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  1. I like the idea of a Caption Comp. What are their names?
  2. Got an email from a shop the other day saying they are still operating
  3. Mate - you need the biggest crankiest black yabbie you can find to sort that one out
  4. Appears to be afellow subscriber to X + 1 - where X = the current number of rods owned
  5. We would "sight cast" to the carp in the channels on the farm - at 2000 feet per second. Lots of small cod is still encouraging. There must be a couple of bigguns in there somewhere
  6. Bloody Carp!! Looks like downstream of The Point in the Forest. Hopefully there are some Cod left for you. How does Lake Wyangan look now??
  7. Smart move BN - did you take a GPS with you?? I've never seen the water so clear. My father talks about sight casting to fish in the Bidgee and the Lachlan.
  8. Sounds good but the only teaser I'll have will be in a bikini. If you're going wide check the currents on the BOM and look for any bird activity and the radio. Sometimes its only a single bird hanging around that tips off a beaky. And be careful of the bar.
  9. Sorry I forgot the technical stuff!! The barra was caught on a 6'6" Samaki Spin Stick with a Rovex reel & 20 pound mono, live mullet (Large - not poddy) & released. Same gear caught Mango Jacks, Queenfish etc etc. The Trevors at the wharf gave it a good run for its money - but thats what you want isn't it!!
  10. Hi Rob, I think you're on the right track with your choice for off the dirt. Don't forget the wharf in Weipa is a great spot & the locals there are really helpful & will give you lots more advice on where to go especially just up the coast on the estuaries. Lots of beaches too especially up north so go up the coast for the "Best Burger on the West Cape" and take a fly rod for the beach or your spin stick. Fished with Darren & Jan at DJ's Xtreme Fishing last year for a PB 107cm Barra in the estuary plus marlin & Sails outside so couldn't recommend him enough. You will have a ball. Don't forget the Horseradish, wasabi & Green Ginger!! Also make sure you have radio contact for the trip across as lots of trucks.
  11. Youre making me home sick bn. A good fire on the beach in Nobles Reserve, stocked esky & a bottle of McWilliams to ward off the frost. Fishing always seemed a bonus. Hope you did well. Is there any water in Mirrool Creek?? Hdz
  12. Greetings Hamstr, I cannot see any replies so can I ask if you had any joy in getting a respose?? I am going to be fishing out off the Gaol last weekend in March 2020 so was hoping someone could assist with some marks!! I suppose if the Yak fishers can hook marlin off the gaol there shouldn't be too much "black" magic but I will have the bride with me so wont be able to go too far.. I don't have marks for wide but plenty of boats from Sydney seem to find plenty of fish. I will phone Kirk at Complete Angler Kempsey as he's always really helpful. Your plotter should show the location of the fad. Hoody
  13. Hoods

    caring for boats

    Coming from an irrigation farm in the riverina (griffith) most of you do not yet appreciate the value of water. I visited our local marine dealership in Taree (mid north coast) yesterday looking for a fishing report only to be told none of them have been fishing as they had no water to wash down their boats/motors/trailers. All local boat ramps including Crowdy Head & Forster have had the taps removed to preserve water. I suspect the south coast will be the same position (father cannot access Bermagui which has no power or sewer). Recommend using Saltaway or similar product in a spray bottle to reduce water use & maintain your gear. Big Neal I will be home to Griffith at end of February - can you send another photo of "Lake Wyangan" please so we can see the impact of the drought!! As for fishing reports: the nephew fished outside off Crowdy Head on Monday over shallow reef with a 90cm snapper on soft plastics!! (new PB) Water back to 18C and appears to have "rolled over". Small Kings out wider around the fad after a nice run of larger pre Christmas Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi). Also a report of small Black Marlin off Coffs Harbour. Hopefully this southerly will bring the warm current in closer for some pelagic (read mackeral) action in the near term. Plenty of estuary action with flathead & whiting throughout the Great Lakes/Forster & Manning River systems and blue swimmer crabs moving further upstream in the dry conditions. Lots of sharks and Jewfish also in the systems. For Jews try "Finch blades" or soft plastics. Mid North Coast is on Level 4 water restrictions. Port Macquarie has a reported 155 days of supply remaining. Imagine how the farmers & residents of small towns out west are going!!?? Hoods
  14. Hoods

    Another boating addict

    Yep Love It!! Please send pictures of boat and motor...