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  1. Should have put a few pots in for crays BN while you had a snooze in the sun!! Thanks for the photos. Hoods
  2. My favourite is Spanish Mackeral or Spotted Mackeral - the screaming drag is addictive. Interestingly they don't go as hard up the top of FNQ which I'm told is because there is less oxygen in the water.
  3. Geezus - You guys are gonna whip the ocean into a foam with all that SP work!! Hopefully we can participate too then head home to watch the foam going past!!
  4. Yes Dear, I cannot personally confirm however I have it on good authority that there is a population of (protected) Eastern Cod in a fresh water river in close proximity to your location. Eastern fall river starts just out behind Coffs!! So that river also connects to others which leads you up towards Guy Fawks etc which is excellent for Bass also (in Summer) and some good camping spots - the World is your Oyster... Let us know how you go!! Photos only!! Hoodz
  5. Well done James - a nice one off the buckett list. What else do you have on your list? Can you disclose the general location? Is it up river from Macksville or maybe in Warrell Creek??
  6. I don't think you will have enough for the number of attendees at PS!!!
  7. Love your work Scratchie!! How many times do you see boats driving over your drift area?? I'm not a surfer but I think they call it "dropping in"?? Hopefully your informative piece will educate a few more of us and improve it for all fishos... Thank you
  8. Hi Blade, Not sure if I can give you advice as I too bought a 2nd hand motor with similar hours. I initially replaced the normal things like fuel filters, oils (4 stroke) & plugs, impeller etc. Over the next 2 years I replaced most consumables as they have failed - fuel pumps (both high pressure & the other one), thermostat, voltage regulator, off to the mechanic for electrical issue above my ability etc etc. Mostly I enjoy doing the basic things myself and get to know the motor (just in case!) You can buy the Gear Lube Pump from your dealer to change the oil in the leg - just need a screwdriver etc. I got the kids involved and we learnt along the way. 2 strokes are a lot easier!! I'm not sure what parts they were quoting on for $700. Try looking up the service manual on line http://boatinfo.no/lib/mercury/manuals/ At the end of the day the parts will need to be replaced at some stage & if you are going offshore peace of mind is up to you. We usually head out with other boats so have some back up. So to your question I delayed the cost and took a "use it or lose it" approach. Hope that helps
  9. Yeah Scatchie, based on you're previous reports I thought You could come up with a better excuse than that!! Still, Its much better to make the news than read about it... Nice bag all the same. Little to report up here, but some rumours of good Pearl Perch on the northern ground (other than my PB 86 snap on plastics thanks to your's truly) Cheers, Hoodz
  10. A few of us on the mid north coast take our own hose & fittings etc & flush/wash at the launching facilities while the motor is warm. Might not be a good idea if the ramp is in a residential area though late at night.
  11. Since you have a shimano why not have a look at the Grappler range ($$$)
  12. My advice is to join a local fishing club and enjoy the benefits they have to offer. Plenty of like minded fisho's and plenty of mates out on the water when you might need them. Just don't ask them for their numbers (fishing GPS marks)!!! They will be your best source of local knowledge. Short of that give Darren Redman at Bermagui a call - very experienced local.
  13. Hi Kyle, Nice reel you have - should last a lifetime. Your rod choice will initially be by its PE rating or lure weight class and maybe price. The above are good rods to suit. Don't forget to check others like the Samaki Zing which are good bang for their buck. You probably want a brand same as your reel so you have a nice "outfit" though. Tight lines
  14. Very sad news. Especially the lack of action/management from Council. The MDBC is a bit like the Foreign Investment Review Board - poor terms of reference..or deliberate... Sounds like you lot are in desperate need of a trip to Port Stephens to practice your angling skills on Scratchies pet snapper!!
  15. Hi BN, Speaking of Cod I had a mate at Griffith tell me there has been a large fish kill in Lake Wyangan with a heap of large cod well over 1 metre die. Have you heard anythiing of this?? Hoods