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  1. If you are a bit of a handyman it is not difficult to mount a starter motor to drive a manual winch. I have done about 8, usually Jarrett winches. THe mod still leavers the manual winding option untouched. THese will pull up a 20+ ft fibre glass boat with no difficulty---- and damned quick too. Very good for beach retrieves. As I'm in Adelaide I cant make you one... but happy to explain it all. A small commercial one will likely be cheaper. Be careful of wireless remote controls..... they have a tendancy to get wet when you forget they are in your pocket.!
  2. I retro fitted brakes to my last boat/trailer. It wasnt hard, just slow. Being a bit of a DIY'er hand having a mate who can weld (better then me) helped. I took the opportunity to do some other trailer maintenance at the same time. Cable operated are the simplest. If you have to fit electric brakes with a break-away unit its even slower and more expensive (fitting the controller to the car is tedious...)
  3. try washing it with a solution of vinegar, then painting it with an etch paint. Painting with a decent paint then also stops the little corrosion points you get from dropping sinkers, hooks, swivels, alfoil etc
  4. dmck

    Stiff Steering

    You could try undoing the wheel end and pouring some diesel down the tube. This acts as a lubricant and will do a bit of rust removal. Once it's free lubricate it bi-annually with a light machine oil or auto transmission fluid. I mad up a jig to force oil through under air pressure (compressor). I did the same for my throttle/gear cables. Never had another problem with cables. ( first time my steering froze was at the end of a long drive and we were determined to get on the water... used tuna oil and brute force...)
  5. dmck

    Marine batteries

    very interesting!! Can you post the link to this pleasr? I goggled for it but couldnt find it.
  6. I've done just this 4 or 5 times with different boats. Its easy.... even easier if your trailer has an electric winch
  7. I invested in an electric smelting pot. It has a 'tap' built in. Mt larger version holds about 10kg. It takes around 30 min to melt a full (cold) pot. I have multiple molds going at the same time so I minimise lost time. If I can get assistance, 2 people preferably, the sinkers fly.... Recently I have moved to a 'new' style of sinker.... I make larger barrel sinkers-- I have around 20 wires to pot in the mold so all I have to do is take a full wire out and put a new one in-- remove the sinkers when they are all cold = 60 sinkers. I them put a womens hair clip in
  8. ... so that we fisherman who are attempting new challenges can ask the questions and be referred to places where its all been written before........... 🙄 ... or where we will be take seriously and receive the assistance we seek.
  9. Ah.... electrickery...... its all done by elctro-magic...
  10. I have often pondered whether 'skutes' is NZ accent for skirts...
  11. I regularly check my hand held GME VHF to a repeater some 60km away, albeit from my balcony some 15-20m above sea level. (holiday house) I have hit the same repeater from the top of the ranges behind Adelaide, I'm estimating a bit over 100km. Not perfect transmission but I could talk to the VMR on Kangaroo Island. Antenna height IS EVERYTHING. Extra power (25W) helps in crappy conditions. If your being tossed around in heavy weather you WILL wish you bought the fixed radio.
  12. 27Mhz is AM that is why it is subject to atmospheric conditions, including 'skip'.. I have sat in my boat off shore Adelaide and could not talk to a mate that I could see a few Km away. I could however talk to people on Moreton Bay.... I tossed my 27M away. VHF is FM and reliable.
  13. In an emergency, an unlicensed person is permitted to use the radio to call for assistance. It's in the regulations. The BIG advantage of the license is that it teaches you the correct way to use a radio. In an emergency you will not (should not) make errors that make it difficult to understand you or find you or organise the correct assistance.
  14. I used a similar system in my Stacer for around 20 years without a problem... but they do need to be more vertical or the rods may fall out in sloppy water. Just turn the holders around so they go between the horizontal Ali tubes.
  15. dmck

    Members Boats.

    Surley your deafness is an excuse!!
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