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  1. Anyone getting out on the water for the open season this weekend? My usual spot doesn't get fish until later in the year, but I'm thinking of going out for a practice session the second week of September.
  2. 24hour Araldite will glue it on stronger than new, and if the metal frame section is still attached then no problems with losing a fish.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys, seriously considering purchasing one (second hand). Will be going for one of the smaller models though, as I'll be loading/unloading from roof racks on my own, and like to travel as light as possible. I've got a month or so to make my decision anyway, with open season just around the corner Whats the upkeep/maintenance like on the mirage drives?
  4. Hi all, new member here. I've been bass fishing out of a kayak for a few years now - just a cheapie with the help of a 24lb Watersnake. I've been considering purchasing a small Hobie second hand (Hobie Sportfish), but am wondering whether I'll really be better off in the Hobie, as my current set up is pretty comfy, especially with the help of the electric. I fish a main river, but head up feeder creeks which can be very shallow, will the Hobie cause me any issues? How do you navigate through shallow sections with the Mirage drive system? I assume the only way is to pull it completely out and stow it on the deck? Look forward to hearing your thoughts, and getting more involved in the forums. Cheers,