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  1. Thanks mate. It was a fishing trip with a charter boat in Central Coast NSW. Started with catching livies, and then headed out far and wide to catch these kingies on yakkas and slimies Also got some good size orange longfin perch at about 150m deep water. Awesome trip and good feed for everyone on board!
  2. Quote: This particular bottle is no Maniyu, but a more affordable version, it cost 38 bucks if i remember correctly. [Kubota Manjyu] is sake very famous for Japan. It is the taste felt refreshed like dry wine. It is very delicious if it drinks together with sushi or sliced raw fish. It is sake famous for Japan. It is manufacture of the manufacturer "morning-sun brewing" of Niigata Prefecture. These alcoholic drinks are the dry tastes felt refreshed. I made from the most extravagant production method of sake, and "JYUNMAIDAIGINJYOU."
  3. BEST eating fish you can catch off Sydney - personal opinion
  4. Absolutely trophy snapper, good work!
  5. My tackle for the day: ***************************************************************************** Rod: Deepline Logical 60 Number 8 slow jigging rod Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 slow jigging reel Mainline: Number 1.5 high quality braid Sunline Leader: Flurocarbon 22 pound leader Sunline Jig: Deepliner 180 slow jig Hooks: Slow Blatt number 1 assist hooks x 4 Excellent eating fishing, steamed well with ginger and shallots, plus some good Sake!!!
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