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  1. NSW & Vic governments have spent a lot of money eradicating carp from waterways. Lakes in Victoria are nearing or at nil carp following an effort to sterilise males & tag & trap programs. I was always of the belief that it was illegal to return a carp to the waterway. We had thousands left in the irrigation channels & paddocsk in the MIA (griffith/Leeton) at the end of the irrigation (no natives). Neil the only reliable location for Redfion was Barrenbox swamp. The system has been "remanaged" and with poor water quality due to reduced cell size & the dreaded carp I suspect there are few left. In the big floods in the mid 80's I saw schools of Boney Bream in this area. In the late 70's the swamp had clear water & you could sight cast to schools of redfin. Charlie Carp fertiliser is their highest & best use. Now there are carp on the east coast rivers. They will cause the same environmental havoc as they have inland. I hope we don't get those jumping carp like they have in the USA
  2. Well done Isaac, don't forget the Wasabi (good for head colds & putting hair on your chest - or taking it off!!) and have a crack at doing sushi rolls with your fish.
  3. I am at a loss for words. Confirmation those charged with resposibility have no responsibilty at all. Seems to be inceasingly common lately. Please do not return this invasive species to the water
  4. Top water Bass And a cooking segment - Things he will never forget. Only judgement is the culinary skills!! Lets hope for a big Cicada season so he can really test his top water skills!! (Is that a single Malt in the background?? Nice touch....
  5. Great work and congraulations to you both (& the boat) on a fabulous run and community spirit. A timely reminder that we need to allow a lot more fuel to get home for changes in the weather. Especially if heading south. They should buy themselves and you lottery tickets On a lighter note the parents have arrived in Bermi following lockdown restrictions so I will let them know its all good for the 4 mile (Not). Please send picture of boat & motor. You should have taken the TruDee IV
  6. As a teenager I tried cooking carp. Mum made me cook it over a fire outside with a wire grill. I was not impresssed and that was as far as it went. A German couple, Ella and Ernie, down the south coast lived near my grandparents who were keen for us to take some carp down at Christmas. So we obliged with a couple of larger models every year and they loved their carp. Not for me though. Maybe these days we are much better at looking after our catch & more creative with secret herbs and spices the humble carp "might" be more appealing!!?? Still think they are more suited to fertiliser. And you are not allowed to release carp back into the water being a non native species - well done Neil for your fishing prowess.
  7. One more tomorrow night & you will be in danger of Legend status. Looking forward to another report. Well done.
  8. Just get it mate @ $80 how can you go wrong!! We recently replaced a snapper SP rod with a Raider742 5-8kg which for $99 we thought to be good value and being 2 piece easy to handle. Good luck & tight lines with whatever you choose
  9. Thanks for sharing Hugh & congratulations on your first Bass. If you have some surface lures give them a crack first thing in the morning or evening for an addictive adrenalin hit. Goodluck
  10. I remebmer a story told by my Grandfather told about one of the few permanent residents of Broughton Island who utilised the services of the Island Goat when an Occy was to hand. He would hang it from a tree or fence or whatever and let the goat chew it for a few days to "soften it up" ready for consumption. Another story of the cow washed out to sea in the 55 floods who took up residence on the island - The Island days!! National Sparks & Wild Fires don't like residents on Their island anymore.
  11. Thanks Wazza, Another great fishing tale. I d only you had kept the Occy and used it to choose who won the Grand Final you would have been set mate!!! Keep them coming...
  12. Well done. The purple on top & tail says Jew. You are lucky you caught the Jacket rather than losing your gear to them.
  13. Gurnard are a very pretty fish & also just as good on the plate. Unusual to see one caught in close - usually caught out to sea with the flathead & Morwong. Great photos - thanks for the report.
  14. Feet for freshwater and tidal rivers, metres out at sea. This is due to previous generation using feet in freshwater so that it what I was tought & adopted. And most lures give a depth range in feet.
  15. Tight Lines Wes - good luck mate. As they say - time on the water...
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