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  1. My advice is pack as light as possible, keep it simple and take as little as you can. You run out of room pretty quickly on a kayak. I take 1 bag which I keep behind my seat, before I set off I put my single box of lures and ruler under my seat (Hobie) and I store my pliers in a side pocket. Net goes behind the seat too, with wallet and keys in the hatch between my legs. So all I have on deck in front of me really is a rod - in your case it’d be a rod and a paddle.
  2. Most of my fishing is with lures, however when I was beach fishing on the south coast you couldn’t go past live blood worms, they just caught everything. More recently when going on family holidays and not knowing if I was going to have a chance to wet a line, not being able to store fresh bait, or have the time to find fresh bait locally, I gave those dynabait freeze dried bloodworms a go. I was surprised how well they stayed on the hook and how effective they were. They’re reasonably cheap and worth a go before you consider forking out a couple of dollars per live worm. https://www.dynabait.com.au/product/saltwater-bait/dynabait-blood-worms-ultimative-flathead-fish-bait/ Give these a go at your usual spots and see if your success rate increases, if not then I’d suggest getting on google maps and finding other accessible spots to try.
  3. I did well on the whiting up there off the beach, just using those freeze dried beach worms.
  4. Just received my Fishing World monthly newsletter, and thought this was a timely article… http://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/carp-orgies-herpes-and-the-smell-of-rotten-fish?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter - 24 Sep 2021&utm_content=Newsletter - 24 Sep 2021+CID_9940e124e9ce1ba6206b3c0d237a6a16&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Carp orgies herpes and the smell of rotten fish
  5. I actually think basic signage around waterways would go a long way. Showing what a carp looks like, how big they grow, the harm they do, the reasons it’s encouraged to remove them from the waterways and a “how to” dispose of them correctly. I also think carp should be used to help promote the sport, get people into fishing, and teach them how to fish responsibly from the get go. Carp are relatively easy to catch, they grow huge and they fight reasonably hard. We all know that early success in fishing is usually what gets people hooked. I don’t think we’ll ever fish them out, but as I said before, we have to make the best of the crappy situation we’ve gotten ourselves into by introducing these pests, and if we can help reduce numbers even in a small way then that should be considered a bonus.
  6. Nice one! I’m dying to get out and hit the bass as soon as the lockdown is lifted!
  7. I hate the idea of introducing another species to eradicate an already out of control introduced species. Sometimes you’ve gotta quit while you’re ahead and just accept that we have to live with the mistakes of the past. I can just see us ending up with freshwater fisheries full of carp and pike. No more freshwater natives. My personal opinion, not here to argue for or against.
  8. I never thought it was in NSW. Always thought VIC were the only state with the “no release” laws.
  9. Nice one! Very jealous, as my bass water is all outside of my 5km zone and I’m dying to get out. Thanks for posting the report, at least I can live vicariously through you both!
  10. Whatever bass water I can get to. I’ll be socially distancing by choice, quiet creek, hopefully not see a soul, don’t even mind if I catch a fish. My focus will be getting away from high density living and out into some space with a view where I can breathe some fresh air and start to feel normal again
  11. Was a pleasure to be part of it @Flop! I suggest everyone get involved, if you can’t get out and fish during lockdown, it’s nice to at least have someone to chat to about fishing 😂.
  12. My first Father’s Day this year, you’ve set the bar very high for my wife, thanks!
  13. I got a Hobie and can’t recommend it enough. I bought the Sport brand new, it’s essentially a shorter version of the outback, and is perfect for small creek bass fishing which is what I use it for. Plenty of speed, steers well, vantage seat is a godsend, I cannot speak highly enough of their products.
  14. I’m with you Jordy. If it was spring or summer it would be great though because all of the picnicking families and kayakers wouldn’t be at my usual local Bass spot.
  15. I use these, they come in various sizes and are cheap enough https://www.dinga.com.au/products/owner-treble-covers-suits-trebles-14-10-xxxsm-bag-1241642
  16. Haven’t started on it yet, new job and a bit time poor at the moment. I did clean it out last weekend, it was being used as a storage facility in the garage unfortunately. It did give me a chance to fall in love with it all over again though. Definitely going to get onto this thing and sort out over the next 12 months.
  17. The water quality is terrible, but you won’t be eating the fish so not something you will have to worry about. You can get to the weir via new ridge rd, there’s a turn off to the left just before you go over the bridge, it will take you down and under to the right where the weir is. Easy 20 meter walk to the weir. Well it used to be, haven’t been down there for about 15 years. I’d suggest going down there with someone, there can be some shady characters around.
  18. You can fish from the weir. Might be worth a shot to see if they are schooling there before you commit time and effort in a boat/kayak
  19. I’ve always wanted to fish the George’s for Bass above the weir at Liverpool. But the area just looks so dodgy all the way up to Casula and past. It’s a shame.
  20. Thanks for all of the responses guys, definitely gives me a good idea of what I’m in for. Now to find the time...
  21. Not as much sentimental value as the boat itself, however given it’s only got 10 hours on it, it would be a shame to let it go and I’d like to see them stay together if possible. It was extremely reliable when we were using it for the short time that we did. I know 4 stroke is the go these days, but I’d be happy with something that just gets me out on the water to begin with. Might upgrade in the future if I need to.
  22. Thanks for the reply noelm, doesn’t sound like too much trouble. I’ll probably have a look at it myself (have some mechanical knowledge although with car engines) and if it’s too much for me at least I know what a workshop should be charging for. It is a great boat, very stable and gets up on the plane very quickly. The 90hp has more than enough go for this sized boat. My plans were to remove the rails from the front, the old Bimini mounts, possibly take the windows off altogether, clean up a bit of the fiberglass, replace the seats with two single pedestal type seats and fit an electric up front.
  23. Ok so my old man had a 16ft Glastron tri-hull that we bought a brand new 90hp two stroke Yamaha for back in the day when they were the latest and greatest thing. We would use it every weekend until life got in the way and our regular trips became less and less regular until they stopped completely. So I decided a few years back that I’d re carpet the boat and make a removable casting deck for the front in the hope of turning it into a bit of a bream/bass weapon - especially given the stability of the tri-hull. Again, life got in the way and although I finished the interior I never got it on the water. However I’ve now inherited the boat and have been thinking more and more about getting back into restoring it and doing more of a major transformation on it. Here’s the problem, by my maths we haven’t turned the motor over for about 20 years. It’s only got about 10 hours on it, and has been stored in a locked up garage it’s whole life. I know it’s going to need a good going over, seals, spark plug, fuel filter, oil and fuel flushed and more before we can even THINK of starting it. But realistically does anyone have any idea how bad/costly it would be to get this thing back up and running? It ran perfectly beforehand and had no issues whatsoever. Some people have said “yeah major service and she’ll be right” whilst others have told me to just bin the motor.
  24. I ended up going down, was fishing above the weir, managed a couple of bronze ones 😉 Water was still flowing brown although it cleared up way up top.
  25. Anyone know how the Lane Cove has recovered after the rains? Still running sludge? Or has she cleared up? Tomorrows weather is looking good and I’m considering going for a fish in the kayak, would love to know if I’m wasting my time.
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