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  1. Feel the pain mate. Once in Qld I hooked a hooah of a King Salmon, easy 5 foot long without a doubt. 20 mins into the fight and 250mtrs of line out, looking at the skinny end of the line left, at this stage no idea what it was, right out I see a fin cut the water. See it wasnt a shark as id caught enough of them to know it wasn't one, im thinking what the.... Is this? 10 minutes later I've finally won, its beat, cruises towards me at the rock wall, im bug eyed to see this huge Salmon with it looking back at me with equal big eyes. I had a good big net. Get right to the water edge, go to drop the net right in front of it as its just cruising towards it and....the damn net catches on a button of my shirt. Unbelievable. As im trying to literally rip and force the net off it the fish gives a final burst and cuts off on a rock. I had it bar that damn button. No iffs. I will never forget that fish. It was and today still is my greatest fishing heartache. Id have let it go too as I actually caught smaller ones and didn't like the taste, just wanted a pic of it. Not to be. So yeah mate, I know what it's like.
  2. Im a south paw and for me find I cast more accurately using my dominant hand. Bit like if I was playing darts.
  3. They are possibly the happiest looking flatheads I have seen.
  4. TAZ

    Fish Heads

    Ok, I'm thinking now I've been missing out on something then with fish heads. Next decent fish I get I think I will cook it in a soup perhaps? And see what I may have been missing and throwing away all these years.
  5. TAZ

    Fish Heads

    Hi guys. Was watching a NZ fishing show the other night Get Your Fish On and during it they mentioned a Free Fish head app they have there. Basically its after you have caught and filleted your catch you then go on the app and see who in the area has a hand up for some fish heads and the frame. During the show in a park the girl yells out "hey anyone want some free fish heads" and these strangers came over to collect them. I tried to think what people here would yell out at me if I called out that and held a bag of fish heads up along with the filleted frame? On line I see it's actually really popular there in NZ. Am I alone in thinking that here you'd get told where to put your fish heads if you did the same?
  6. Ha ha, no. Just a couple of little catfish, danios and white clouds. Cold water but look like tropical. Several days to go.
  7. Ha ha, not at you. But me and the misses have been planning a fishing getaway for the past 8 weeks. Every time we plan the wind is blowing gales, days of forecast rain. So I said to her, what will we do? She said "our getaway fishing trip money will probably go on other things, lets buy a nice fish tank and stand"! ๐Ÿ˜ So we did. Got it set up, conditioning away and will put fish in it next week. If you can't go and catch em, may as well look at them we reckon. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Really!? Then if that's the drill it sucks. Like shooting an Elephant then. For what, a picture!? Nah, not cool.
  9. Good stuff mate. Love my trout fishing. Some of those smaller ones can give an above average account of themselves and be a ton of fun to catch.
  10. Nice Queenies mate. When in Qld I loved catching those crazy things. Never got one as big as that goodie your holding up though. Wish I was back there now.
  11. Wow mate, 20 to 30%, not looking good there. Here its all over the place. Was just talking to a bloke from one of the water catchment's thingys, met him at a res. He was saying how strange it's been here in Vic in the past few years. Some places getting a fill, others missing out altogether. So much so that a number of small catchment reservoir's have become so unreliable, used to be 100% reliable, that they are becoming decommissioned. Water now pumped in to the areas via pipelines from underground reserves. Here's the thing. Those older res's had the water treated then distributed via treatment facilities. But the new supplies are salinated, so they needed to scrap the older method, gear, and replace it all. Naturally at a significant cost. So now he said, even if these now decommissioned res's fill the water wont be used and is usless as the new facilities are geared for salinated ground water treatment. I asked him are they still going to stock those decommissioned res's. He said some yes but many no because of the unreliability of them now.
  12. Dont look good mate. Dont look good here in Vic in most places north of the Divide either. After a long cold damp winter many places are just over 50% capacity. The few odd ones full but most not. Some even have blue green algae, not even hot let alone warm yet!
  13. Great stuff. Great to see some fellow Sun Smart fisho's too.
  14. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€Fellow believer mate. Cheers Rev.