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  1. Nice mate! I'm too jealous to say much more...
  2. The trick with surface lures is patience. Fish them as slow as possible and then when you think you’re fishing too slow, fish slower. Cast out, wait for the rings to disappear from around your lure, then twitch only enough to create more rings. Stop again and wait, then repeat. You’ll get them, just a matter of being patient. As for spinnerbaits, you’re on your own there, I’ve never been able to get a fish on one lol. Apparently they are very affective, but I just don’t have faith in them, and I reckon if you don’t have faith in the lure you’re using, you’ll never have success.
  3. Awesome report, I share the exact same addiction. I have plenty of lures but only ever fish surface for bass. And I’ll fish surface all day long. You’re having a lot more success thank I did when I started out though!
  4. lastworm


    I suppose you have to use what works for you and your scenario. That’s why we have so many knots to choose from, there’s not one knot for all situations. I’m only fishing 10lb and find the double uni is perfect for what I do. I also can’t seem to get the FG to work on such light line. never had an issue with strength, tangling or getting caught in guides, if it aint broke...
  5. lastworm


    I find double uni the smallest and strongest. Not sure why nobody uses it anymore? Easy to tie out on the water, way shorter than the FG and probably thinner too.
  6. Sorry not the hardware store, I think it’s a pet supplies. You can see it when you cross the canal on the light rail.
  7. Thanks masterfisho7, was going to head out this morning, but thought it might be worth giving it another week before trying. Good to see it’s had the flush out that it needed!
  8. Anyone around the upper Nepean area able to report on how the rivers going after all the rain? Still chocolate brown I’d imagine, but how’s the flow going?
  9. Hey Nial, just wondering did you guys fish the pool behind the hardware store?
  10. This is the best I can do, mounted a lithium ion battery under inside the hatch on my old kayak so I had nothing above deck and could keep my bag behind me. Not that fancy, Anderson plugs and some extended wiring, but made it very comfy. Still got nothing on my new Hobie Sport though, love that thing.
  11. After you rinse them, leave your tackle box open for about a week so they air out properly. If you close the box with even a drop of water left inside it’ll just store the moisture in and they will rust. Even when I fish fresh water, I leave my lure boxes open for 4-5 days after to let the water evaporate.
  12. Nice report, I cross over the top of Johnston’s Creek on the light rail every morning on my way to work, and always wondered if the fish were in there, particularly that still pool opposite the tram sheds. good to know they are there, nice fish!
  13. Couldn’t agree more noelm. My brief for the rod above was “I want a traditional style baitcaster, no split grip, cork handles, nice and light, no fancy colors” Basically something that used to be the norm, but for some reason I couldn’t buy off the shelf anymore.
  14. Yep, he definitely knows what he’s doing. Here’s mine, built on a Northfork Composites blank...
  15. As a fussy fisherman who’s very particular about my rods, I would LOVE to get into rod building. Unfortunately spare time and space are both limiting factors for me, so I’ve gone and had Tony Davis from Fishfinder build me a beautiful custom rod based on recommendations on this forum. i just hope blokes like Tony keep up the craft for the sake of people like me, and if you’re thinking of getting into it or continuing it then I’m all for it!