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  1. Not that concerned about waiting, just wondering about other people’s experiences regarding the company and their products. Maybe someone loved their products and think they’re worth the wait. Thats the beauty of forums, opinions are usually first hand and unbiased I thought that could be the case also.
  2. Had anyone had any experience with their gear? I ordered a rod sleeve and lure guard from their site and it seems to be taking unusually long to get here. Love to hear your experiences - customer service or product related.
  3. Nice one! I’ve always wanted to do the mothership thing. I did two day trips on the Daintree and got my first couple of barra last year. Even though that wasn’t as big of a trip, there is definitely pressure to catch fish, especially not knowing when you’re going to do something like that again. I think the best approach is to just enjoy the trip and take it for what it is, you gotta be happy with the results you got, some nice fish there!
  4. I’ve been using a liuthium battery on a watersnake for three years, lasts me all day and never ever had a problem, they are fantastic. If you’re worried then fit an in line fuse, I have and it’s never blown. Search lifepo4 lithium batteries on eBay, I got a 40ah for around $400 - not cheap but you couldn’t pay me to lug around a 12-15kg battery in a kayak. This one is around 3-4kg. I even ran the wires into the kayak with a plug so I can keep the weight centered on the yak and have the battery in the centre hatch, here’s what I did...
  5. Nice report mate. There would be a lot of jealous fisherman (me included) that would kill to have access to water like that!
  6. Try Rushcutters bay. Easy access, can usually find a park, and can usually get a flatty on plastics under the yachts in the marina. Otherwise there’s often tailor around to keep you occupied.
  7. Yeah gonna be a nice hot weekend here too, and that bit of rain we got today should only help. Let us know how you go, if I can’t get out for a fish it’s nice to read about someone else’s trip!
  8. So Bass season officially opened 2 days ago. I can't head out for a while with a little one on the way. Has anyone been out yet? Any luck? I feel like with all of the rain we've had 2020/21 should be a good season.
  9. I’ve gone the cheap eBay kayak with a side mounted water snake and mount. It’s great, especially knowing you can paddle pretty much as far as you want and will always be able to get back without having to worry about fatigue. I did get a 40ah lithium battery which is about 3kgs instead of a normal 12V battery which are around 10-13kg. You can get them for about $400, and they are fantastic, if you don’t plan on spending the money on a lithium battery then don’t bother going the electric motor. I actually managed to fit my battery inside the center hatch and ran the wires through the kayak, mak
  10. Keep a glove on you and just thumb grip them on the lower lip. You can keep them in the water while you do it and they thrash less.
  11. Bass because of the surface hits, but also everyone is so cagey about where to catch them so it’s extra satisfying when you find them.
  12. Ah right, thanks for confirming, I always thought it was all hen and chicken bay. Hoping to head out Wednesday/Thursday anyway, will see how we go!
  13. Ok so I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be catching another bass this season due to the lockdown and my spot being an hour from home. So I’m considering an early morning out in the Hobie in Hen & Chicken Bay. I only live a few streets away from the bay and believe it or not I’ve never taken the Hobie out before. (crazy I know) My plan was to launch at Dobroyd Aquatic club ramp, and paddle straight across to fish the mored boats along the northwest side. Throwing small hardbodies and plastics. Expectations will be low but I figure it’s a nice day out, too close to home
  14. During the Easter period police will be using numberplate recognition technology to ensure nobody is leaving their local area. Meaning if you're like me, and usually drive an hour from home to kayak fish, this will incur a fine in NSW. Even if this is for the purpose of fishing/exercise, different rules apply over the Easter break. Probably worth waiting until Tuesday before heading out anywhere more than 10mins from home people.
  15. Nice mate! I'm too jealous to say much more...
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