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  1. Also try Point Road, Tuncurry opposite Bay St - you can wade across to the island (plenty of shade & shallow water for tin lids. Green Point may be worth a try - north end of the village at end of the road.
  2. Love your work Bruce. Thanks for the report. Report down here is lots of flathead at Old Bar entrance working the white bait on the run out. Congratulations on the PB on Fly. Take it outside and use on the Dollies - lots of fun. Hods.
  3. Yeah no danger...unless you end up under one and ALL your gear in the boat gets vacuumed out & disapears!!!!
  4. I agree they could manage the process better. Why they keep checking you instead of others not yet in their system is worthy of an answer from Maritime. Surely more checking at the ramp would be more useful rather than on the water. My pet beef is getting checked in the mountains - usually just after you have started a troll run and got your lures out they suddenly decide they should check you so you have to stop and wind them back in Don't forget that when you purchase a new pfd lifejacket you should fill in the Service Record on the inside otherwise you can still get in trouble (Sh
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the report & well done. Same situation down here with most of the fish in the lower cleared water. Hopefully those Red Devils have returned to their favouriste snags for a final crack at them. Tight lines. Hoods
  6. No such thing as a silly question @Flossedman. As they say - just silly answers. As @PaddyT refers to the Common Law the "water" is owned by the State however we all have the right to access the waterway But not always from the shore. which may be privately owned - think Canal estates harbour forshores, rural properties in NW Sydney etc. There are very few Old System Tile properties remaining in NSW where the property title goes to the centre of the river (non tidal). But even then (think Big Neil on the Murrumbidgee) the public can still access the waterway just not from the land. Use your ma
  7. Hey Scratchie - you are not on your own with the Mac Tuna. Everyone is having the same problem. General consensus is 5 macs to one mackeral (plus Tax). We call them cat fish cause I take a couple to feed the pets. Why don't mac tuna get taxed!!!??? Hopefully Fish_More has better luck
  8. Thanks for the report Scratchie. It has been challenging up here the last 3 weeks. As you discovered the Mac Tuna are are consistent nuisance and if you do hook up to the target species they are more often than not "taxed" by the grey suits. Which is unusual as past years there was little, if any, tax. I wonder if its the combination of the floods and the impending mullet run. The situation has resulted in a change of tactics to target the snapper. Consistent reports of Cobia along the coast from the LBG guys. Tight lines. Hoods.
  9. Look forward to you visiting mate - the rivers are cleaning up. Hopefully the Nambucca cleans up early & we can catch up with Dirvin & the young Mr James Cain for a Red Devil session before the end of the season!!!
  10. As a side note the low flow is due to lack of demand for irrigation - Rice is being harvested etc. I do agrree however that the MDBC "Management" leaves "a lot to be desired" - welcome to Government!!!!!
  11. Years ago I was off Crowdy when a large noise intrupted our fishing. A huge school of Dolphins was coming our way. We had livies out but they were ignored. As one came closer I put my hand in the water & splashed it around. A large dolpihin swam sideways along side the boat & gently rubbed itself against my hand. Cannot recall if I caught a fish or not - didn't matter. A magic day on the water.
  12. Thank you BN, As anewer reader/member I have sought solice in Fishraider over the past 12 months on an almost daily basis. I don't get out as much as I like (like most of us) but I find the reports including Wazza's stories fascinating and educational (@Scratchie etc) so your post is, to me most timely. It's not so much when, but where & how that gets the juices pumping - the technical stuff & the comraderie - like Wazza's recollections of times gone by. Thanks for the post. As a side note, following our conversation I donated 2 lures to the mighty Murray &
  13. Noice One Scratchie. Fantastic results. We're having inconsistent results up here on the mid north coast. What colour water were you in and do you think lighter gear is more productive. Thanks for the report. Hoods
  14. I'm hearing you Scratchie. The Shelf is probably the safest place up here after watching the passing parade on the Manning River - 100's of silage balls, logs, shipping containers, boats, channel markers, houses, trees, cattle.... Checked the flood level on Saturday which just kicked above the 1978 flood level down the street - Not a 1 in 100 year event but still devastating to those affected. If we see any Mullet in the system I'll pass it on. Be intersting to see the impact of the floods on their movement this year!! Hoods
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