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  1. My first thought is the clips are not actually touching the battery terminal(s). There may be a plastic lip on the ends that keeps the metal of the clip away from the terminal. Are you saying you have a third charger that DOES charge the NBN battery(s) ?
  2. Dont often announce a hookup, just wind it in and dangle it in my mates face... but if they are nibbling the bait without biting... its... "If you really love me you will swallow that..."
  3. With this virus and my age I'll probly never live long enuff to be nominated... so... Congrats to you all. These awards recognise not your expertise as a fisherperson, but your outstanding services to your fellow members. Thank you.
  4. I just fly the BLACK PLAGUE flag all the time I'm out......
  5. Read this... I use wheel bearing grease on the wheel nuts, 3 or 4 times a year (quick, cheap and simple) and a copper-based anti sieze on the other bolts. Regardless of what you use... always carry spare wheel nuts be prepared to shear a 'frozen' nut/bolt.
  6. Glad your enjoying God's Country (SA 'Far West Coast) The trick to making Salmon into a superb eating fish is: cut the throat and bleed the fish IMMEDIATELY it is landed AFter bleeding for around 5 min, get it in to an ice slurry when ready to eat... fillet and skin Skinning is mandatory to get rid of the strong oils under the skin. coat the fillets with seasoned flour (Tandaco fish seasoning is ideal) grill the fillets over hot coals (frying is OK but grilling is better) Dont over cook. remove and discard the red "muscle"/ blood from the skin side of the cooked fillet ENJOY.. one of the most under rated fish in the sea. Even huge ones are delicious cooked this way.
  7. dmck

    Tilt trim issue

    👍 geez we are GOOD !!
  8. dmck

    Tilt trim issue

    Check out this thread, recently solved. If this doesnt assit you, message me. I'd love to do house calls but I'm in Adelaide.
  9. Flat-Luke............ if you have a 12volt charger you MUST charge each battery to 12 v separately OR use 2 x 12v chargers (1 on each battery) OR use a 24v charger across both batteries (in series)
  10. Good news Dave, and you have the satisfaction of solving it yourself (asking for advice IS part of the self-solution) and it not costing you $$$ without getting a truthful explanation. If it happens again you will know the process to follow--- and the first place to look! Glad your 'back in the water' (so to speak) and pleased I could assist.
  11. Any progress with this?
  12. " Lucky You... such beautiful scenery..." No heroics... fire doesnt often give you a second chance. If in doubt -get out! Good luck.
  13. Have done Adelaide to Perth (INdian Pacific) Cairns-Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide (4 different trains.) About to do Adelaide-Melbourne-Adelaide on Overland, just coz the service is ceasing soon Booked on the GHan Adelaide -Darwin in June and looking to complete the Sydney-Adelaide leg of Indian Pacific in next year. Have also travelled extensively 4WD trips.. used to work for a mining company. Love the 4WD and train travel... oh and cruises..... Age and retirement does have some benefits!!
  14. iGNORING THE RELAY COILS, the switch is a 'change over' contact.. IN the off position of the tilt switch both leads to the motor are connected to -ve (earth) When you operate the UP switch the LH contacts (UP relay) operate and connect 12 v +ve to the blue lead, the motor operates to tilt up. When you release the tilt switch the LH contacts release and the blue wire is connected back to -ve earth. When you operate the DOWN switch, the RH contacts operate, connecting the Green wire to 12 volt +ve and the motor operates to tilt down. Looking at the relay contact lugs on the bottom and a diagram to show the internal connections: Pin 30 will go to the tilt motor Pin 87A will go to -ve earth Pin 87 will go to 12 volt +ve 85 and 86 are the relay coil (electro-magnet) terminals AS you have swapped the relays over and the problem persists, we assume the relays are good. It is possible that the 12v +ve is missing from pin 87. Check the socket with your volt meter. (fuse?) TAKE CARE... the socket for pin 87 is HOT and may not be fused!! If this test is OK it is the wiring to operate the relay. This could be faulty connectors 85 and/or 86 in the socket itself. Check the voltages on the good relay socket 85/86 and compare to the faulty. Operate the tilt switch too and compare on these terminals. What we dont yet know is if the tilt switch switches +ve or -ve toward the relay coil (85/86) Hope this all helps.
  15. I forgot to ask, do the relays have 4 or 5 terminals?