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  1. dmck

    Fun Trivia

    So... who did produce that album..?? πŸ˜€
  2. dmck

    Fun Trivia

    Sounds like my old G-friends......😍
  3. dmck

    Fun Trivia

    I got 1... and that was only coz I got m name right...
  4. @Zoran I'm late in to this post so have nothing to add.... but... FYI I'm certain that FURUNO I/O's are balanced ccts, so 1 of the signal-pair wires has to be earthed to talk to most other devices.
  5. 1 litre molasses dissolved in 10 litres water makes a VERY GOOD rust remover. .... slow but takes it baxk to base metal
  6. Have never tried salting them. Tried freezing and they turn to a paste. Does salting really toughen them up? do you then freeze the salted ones (I freeze salted pilchards and it works well) Are they still good bait when salted? appreciate your advice, thanks, dmck
  7. SMoked, they are amongst the best to eat. Big ones we smoke, small ones are great snapper bait
  8. dmck

    Reverse polarity

    "Reverse Polarity & Overvoltage Protection - Shunt diode and voltage regulator." typically a shunt diode will be connected across the + & - leads at the point they connect to the radios circuit board. They are not conducting under correct voltage connection but are conducting (virtually a short circuit) if the wiring is reversed... hence the radio fuse blows. If you have only a heavy duty fuse protecting the radio, there is a good bet that the surge in current has burnt out some of the copper track on the radio circuit board. Fuses should be the MINIMUM value that allows the device to operate correctly. ..... and...... every device should be fused separately... you dont want to lose your important electronics (radio/GPS/FF etc ) just because one of them develops a fault. Ignore the basic rules and you will eventually get caught out.
  9. Anything after a Gen 2 can share the Map/chart. Gen 1 will share everything BUT the chart. Use NMEA2000... AND... ethernet. Can also link it to a Simrad NSS Evo2 or better. I have a HDS7 Gen-1 linked to a NSS-Evo-2 and all I dont get is the chart sharing. You may pick up a Gen2/Evo2 at a reasonable price by shopping around.
  10. Check that the GME has all the safety features of the other brands. I dont believe the newest models have DSC
  11. Ah.. the truth ALWAYS gets a response....... good on you for sticking up for yourself... Your wounds will heal eventually......
  12. .... Nah..... dont believe you.....
  13. SO... ask why she has so many shoes/dresses/jewellery/lipsticks/perfumes when she isnt trying to attract a mate anymore.......... or is she? PS make sure your health insurance is up to date first....
  14. get samples of outdoor blind material, many 'blind' stores carry them so customers can check colours. They appear to be ideal for drag washers and cut easily with scissors.
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