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  1. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    Great thank you for the head up I will do that 👍
  2. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    I like it 😃😃 that works for me thank you its going on as soon as we repaint it
  3. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    Thank you looking forward to posting more, both fishing and boating.
  4. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    What can I say mate I’ve done my homework rather be prepared than standing there scratching and screaming. I will definitely check out the regulations around the bilge May have to rip up the footing sooner then later if that is the case. Cheers mate
  5. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    It appears that way but believe me this is my first time I’ve just done my homework and watch a channel on YouTube “DangarMarine.” Must say he’s videos have helped me a lot so far guess you could say I’ve got all the gear but no idea. Was planning on testing in our on Parramatta river at Silverwater a few times before putting it in a bay. As for the floor thanks for the tip of making it easy to access later a mate was going to fibreglass the new floor back to the frame. However floor will be ripped up at a later date I want to make sure the hull doesn’t fail me first. And great advice for the battery up high will definitely keep that in mind 👍👍👍
  6. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    Thank you excited to waste my money apparently (or so I been told) To start off the outboard it is screwed only good for scrap heap. Just going to swap it out with a good second hand towards the end of the project. Electronics is where I have started all completely rewired with a new gang switch installed. Steering cables also ripped out. have new ones just have to install at later date. Hull is fine however the floor on the inside is soft so maybe repairing the stringers will be on the cards. Any info on best ways to replace stringers would be appreciated. Something I would like to ask is when I do rip up the floor (going to happen regardless of stringers) would it be a good idea to install a bilge pump under the floor for any water that may leak in? Trailer will needs a good tap with the angle grinder and some new paint but all in all it’s in pretty good nick. Thanks for the reply Mick can tell I’m in the right spot already Cheers Troy
  7. Trojan87

    New Around These Parts

    Hi all thanks for adding me I’m new to this site but looking forward to hopefully getting involved and having a bit of fun. I’m currently fixing up a 1980 Savage Tasmin for a bit of fun but with not much of a clue what I’m doing was wondering if there is any info on this site for someone as clueless as me ? Thanks in advance