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  1. G'day Straya, I would look at those larger articulated jig heads for that depth. At that depth the only lures I use are on paternoster rigs. You can use a jig as a weight instead of a sinker which can account for a few fish, I often substitute a plastic on an appropriate hook on one dropper. The "snapper snatchers also work with a jig as a weight. Have also caught flatties with just micro jigs up to 50m as well as snapper, pearlies, Sargo's etc. Its a bit of a wait to get to the bottom. Hope that helps.
  2. Great report Berrero, a great angling effort and a great fish too boot. Well done and Thank you.
  3. Mate put the oven in his Hardtop all wired in - its been hot pies outside this year and he reckons he can cook a roast in it (might leave that till trolling for marlin). I use the single burner in the boat especially up the snowies to boil the billy & cook lunch such as trout etc. I keep up the front it away from the fuel etc. Have moved to the product from auto stores etc with the larger burner that comes with the bigger non stick deep sided pan & lid to keep grease out of the boat. It works really well. BUT hot pies are hard to beat!!
  4. I agree - please share your pea rissotto recipe..Looks the goods!!
  5. Thanks for the report Brendo - well done. Your experience shows there is always another way to skin cats if you remain flexible.
  6. Thanks for the read and the warning - We ere looking to do the same thing on the mid north coast chasing tuna. After your experience the drone can stay in its box.
  7. Love your work SaltyGreek. Congratulations. You will find these fish consistently frequent certain locations and we've run out tides are the most productive. Also try small blades in the same manner as your SP's. If you feel a "tap" it is probably your lure hitting the back of a jewies throat. Well done. Hoods
  8. There ya go Mowie - ask & ye shall recieve. Now seek & you will find. That bucket list should get you started...have fun
  9. Great thought process. I would do Weipa. Not a lot of people. Estuary & outside fishing with some Sails & Marlin thrown in. No big swells. Great weather.
  10. Thanks for the report Scratchie. I reckon those £$%^&* Leatherjackets ate all your fish (ie. you're absolved from any possible blame/responsibilty). Most of the joy of a fishing trip is the planning & spending time with other fishos (mates etc).
  11. From Mid December I am addicted to watching the ocean temps & currents on the BOM. Sometimes some early fish turn up but they are usually found by the spearos. March onwards is good even to the south.
  12. Only other issue I can think of is the rubber grommet at the head plate may have swollen & closed up a bit which is a common issue with the Merc's - thanfully mine is still ok as its a bit of a job. Local Merc mechanic advised to fix garden hose tot he water pipe in the leg & see if it comes out the tell tale Ok or if there is a problem it will blow the garden hose off indicating an issue between the water pipe & the housing (ie the grommet). I found a youtube on changing the grommet - just search. Hoods
  13. Use the Search function and also some more recent reports for Wooli to the south. Pity about the boat. There are some good land based options around Harrington.
  14. Shallow sandy. Its either up your way if windy or out to the main river. Plenty of boats go missing so use a chain etc if leaving down there. Those Bass must be lining up for this weekend its such great weather (oops - just woke up the weather Gods!!)
  15. Not I - but today is a cracker warm day gentle wind. Might abandon the family on Sunday morning for a morning session!!
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