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  1. Unreal, (old fashioned exclamation) never heard of that happening fishing. Thank goodness King Brown's and Taipan's dont do that! 😁
  2. By catch pffft, they're a great catch!
  3. Wow, I'd have given just about anything to have been one of those kids holding those fish as a kid! What memories they will be!
  4. Hi mate. Sometimes I almost forget the generation I come from and just "kapow" fire from the hip. Hey, thats us! Hope no offence by my comments. Toothy's, mate, for me, I think of myself first, the creature second. End of story. But I never just disregard the creature like crap and will do what I can to be sure that to me, I have done the best in the given situation to give it the best chance of survival on release. I will readily admit that it has been a learning process and in times past believe this fish I released died due to me and my ignorance, no ifs. Some may still die to this day, but hopefully less than before. Have caught numerous Sharks and yep, that think some swam off and kicked it, but hope as many survived. Same as all my freshies. I never head lift anything I dont want to eat, end of story. And, never dry handle anything I dont want to eat. Or, bother to take pictures of them either. The longer out of the water, snap snap snap away, the more likely they are to die. Some fish are so high octane they cant take more than half a minute out, like Macks, caught enough of them to see that too many went belly up in very short time. Watch some fishing shows and laugh at how quickly the camera pans away after mack releases after photos get taken. Shark food.
  5. Holding fish, big fish by the gills, lip grip or anything that places all the weight on the spinal area by down force is said to often result in permanent damage and the eventual death of the fish. Just common sense that one I think. Can't imagine too many creatures would fare that well being dangled around by their heads or jaw. Especially an aquatic one.
  6. What the hooks made out too would have to have impact as well. I was once told when i used to fish for mulloway if you want a fish to survive with a hook in it and the hook to eventually rot away don't use stainless. I used to fish for them with stainless 10 O's. I know virtually nothing about it personally and it's just something I was told.
  7. TAZ

    Walker Wobbler

    Awesome Frank, I like it. How true, if there was a shop near water they were hanging there in plain view. I can still imagine them hanging on the wall at a shop, now long gone, at Laanacoorie here in Vic. 👍
  8. Good stuff mate, new boat, catch fish, doesn't get much better than that.
  9. Yeah mate, they'd be the ones.
  10. These days after testing stuff myself im more than happy to use Berkeley Trilene clear. Im well over the hype of flouro, sinks faster blah blah blah, invisible blah blah blah, ok, unless your using ultra stand out yellow or similar. Lets see, connect a jig head with a softie, is my flouro gonna sink faster than my 1/2 ounce total rig? What's that all even mean in the grand sceme of things? Just kachingaching for themanufacturer's. Look at all the fish caught in pictures and stuff before all this "you gotta have this, you won't catch as many" crap. There are pictures, and have done it myself with my dad as a kid, that would make these sales guys eyes water. So much sales bs these days it makes me laugh.
  11. Smoked fish for tea, im happy with that.
  12. Mmm, have caught them on hard bodies and softs, but in my mind I really think they were just very hungry. I have only a few times really specifically targeted them even though I have caught them on dozens of occasions. All up the most was using the humble worm. And the best worms I have ever used, whether it be reddies, trout, yellows, or mongrel carp, have been the pale type with a white whatever section, sure some here will know the worm type I mean, not the red wigglers that smell but the type you get just digging up the garden. Not a lot of smell, but a good firm worm, more than a wiggler,and they dont have the ability to stretch out as much as the red garden worms either, that when you hook them also exude a bit of liquid. Id back them over the red wrigglers any day no ifs or buts for any fish.
  13. Managed to recover the Subi pic on a stump. Trout one gone. Would have preferred it the other way around.