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  1. I’ve gone the cheap eBay kayak with a side mounted water snake and mount. It’s great, especially knowing you can paddle pretty much as far as you want and will always be able to get back without having to worry about fatigue. I did get a 40ah lithium battery which is about 3kgs instead of a normal 12V battery which are around 10-13kg. You can get them for about $400, and they are fantastic, if you don’t plan on spending the money on a lithium battery then don’t bother going the electric motor. I actually managed to fit my battery inside the center hatch and ran the wires through the kayak, making the motor simply plug in behind the seat. I’d fish for 6-7 hours and never had the battery run out. As far as setting the kayak up and carrying extra gear, I got to the point where I was organized enough that I could set mine up in about 10mins, including all fishing gear, mounting the motor, mounting the battery, and getting on the water. Most of the time it was at 4am in the dark. You just have to be organized, no big deal. Steering the kayak is a little odd to begin with, especially with the motor on the side but you get used to it. Ensure you mount the motor in a position where you can rest your arm on the steering tiller and allow for a delay in steering response, if you’ve driven a boat you’ll be familiar with how to steer. Now I have a Hobie Sport and I’d never look back. Better seat, better storage, better balance, faster, and more comfortable over a long day. There are times I wish I had the motor fitted, but it’s a bit of exercise and I don’t get the back and shoulder issues I had with the old paddle kayak. If you don’t have the budget for a Hobie, then get the electric motor, well worth it and it’ll change your fishing for the better. So often I’d glide past people with the electric humming and they’d comment “that’s a better way of doing it”, “hey that’s cheating” or “I’ve gotta get one of those”. You’ll love it.
  2. Keep a glove on you and just thumb grip them on the lower lip. You can keep them in the water while you do it and they thrash less.
  3. Bass because of the surface hits, but also everyone is so cagey about where to catch them so it’s extra satisfying when you find them.
  4. Ah right, thanks for confirming, I always thought it was all hen and chicken bay. Hoping to head out Wednesday/Thursday anyway, will see how we go!
  5. Ok so I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be catching another bass this season due to the lockdown and my spot being an hour from home. So I’m considering an early morning out in the Hobie in Hen & Chicken Bay. I only live a few streets away from the bay and believe it or not I’ve never taken the Hobie out before. (crazy I know) My plan was to launch at Dobroyd Aquatic club ramp, and paddle straight across to fish the mored boats along the northwest side. Throwing small hardbodies and plastics. Expectations will be low but I figure it’s a nice day out, too close to home to not give it a shot, and any fish will be a bonus. Does anyone have any advice or tips they could share?
  6. During the Easter period police will be using numberplate recognition technology to ensure nobody is leaving their local area. Meaning if you're like me, and usually drive an hour from home to kayak fish, this will incur a fine in NSW. Even if this is for the purpose of fishing/exercise, different rules apply over the Easter break. Probably worth waiting until Tuesday before heading out anywhere more than 10mins from home people.
  7. Nice mate! I'm too jealous to say much more...
  8. The trick with surface lures is patience. Fish them as slow as possible and then when you think you’re fishing too slow, fish slower. Cast out, wait for the rings to disappear from around your lure, then twitch only enough to create more rings. Stop again and wait, then repeat. You’ll get them, just a matter of being patient. As for spinnerbaits, you’re on your own there, I’ve never been able to get a fish on one lol. Apparently they are very affective, but I just don’t have faith in them, and I reckon if you don’t have faith in the lure you’re using, you’ll never have success.
  9. Awesome report, I share the exact same addiction. I have plenty of lures but only ever fish surface for bass. And I’ll fish surface all day long. You’re having a lot more success thank I did when I started out though!
  10. lastworm


    I suppose you have to use what works for you and your scenario. That’s why we have so many knots to choose from, there’s not one knot for all situations. I’m only fishing 10lb and find the double uni is perfect for what I do. I also can’t seem to get the FG to work on such light line. never had an issue with strength, tangling or getting caught in guides, if it aint broke...
  11. lastworm


    I find double uni the smallest and strongest. Not sure why nobody uses it anymore? Easy to tie out on the water, way shorter than the FG and probably thinner too.
  12. Sorry not the hardware store, I think it’s a pet supplies. You can see it when you cross the canal on the light rail.
  13. Thanks masterfisho7, was going to head out this morning, but thought it might be worth giving it another week before trying. Good to see it’s had the flush out that it needed!
  14. Anyone around the upper Nepean area able to report on how the rivers going after all the rain? Still chocolate brown I’d imagine, but how’s the flow going?
  15. Hey Nial, just wondering did you guys fish the pool behind the hardware store?