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  1. If the boat and motor have been undercover most if not all that time, and that's a real nice boat, and the motor might be mid 80s model? Give it a run, if it's done stuff all hours, as people have said above , get it turned over by hand and give it a start. Good chance it will run, be it rough, and pump water. If it does, leave it run for 15-20 mins . Change the gearbox oil and take it for a 15 min water test on the river. The motor is more than likely going to be ok. If it runs reasonable, then get all the bottom end seals and water pump replace for good measure. If compression is good,
  2. Fantastic job. Couple nice fishies, Do you have a photo of the plastic you were using?
  3. Fine.. F...d-up. Insecure. Nuked. Emotional. 😁
  4. @Elecmuso , off shore and open waters are a broad term. I believe just outside Lion Island is considered open waters. Off shore, would depend how far you go.
  5. oh nice! I will message you about it.
  6. this is all good info as Im thinking of an electric motor for helping with moving about and slow trolling, so maybe a 55lb for the old heavy pongrass. It has a auxiliary bracket on the back , so Id have to sit at the back to control it, which is really not a problem. But would help a bit instead of anchoring up all the time. Id say. front mount is way too expensive for me to justify the cost.
  7. Thanks, it's the best catch I've had for a long time. As and I've had no luck with kingies, yet, it made my day with this lot.
  8. Put a bag of cement on the inside of the back corner of the boat when you are out. Soon find out. If anything, you might have to move a few things around inside the boat to counterbalance.
  9. What about the rest of the catch?!?! 😁. No idea , I didn't measure, must be well over the 40cm mark... The water was murky, I was a bit concerned at first until the tide moved the other way...
  10. @Pickles, that looks like a certain spot you mentioned 😁...
  11. Well done, I've still had no luck getting king fish of late so I got a good feed of bream and flathead today instead
  12. Yeah...is fat and heavy, I thought it was a big flatty until I got it in sight
  13. Cheers, it's been a while...I've not caught that many keepers so that a personal record for me😁
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