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  1. All better after 4 weeks.....
  2. I've just had another look at this video. THe presenter DOES NOT stress enough the need to extend the 'handle' of the RED flare until it LOCKS in to position. He does say he has seen the flare slide back in to the handle... which is what happened to me.. and I got burned through leather welding gloves. When the handle is extended there is a 'click' heard when the handle locks. If you can slide the flare back in to the handle you have not locked it... and you risk getting burned! Have a look at your own flares and check out how to prepare them.. If you need to use flares you are already in a stressful situation and its no time to try to read and understand the instructions!!
  3. I have... after getting severe burns to my right index finger whilst GIVING a flare demo a couple of weeks ago. The instructions on the flares are not really that clear. A good demo video is invaluable to explain what to do IN DETAIL !!
  4. Are we talking the 1980's... or MY 80's.... now..... where's me dentures.....
  5. dmck

    electrical problem?

    Its effing hard to analyse a problem without being there to do our own tests.... Zoran is spot on... but he is being .................................................. 'gentle'............ "to my understanding..." He knows damned well he is correct........ and he is!!
  6. dmck

    NAV Lights

    What type of circuit tester are you using??? It DOES make a difference as to how we interpret your test results.
  7. I had identical problem on my first outboard. The solenoid was separate from the starter and occasionally would not make the internal connections/contacts. I could not get a replacement as it was an obscure swedish brand Archemedes Penta (later bought out by Volvo and sold as a Volvo Penta o/b) I ended up dismantling the solenoid and adjusting the very simple internals, then reassembling. Never had another problem. Yours could be the leads.... so take the easy way and check them first.
  8. dmck

    Choosing a winch

    JARRETT 10/5/1:1 winches are very easy to convert to electric by adding a starter motor and you dont lose the ability to manually wind it on.
  9. dmck


    'Cramp Eze' tablets/capsules at the time of the cramps, a magnesium tablet every morning.... up to 3 if I know I'm going to have an extra heavy exercise session. I used to get a lot of night cramps and always had the cramp-eze handy (still do) but get a lot less since the morning Mg (thats science... you know?) tablet.
  10. If you have never need a bilge pump you have never had your boat on the water!! Rain, spray, washing blood/ink/guts/pee off the gunwales...... beach launching...... you get wetstuff in the boat.. and a bilge pump gets it out... quickly.
  11. dmck

    Advice on old tinny

    I had over a dozen pin-holes in my old 10 foot tinny. If you stood it on the transom, keel toward the sun you could see them all from the inside. A little clean with meths and a scourer and a dob of plasatbond... and all good. I used a mates 14ft tinny for over 5 years... with a twig pushed into a hole in the bottom.... A small amount of water overnight could just be condensation?
  12. .... wish I was close to 60.... instead of long past it.........😢
  13. SA bag limit is 5 per person, 15 per boat 38-60cm. minimum size 38cm Over 60cm, 1 per person 3 per boat. THis has been in place for several years already.
  14. Correct. You could use any single pole battery switch (single pole = 1 wire, simple on/off)