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  1. I used a similar system in my Stacer for around 20 years without a problem... but they do need to be more vertical or the rods may fall out in sloppy water. Just turn the holders around so they go between the horizontal Ali tubes.
  2. dmck

    Members Boats.

    Surley your deafness is an excuse!!
  3. dmck

    VHF and 27mhz radios

    Nothing wrong with being safe-- instead of 27M (I took mine out) I carry a hand-held VHF too.
  4. dmck

    VHF and 27mhz radios

    There are several reasons NOT to use the 27MHz... they are only 4 watts (VHF is 25W) They are AM and subject to interference (VHF is FM) 27M is subject to atmospheric conditions that do strange things. I'm in Adelaide, on one occassion on the water I could not reach a mate that I could see on the horizon... I could however talk to a bloke on Moreton Bay... Marine Rescue is considering not monitoring 27M. VHF is an international safety standard and is monitored 24/365.25
  5. Unless your device has a physical switch it is drawing power all the time. Soft touch electronic switches require power to work, albeit very little (microamps/milliamps) when off. Safest to have some form of total isolation if your going to leave the boat idle for some time. As Zoran said, either a toggle switch or a battery isolation switch.... or... disconnect a battery terminal.
  6. In SA, Carp are regularly used as crab bait. I 'intend' to fish for then to use as snapper burley... but they will be lubricated with tuna oil. Havent heard of them being used as fish bait though. As for redfin... good eating if from clean water.
  7. dmck

    Outboard problems

    Well, thanks folks..... I've just learned some valuable information and I shall abandon my bad habits.
  8. I have several of the older Alvey reels that I use for surf fishing. IN this field they are unbreakable and can stand a bath in the dirtiest water. I use mono, not braid, as you do a lot of line control with your fingers--- and braid may just slice them open. THey need a little attention when winding in as there are no level guides, but you quickly adapt. No true LB fisherman should be without at least 1.
  9. dmck

    Outboard problems

    I have been.... and now that you ask... I'm scared..... should I NOT do this? What is the difference to running out of fuel whilst boating?
  10. dmck

    Outboard problems

    I've been doing exactly this too....... I also briefly start the engine before I leave home. If it dont start--- I dont go-- but it always has. Have Honda now... electronic-never-fail start... but i still drain the fuel system whilst washing.
  11. Shampoo will prevent fogging on the inside. Apply it sparingly so it doesnt smear. When I rode a motorbike I used apple fragrent shampoo inside my fullface helmet. Clear vision and a pleasant smell.
  12. I thought I had come to the wrong site.... but I eventually worked it out. All good now. thanks Mrss word fisher person.......😀
  13. If it works, who cares about the looks.
  14. You could try some hose clamps to secure the cables tightly to the bracket. Exactly what are the symptoms that are causing you trouble?
  15. Did you get this approved before you posted it...?🤣