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  1. Good job. Bream are funny sods. I landed 2 decent size last weekend on 30lb braid and 25lb mono with 3/0 hook and a big slab of squid put out for jewies. I'm amazed each one managed to stuff the squid into its mouth. The " bream line" was not touched.
  2. Ive been on facebook about this for discussion as well. its guidelines, I took myself and my autistic son out on Saturday just gone, from home to ramp to boat to ramp to car to home, we were no closed than 3m to anyone. We took and used wipes with us as well. As he is immediate family, I see no way of spreading anything and we were certainly not touching anything that was not ours. I bought all bait, and fuel the day before.
  3. has anyone , used a poddy trap from a boat? hanging it off the side and had any success?
  4. depends on the size of the sod, anything from, yeah man, to f..k me its got some go!
  5. lot of smaller convenience shops still open, maybe fishing tackle shop qualifies as this.....unless they are restricting customers in the shop to reduce possibility of closing, by the way, some smaller shopping malls are still having cafes and snacks shops still running. I might have to to buy some prawns tomorrow once Im that is much room left in the freezer as I have stocked it up hard, not for a lockdown, but because anything is having to be doubled up as it takes now up to a week of searching shops for basic items.
  6. Just something to help lighten the current situation. NSW government announces a closure of all non essential businesses. So...I rang the local fishing tackle shop and asked if they are closing. Their reply " no bro, we are essential business and help social distancing, we are staying open" Heheheheee......
  7. Nice job, so where abouts is your spot? even a nearby suburb idea?
  8. yeah, was about 1 year ago now, at North Shore Rowing club, I took a photo and poked it back into the water with a stick. Thats about 16 km ish upstream of the heads or so. A marine biologist I spoke to said its a sign the water quality is very clean for something like that to be living up there.
  9. Ive also caught EP up towards Figtree Bridge about a year ago (Lane Cove River) , and I even reeled in a blue ringed octopus still chewing on the bait , from just around the corner of Woodford bay.
  10. People pump out the nippers from Sandringham regular at low tide. Down from Brighton le sands
  11. Extreme fishing in Guildford has live nippers for sale as well. And live prawns.
  12. according to reports, the bushfires increased the countries total emissions from 1.5% to about 2.5% due to added bushfire smoke
  13. The mini is looking better as it goes. I took it out of garage to clean the garage , and line a few things up. Getting there...