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  1. Hey mate, Ive been listen to the australian lure making podcast. Steve Starling is a guest and does a few ones on mulloway and flat head in Tuross, Really interesting and worth a listen.
  2. @Rebel. Thanks mate, I hope so
  3. Hi My names Daniel, I've been fishing trout for years at Lake Eucumbene on bait and had great successes, But the time has come to challenge myself and boy what a challenge it has been. i would really love some help with the following Your Location: Tarago NSW but will travel Fishing technique: Trout on fly in creeks Availability: ill make time :) Preferred location: Around Braidwood or goulburn NSW the snowys i don't mind Provide your own gear? Yes I've enjoyed fishing my whole life and with a kid on the want i would like to learn as much as i can to pass this great past time and passion on to the next generation. Also need to get in as much fishing as possible before bub comes in Feb. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Daniel