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  1. Swap the 2 wires to the pump-motor over ON THE RELAYS. leave all other wiring standard. The down relay will now activate the 'up' wire when you push the 'down' button. If the motor lifts, you still have a relay problem. If it doesnt... you have more work to do. There are 2 ways of wiring tilt/trim motors, 1 2 only wires to the mootor. both wires are earthed through the relays in the normal (not activated) position. When you push the button to tilt/trim, that up or down relay operates and switches 12v positive on 1 of the wires. the motor now has power and operates. Switc the tilt button the other way and the other relay puts 12v + on the other wire and the motor operates in the reverse direction. 2 the tilt/trim motor has 2 windings, each connected to 1 of the relays. there is also a 3rd lead , an EARTH lead to the motor. When you operate a relay it switches in the appropriate motor winding for up or down. the relay for 1 MUST have 5 terminals.( 2 for coil and 3 for a change-over contact) The relay for 2 only needs 4 ( 2 for coil and 2 for a MAKE contact) hope this helps
  2. If anyone on here does......... I'm on the wrong site..............
  3. A job of satisfaction since you nutted it out and fixed it yourself. Top marks! and you now have added confidence to support others.
  4. Ditto.... Ugly Stick, but my 2nd choice would be another Ugly Stick
  5. Latest range of GME VHF radios do not appear to have DSC functionality. If you go any distance offshore then DSC "is a must". The UM455VHF is DSC capable (but you most likely have to connect it to your GPS- no big problem) Its a no-brainer... the Uniden!! I wouldnt be surprised if GME drop out of the marine radio market. btw I have an earlier GME VHF, the GX600D which does have DSC. Have you checked out the STANDARD Horizon GX1300E ? its cheap at Whitworths.
  6. Knowledge is only useful if its shared. Hope what I've said DOES help.
  7. The brushes had a flexible copper braid embedded in one end. THat braid connected to a screw terminal on the brush housing. There are many different styles of brush, thats why it is best to start with either the genuine spare parts or take the brushes to an auto electrician for him to try and find an alternative.
  8. No. I kept the copper braid (if thats what you mean) intact. If its not what you mean I need to see pics to understand. I'm not sure soldering a new one on would be safe. I'd be frightened the solder would melt (even though its melting point is around 600 degrees celsius...)
  9. Top effort and $550.00 in front...... and an inspiration for others to "have a go" If you cant get the exact brushes go to an auto electrician and try... I have also bought oversize ones and filed them down. NEver ever give up!
  10. Carp have done a HUGE amount of damage to the Murrary River/Darling River system and you wouldnt wish that on any susceptible rivers... dont return them! In SA it is not permitted to return them...
  11. dmck

    Telescopic Rods

    I have 2 telescopics in my boat. The original thought was to use them for squid and small baitfish so they are loaded with fairly light line and very small hooks. I have landed some very good snapper on them, when the snapper come in to the baitfish... You have to play the bigger fish and use a landing net.... but these rods are not toys. From memory they are Shimanos and came as a combo with IX4000 reels (or similar) for around $35.00 about 6 years ago. THe reels are cheap but do the job in shallow water. I've been impressed with them and bought several more for other light rods. Its hard to knock them when they catch 48cm snapper in 7 metres!
  12. All better after 4 weeks.....
  13. I've just had another look at this video. THe presenter DOES NOT stress enough the need to extend the 'handle' of the RED flare until it LOCKS in to position. He does say he has seen the flare slide back in to the handle... which is what happened to me.. and I got burned through leather welding gloves. When the handle is extended there is a 'click' heard when the handle locks. If you can slide the flare back in to the handle you have not locked it... and you risk getting burned! Have a look at your own flares and check out how to prepare them.. If you need to use flares you are already in a stressful situation and its no time to try to read and understand the instructions!!
  14. I have... after getting severe burns to my right index finger whilst GIVING a flare demo a couple of weeks ago. The instructions on the flares are not really that clear. A good demo video is invaluable to explain what to do IN DETAIL !!
  15. Are we talking the 1980's... or MY 80's.... now..... where's me dentures.....