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  1. Rhys Rowlo

    Dual battery set up.

    Hi all, just after info about setting up a dual battery system in my boat which is powered by a 4stroke 60hp yammy. Wandering if using a VSR is the way to go out just switching between the starting battery and Aux battery. Many diagrams would be helpful. Cheers Rowlo.
  2. Rhys Rowlo

    Jewies Stockton BW

    Cheers mate.
  3. Rhys Rowlo

    Jewies Stockton BW

    Gday, I’m new to fishraider and I’ve recently moved up to Redhead NSW. I know fishermen don’t like given there secrets away but any info would be great. I am going to start chasing for Jews around Stockton breakwall, I know it’s winter but what is the best time of year for them and are they around now? What Location along the wall is best to fish for them. ? Is live bait easy to catch on the wall ? And any other hot spots around newcastle to fish for jewies ? Cheers Rowlo