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  1. dmck


    'Cramp Eze' tablets/capsules at the time of the cramps, a magnesium tablet every morning.... up to 3 if I know I'm going to have an extra heavy exercise session. I used to get a lot of night cramps and always had the cramp-eze handy (still do) but get a lot less since the morning Mg (thats science... you know?) tablet.
  2. dmck

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    If you have never need a bilge pump you have never had your boat on the water!! Rain, spray, washing blood/ink/guts/pee off the gunwales...... beach launching...... you get wetstuff in the boat.. and a bilge pump gets it out... quickly.
  3. dmck

    Battery Box kill switch

    Hi tech!
  4. dmck

    Advice on old tinny

    I had over a dozen pin-holes in my old 10 foot tinny. If you stood it on the transom, keel toward the sun you could see them all from the inside. A little clean with meths and a scourer and a dob of plasatbond... and all good. I used a mates 14ft tinny for over 5 years... with a twig pushed into a hole in the bottom.... A small amount of water overnight could just be condensation?
  5. dmck

    Dual battery set up.

    .... wish I was close to 60.... instead of long past it.........😢
  6. SA bag limit is 5 per person, 15 per boat 38-60cm. minimum size 38cm Over 60cm, 1 per person 3 per boat. THis has been in place for several years already.
  7. dmck

    Dual battery set up.

    Correct. You could use any single pole battery switch (single pole = 1 wire, simple on/off)
  8. point taken..... We SA fishers believe the Vic govt actually understand fisheries management AND the value to the economy of rec fishing in general. Please invade us and take control....
  9. dmck

    Dual battery set up.

    Get a competent boat/auto sparky to fit it for you !! I'd have to go back through old posts to find the brand, but one of the manufacturers recommends a wiring install that is downright dangerous. It their 'preferred' wiring it is impossible to totally isolate a faulty battery and run the electronics + motor on the remaining one. Its only a simple reconfig to make it safe. I emailed the manufacturer with my concern and they replied saying my wiring was OK but they preferred theirs.... I reckon they are too frightened to admit their setup could cause serious trouble. btw... that setup can be easily simulated with 3 simple battery isolator switches and a VSR, you just dont get the pretty colours and labels. this style of switch.... https://www.a
  10. As a keen SA snapper fisher, I can tell you from personal experience that snapper numbers are WAY WAY down.... and I dont fish Gulf St Vincent. Where I would get 4-5 reasonable snapper around 45cm (and a fair bit of quality by-catch) fairly easily on my irregular outings (6 times a year?) , the last 2 years have 4 total! The last time I went about 2 months age, no snapper and no bycatch for around 6 hrs on the water-- didnt even lose a bait to a fish. I think 'threatened' IS the correct word to use.
  11. dmck

    Dual battery set up.

    Thanks Zoran, interesting reading. THe latest vehicles, especially relevant in 4WD, actually reduce the charge voltage as the vehicle electronics sense the battery is nearly charged. Reduction can be to the point where the VSR will not activate to charge the second battery. I dont know if the new outboards have adopted this yet... if they have it will cause a problem for very many dual battery configurations. DC/DC chargers seem to be the only safe way to overcome the issue.
  12. Noel... stop bringing facts and logic in to this ebate! This is too serious for that !!!!!
  13. As a South Australian snapper rec fisho I assure you that there are Lies, Damn Lies then Statistics.....
  14. dmck

    Dual battery set up.

    THis was in another thread. It is perfect for your use... compliments to Zoran. Whether you use a VSR or manually switch is really up to you and will depend upon how long you travel over the water. I use this wiring with out a VSR, but I 'float' both batteries (battery switch to OFF) on separate C-Tec chargers when the boat is in the shed. In lieu of PORT and STarboard batteries, think Main and Aux
  15. dmck

    Electrical problem

    Supplementary question... do your radios/instruments that appear to work OK still work when the battery switch is turned off? ie do they bypass the battery switch?