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  1. OMG Ragnar you are a Legend now. Thats a fish of a lifetime there - way better than Jew I reckon. A huge congratulations from us. I bet the Member for Nambucca Heads will be more than a little envious (like me). Well done. Cannot help with video but would love to see it. Thanks Hoods
  2. Slimies seem a bit hit & miss recently. Keep looking around the area using your sounder. They have a different look on the sounder compared to yakkas etc. We keep a larger bait jig ready for when we mark bait out wider - match the hatch.
  3. Hi Fergo, We trolled on Sunday from wide of Laurieton down to Crowdy & did not raise a fish. Plenty of talk on the radio of blacks off PMacquarie. Water out wide was over 25* but in close was 20* early then over 22* later in the day as the southerly persisted. We are still learning too I think its the old saying - find the bait fond the fish - & dont forget persistence. I would find out where the other boats were as they were all pretyy close (I think up north). Tight lines. Hoods
  4. Thanks Brendan - another great report showing the rest of us how to do it. Tight Lines. Hoods
  5. Hoods


    I haven't been for a while. The walk between the street & the island is about 50 metres & less than waist deep there was a clear track through the weed. The bottom end of the island and far side were productive for spinning. Good luck. Heaps of water coming down the Manning.
  6. Hoods


    Hi Mate, Try Tuncurry side turn left after you go over the bridge from Forster drive down the road past the boats (opposite unit buildings) there isshallow foot access across across to the island. Have a try anywhere around there.
  7. Agreed, We have been deep frying flathead, kingy & dolphin fish & putting them in wraps. Easy & great tucker.
  8. Love your work kingie chaser - I'm off tomorrow to catch the flathead. Thanks for a great looking recipe. Hoods
  9. Greetings Rooky, The Manning is up at the moment following the heavy rains and discoloured. Speaking to a water skier today who advised to watch out for obstacles in the water - logs & fence posts etc. Since your Yakking you may wish to consider Saltwater Lagoon at Wallabi Point (turn at the Tavern on Old Bar Rd), There is a great boat ramp at Bohnock which is on the Manning Point Rd which will give you access to the lower arm of the river sown to Farquhar Park Oyster Creek and if you can head down Scotts Creek. Lots of shallow water perfect for you & that area may miss a lot of t
  10. Thanks for the report Neil. You are making it sound so easy. Gentlemans hours, bait from the fridge at home - no cranky black yabbies fortified with McWilliams Cream Sherry. Sounds like you have your own "Whiskers" issue!!. Don't come up to the mid north coast - too much water mixed in with the fish this week and for a while. How does Gogeldrie Weir look these days? Hoods
  11. Perfect - we use bream gear for them. Fishing light is great fun and we don't seem to pull hooks. See attached. Hoods
  12. Hii Mate, Never fished your area but on the mid north coast I favour blades especially in dirty water, otherwise anything with a paddletail to create the vibration and get it in the zone. Have not used hardbodies in the estuary but they work off the walls so they might work too!! Good Luck. Hoods
  13. G'day Straya, I would look at those larger articulated jig heads for that depth. At that depth the only lures I use are on paternoster rigs. You can use a jig as a weight instead of a sinker which can account for a few fish, I often substitute a plastic on an appropriate hook on one dropper. The "snapper snatchers also work with a jig as a weight. Have also caught flatties with just micro jigs up to 50m as well as snapper, pearlies, Sargo's etc. Its a bit of a wait to get to the bottom. Hope that helps.
  14. Great report Berrero, a great angling effort and a great fish too boot. Well done and Thank you.
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