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  1. It's a Jonno motor, will run 95 octane quite happy
  2. I've not used Valvoline, however another person had issues with Penrite, so another brand looks to be the go. As mentioned by others, a list of things To check, Compression as a start, plug change, fresh fuel and use this oil. Keep in mind the Penrite sludge may take a short time to be flushed out.
  3. oh good, Im was concerned I was the only one that had "issues" with Penrite Only reason I suggested different oil is because when I ran penrite in mine, the motor ran like crap and took a lot of tuning to get it to run a bit better. But as said, once the oil I used was back in stock, I went straight back to that. Good thing I only had like 5-6l premixed fuel left with Penrite in it, so I poured it out of the main tank and into the can for whipper snipper and mower fuel. Otherwise , @Alex75 , you have an extensive list to go through. Good luck. Hopefully its just being a grumpy old motor
  4. Who's bxf? It's not so much a favourite, but never given me any issues I've got plenty oil currently....
  5. I heard from a boating associate that the Hacking has been busy of late, especially yesterday with people "fishing" . Good that you can get out though, better no fish caught than no fishing at all....
  6. The foam inside the cowl is for noise reduction. With mixing fuel, there's two ways I do it. One, I have set empty Jerry cans, 5l and 20l so I know how much oil to put in before fuel. But, if I'm topping up the main tank , I watch the fuel amount going in, say it's 13l to fill a 20l tank, then I calculate the oil needed for 13l and put it in, as the other 7l is already premixed.
  7. My workplace is pharmacy, that's all I can say, while they have covid safe practice, vax should have been priority like other health care, but again, what do I know.... ๐Ÿ˜. Overall my biggest gripe is like others that suffer health problem, we , for at least last 12-18months, have been struggling to get proper care but keep getting put to back of pack due to cancellation by specialist and medical care. I can hardly walk somedays but have to work as the rest of my family can not. The mental health toll WILL, be far higher than the bug toll. Carry on.
  8. I loose count how many people I see out with masks only covering their bottom lip, or not covering their nose, and they sneeze and drip boogers around. I try to limit trips to shops for food but if any of you have teenagers at home, then tend to demolish the food source in one day, which is annoying having regular trips to buy top up food because of their appetites . I work with 40-50 people , 5 days a week, and we all have masks, gloves, sanitize , wear contact tracing qr code tags, scan in and out at work , and all come from different areas of Sydney. that and outside in the smoko shed, which I do not go to, they are hugging and kissing (obviously women in this case), yet the boss, despite being asked a year ago, does not want to bring in , in-house covid vax. Free choice or not, we are a critical industry supply chain, they are not exactly protecting their business. Government, if they had any brains (which they do not) should have gotten vax into warehouse distribution as a start a LONG time ago. Only IGA recently did this.
  9. Ive heard on media sources, the water police have been sitting in Botany Bay and stopping every boat going out to make sure they are within and stay within 10km radius of their homes, and also booking every boat coming back from 12 mile marker, so it seems still plenty boats going out, and Id say the people in those boats are not within same household. But last year, thats exactly why people bought boats, to take their mates out with them. Yet I cannot take my autistic son out with me (to give his mum and brother a break) even for a walk without being questioned, let alone fishing from shore, and thats limited as well, considering how many people walk past us, no masks, while we wear masks. Yet boating is considered unsafe as there may be lots of contact points, like - petrol, food, bait, etc. but is that why we QR scan? I could prove less stops than most only thing I stop for is fuel, I already have prefrozen bait and I take food and drinks out. We stay away from others at the ramp and sanitize our hands regular. Then we would be at "risk" being 500m away from anyone, let alone the fact we might infect someone out of the 10km, now reduced to 5km radius by being a LONG way from anyone. but the supermarket, granted its critical industry is a LOT more contact than a boat trip, but far. How many times do we pick up and put back a product on the shelf at the supermarket? but we all do need to eat. just fed up, no so much not being able to get out , but the mental toll its taking on all my family and no how much people say "stay safe" , it is not helping. We do stay safe, yet probably because I live in a Red zone, Im a contagion case, and really fed up with being labelled that. but the now extra 4 weeks, if that does not get extended, by NSW Sydney government. thats my rant for today.
  10. thats in case they need to move the position of the rods
  11. I'm ready for the next trip๐Ÿ˜ ...not my boat, just a photo I found...
  12. Nice stuff dude. I'm preparing for some fresh water fishing this summer....I hope
  13. Sacha is pretty clued up for sure, might not be the world's best actor but certainly digs into his roles very well. And yes, he has good opinions about things. Worth a listen to...
  14. Give it a drink of 98 octane, I do with mine sometimes, mostly I run 95 , just seems to freshen the grumpy Evinrude up ๐Ÿ‘
  15. That's fine but if it's doing what I think it is, a change of brand oil may well help. Granted it's only me but the Penrite oil gave me nothing but trouble with smoke, idle, sludge, and I'm glad it was only a short time. I went back to gulf and never had an issue since. May well be worth a go. It's still two stroke oil.
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