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  1. A friend and I decided to go on a fishing trip to the mid north coast. (Land based) We stayed at Dunbogan and the number of potential spots was outrageous! The locals were great help, and the people at the local tackle shop were simply amazing. night 1 - we tried the breakwall on the dunbogan side. Caught a lot of port Jackson sharks and stingrays and had our lines cut off several times and we weren’t sure from what night 2 - north haven breakwall - plenty of huge runs and bust ups, only managing to bring in stingrays and port Jackson sharks. After chatting to Brooke who was amazing help at North Haven tackle, we learned there’s a grey nurse shark breading ground just outside the break walls which explains the bust ups and she gave us plenty of spots! Night 3 - perpendicular point, just off the rocks on the western side. More luck here as we pulled out some huge tailor’s but again the biggest runs we had were port Jackson and a massive stingray! Night 4 - breakwall at port Macquarie. There was an abundance of life here as we got there in the late arvo, dolphins jumping, spotted a shark and saw plenty of decent size bait fish near the rocks but sadly no hook ups worth mentioning only another stingray! Night 5 - wharfs around dunbogan. Hooked up a shovel nose Shark and big stingray. Decided to get out the lure and I managed to catch my first fish on one which was a pretty big pike! We went up intending to do a lot of beach fishing and sadly did none of that! There were too many easily accessible land spots around. 12ft beach rods with 30lb braid and 50lb braid with one rod rigged running clip sinker to 1m 100lb trace and size 10 circle octopus hooks. The other rod set up with a patanosta rig. Fishing for jewfish but only one or two of the huge runs we lost gave any signal of being that. For bait, we were using frozen yakkas that we caught down in Sydney a few days before the trip, a couple of slimy mackerels and a Taylor or two live that we managed to catch during our session. although we didn’t catch our target and land that first Jew, it was quite a fun trip but we are left wondering what can we improve to finally land the Jew. in terms of times we were fishing, usually an hour or two before and after the night high tide, and one of the sessions just ended up being an all nighter all the way to the morning low tide which is when the tailor where on in very good numbers. Cant wait to get back there for another trip and we’ll definitely be hitting up the beaches on that trip but if anyone has some advice based on what I’ve said, I’m all ears. would also highly recommend this lovely part of nsw as it’s so tranquil and abundant of sea life.
  2. Where’s good for for Jews around north haven? Land based and/or beach spots
  3. Is this a land or bot spot? We’ve been trying Dunbogan because we staying here and have had lots of bites on the walls, huge runs but sadly everything’s broken off 100lb leader! What could it be? We caught a few shovel nose sharks, stingrays and port Jackson but none of those ran the same way as those huge runs. Any suggestions what it might be? Possibly a Jew or are we too optimistic haha
  4. Hey guys, Long time reader here, first time poster. My friend and I are heading up to the mid north coast next week for some beach fishing, looking to bag our first mulloway after many hours spent across Syd/south beaches with little success. I know many are reluctant to share “secret” spots and I respect that but I’m just after a General sense of direction in terms of which areas would be a good start. We’re looking at staying near Port Macquarie but happy to venture out a bit If need be! I’ve read about grants beach, been told to try near lake Cathie, but keen to get some tips from those who’ve been and are happy to steer a keen angler in the right direction. Also keen to know if generally it’s a good time of year to fish up this way, but from what I can see this beautiful part of the world can produce at any time? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this and any contribution will be highly regarded. Cheers, Al