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  1. I'd say someone was out yesterday in that wind. Looks like an expensive mistake. Probably the news might mention it
  2. Both๐Ÿ˜ I'm usually heading out just after lunch and depending on tides, if it's too low or usually no parking at the ramp ( more common of late), I just go to a land spot. When I do get out in the boat, again, depends on time, it's usually lane cove river , some parts of Parramatta river and bays, or towards the harbour. The odd times I get to the Hawkesbury it's on a day off, or the odd Saturday when the kids are not required to be watched by me.
  3. My work associate fishes mostly motor oil z man grubs and gets jewies sometimes. And he fishes Hawkesbury as well. No secret spots though, usually anchor up, toss a line out .... Although good old fresh squid does well for jewies .
  4. Good stuff, I also fish "less preferred times" of the day, and yes, can be really good runs.
  5. That's a YouTube uploaded video. He's just put the link up here
  6. I've got those spring loaded centre rollers on the back of mine. They do help. But if yours gets out of line, like mine, just a matter of stop winching and let the boat swing itself before pulling onto the trailer
  7. Nice job. Bait is good sometimes, especially if you feel lazy, toss a lump of food out and sit back and relax. Umina a great area beach to fish as well as swim. My beach spot for summer. Worth the 90 mins each way.
  8. Yet to speed check. But I'd say a good 25 knots currently. It's a fun boat. If I really wanted to go fast O would have bought a speed boat with a 200 on the back๐Ÿ˜. But if I can get near 30 knots out of mini, maybe a prop change later, that would be good ๐Ÿ‘
  9. ring the shop you bought it from and ask them
  10. I got a bit more progress done. I've lifted the motor as high as I can. Still get rooster tails out the side, but it's stable, got done speed. Better video yet to be done This one was just short clips from my phone
  11. true, would go ok with two people, but depending on weight of 4 , might be a bit slow
  12. Nice boat. Should be ok for beach launch, just have to take it out on a mild day.
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