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  1. I'm a little burnt with Daiwa rods - i reckon my brother and i must have busted the tip off more than half a dozen between us over the last decade. Just too thin walled, which makes for a really nice action but just not practical for my purposes. Their heavy saltwater rods might be better, but i ain't going to spend a few hundred bucks to find out. I'm much more pleasantly disposed towards shimano rods, and particularly anything Ian Miller has had anything to do with. But I'm happy to go to the Venom, and its a high speced rod both wrt blank and has SiC guides fwiw. My question is more whether a 7' rod is going to be too short for working poppers. And if the tip might be too soft.
  2. I'm looking for a heavy spin rod to match with a BG 6500, 60lb line, and i have a range of heavy swimbaits, poppers and other lures up to about 150g to throw, most in the Keppels. I don't have anything at the moment that will cast that heavy. I'll often be in the boat single handed, so I'm a bit worried about my ability to land fish alone with a 8' popping rod, and i think i might be better with something in the 7'-7'6" range. I'm inclined towards the Wilson Venom range, as i have always been happy with the Live Fibre rods. I don't think i want a specialised popping rod, as i don't think I'd use it enough for that purpose and i think those rods would be a bit of a handful for my other purposes. Will a 7' be ok, or should i go up to the 8' popping or stickbait rods? I'm a pretty big bloke and can keep up a few hours lure casting with my 10' beach rod (although I'm sore the next day).