as much, mine was installed after the fact by the previous owner, but you are right maybe he had seen the quinni set up and thought it was a good idea to copy it. I assume it's ok for an estuary boat where you don't travel too far, but if I catch bait at the haven and then head out to the FAD or 100m mark it's a fair hike and I lose bait and the ones that are alive are not well.
  2. I guess I can blast a garden hose into my current set up, see if water gets through the pump without it being powered on.
  3. I've seen those when the pump is on the outside. or are you suggesting having that as well as a secondary pickup?
  4. Legend, that's exactly what I was thinking, just wasn't sure if the water pushing through the pump while it's not on would be a problem.
  5. Raiders ive got a rule pump that sits deep in my hull with a 3/4 bsp threaded pipe that is drilled through my transom, it has a mesh strainer over the top. this works fine when boat is still, but sucks air and struggles when on the move. I have two questions. if I remove the strainer and attach a 3/4 bsp elbow and tube type pick up that sits just below the hull which will fill with water when I'm moving, can that flow through my pump without it being powered on? or do I leave that one as is, attach another pick up straight to the bait tank with no pump for when I am moving? here is a pic of the current inlet.
  6. jbrewer

    Swapping seats

    Getting the frame is easy, knowing what's under the floor to fix it too is my issue. my concern is unscrewing they seat pedestal, leaving big bolt holes and then assuming it has a circular reinforced area built into the floor slightly larger than the original pedestal, when I try to attack the nex esky style frame I'm just screwing into 15mm flow coated floor with no reinforcement.
  7. jbrewer

    Swapping seats

    Na, that's a fibreglass kill tank.
  8. jbrewer

    Swapping seats

    Yep that makes sense. ive seen many boats where the thickness of the base under the pedestals are built up higher than the floor for extra strength, but mine is flat, so any reinforcing would have to be under the sealed floor and you would assume it's only slightly larger than the base. The last thing I want to do is pull the pedestal out when there is nothing wrong with it and end up causing issues. I think it's easier to just leave it be, eventually if I ever need to replace the floor I can worry about it then. cheers.
  9. jbrewer

    Members Boats.

    2011 Tournament 1750 Cuddy 115 Etec, 72" Minnkota auto deploy.
  10. jbrewer

    Swapping seats

    Gday Raiders, I have a 2011 Tournament 1750 with a sealed carpet over flow coat type floor. it has two standard alloy seat pedestals stock from the factory, I would like to swap one of those out for the seat frame that you can slip an esky under. has anybody ever done this? what would I be expecting, would the factory stock pedestals be screwed and glued to the floor and then the carpet laid around them? Making them a massive pain to get out and more than likely damaging the floor in the process? I've included a couple of pics of what I have and what I am thinking.
  11. Yeh I've got a bit of rod storage with 6 holders in the rocket launcher and another four built into my custom bait board. I was considering taking out my seat pedestals and replace the drivers with a box type with storage and somewhere to screw off my extinguisher and epirb and replace the passenger seat pedestal with the frame made by Relaxn that fits the esky underneath, but it's a lot of holes to be drilling and filling in my floor
  12. Gday Raiders, first time poster and I'm looking for some inspiration. i have a 5.35m Tournament fibreglass cuddy, predominantly used for blue water fishing of the NSW Centra Coast. this is my first large (ish) boat and I have plenty of space but am looking for ideas on storage of all the small essentials like fire extinguisher, spare fuel, water, epirb etc I'd like to keep the side pockets fairly free for nets, bats and gafs etc so when we do hook up things run smoothly. id love to see some pics or hear what you guys have done.
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