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  1. impressive, thats a good run for 10 weeks, all I got first 10 weeks was the usual bream and flathead, but I was fishing with baits
  2. Yes they can carry on sometimes, usually a bit of a run or just be heavy as f.... I'm not exactly sure of my technique, I just wind it in carefully,
  3. I've had flathead hit on the drop, the stop, or just hit it when being wound in, that's all lures....but that's just me. Where are you located?
  4. The rag? Not really 😁. Flathead are most people's favourite..I generally fillet them, cover in batter and shallow fry. But others have other cooking ideas. I prefer bream mostly..
  5. Garmin Stricker looks to show more detail. I've got a 4x and it's not very good. I'm thinking of buying a Garmin to replace it soon
  6. Flathead can be really easy to get on plastics. My favourite is motor oil zman grubs on jighead of 1/16,1/8th . Bit I've got them on rattly bream hardbodies, trout lures, hard prawns style lures.... I handle them with a rag and I sometime still get spiked.
  7. I didn't bring a net but I can stick it in the Bucket. I made this trolley up from an old trike I saw out the front of a hone for council clean up. I made a wooden frame , put two pipe holders in for rods. The handle unclips and pops out as seen in next comment.
  8. I'd have to go have a look at the brand...I think I've got a box buried in the freezer. The box is blue, however I used to buy it from another fish shop and the box is white. Still....for that price and the hit rate on fish I've had, I'm certainly not going to spend up to $45 a kilo for leathery bait.
  9. well done, Ive never had much luck with tweed squid, only squid/calamari Ive had success with is from the fish shop. Californian calamari, about one hand long, very frozen fresh, very white, hardly any pink, and it gets wrecked by the fish, and at $18 a kg box....
  10. Hunter hill usually quiet, but wind can chop it up. I'd say stick to Woodford bay out of the wind. As for bream spots, go toss lines at the wharf on the college edge of the river.
  11. I fixed the tilt and trim on my boat so now I can launch at Silverwater 😁
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