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  1. Thanks! Yeh, happy not to be coming home empty handed mostly!!!
  2. Cheers Squ!rt, yeh I have been scouring the forums for a month or two before making my first post. This site is an awesome resource.
  3. Hey Raiders, My name is Luke. I am coming into this fishing thing a bit late (I'm 40) after watching my brothers grow up fishing regularly but never really taking an interest myself. Anyway with a bit of prompting from my father-in-law and a recent boat purchase, I've got the bug and am trying to make up for lost time. Still a total newbie but having fun on the water and loving introducing my kids to the sport. Hopefully I will have a few reports to post over summer. Fishing Pittwater, Cowan Creek, Lower Hawkesbury, Lake Macquarie, Swansea Cheers, Luke
  4. Hey Squ!rt, yeh I was using 6lb leader on the same set up a couple of weeks ago and got chopped off when we hit a bust up of taylor so I upped the weight. Cheers for the tip on the Intro section
  5. Ok Raiders, This is my first report so you will have to endure the excitement of an eager newbie who managed to catch a fish. My father in-law and I have recently got ourselves a boat and headed out for a quick session yesterday evening. We got to South Head around 5pm and anchored up just inside. It was pretty quiet til the light started to drop then we started seeing a bit more action on the sounder - bit of bait around and some bigger arches on the screen. We were fishing a variety of shop bought baits, pichards, squid and prawns. We started getting a few nibbles before this fella took a bite. Measured in at 52cm. Yep, it's just a flathead but for a newbie like myself it was SOOOO much better than coming home empty handed like my last couple of outings. My father in law got one too, but it was just on the limit so we put him back. Gear: 2-4 kg shimano rod, 2500 Sienna reel. 6lb braid and 12lb fluoro leader. Hoping to have a few more reports to share as we head up the coast in the coming weeks. Cheers