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  1. @XD351 , off topic , from that user name id say you have/had a car like that I use to have an XC with 351 cleveland when I was young and stupid, now Im old and stupid, I race cars in video games, I added a post in THE bar. On topic, Also, remember to take an aerator and container to keep prawns alive.
  2. Heres a few links of me on my DIY motion sim racer, and playing a few racing games. Just my other hobby, video games. and this is the ride in action Cheers, Dave
  3. @delboy030767, I had a chuckle to myself after I got into the car and turned on the heater.
  4. I buy the live prawns (50c each) from Extreme fishing on Woodville rd in Guildford, good bunch of blokes, excellent fresh squid, yakkas, slimeys, frozen baits, good service. otherwise I get bait from fish shop in Fairfield forum, most of the time I buy my slimeys, pilchards, gars, whole mullets and banana prawns for bait, plus if I ask, they give me a bag of fish guts, I reuse as burley. fishing has been off, yes, water still a bit cool, ive been up Lane Cove river a few times with little success, no matter what the bait. anyway, it was a good explore a bit day, I looked at nav char
  5. I bought the live prawns from local bait shop , 50 cents each.
  6. you are correct, boat hull design has improved greatly over the years, but it does depend on the boat and what its designed for of course. my ol' pongrass surfmaster does well
  7. I didnt got that far up, id launch from SPencer if I was going to go towards Wisemans, or just take extra fuel. Im still diging around a few spots, but the time I get out in the day , the fish are on smoko and not biting
  8. yes, lucky I fell just right. its the first time ive taken the cheap dashcam out, so yes, bit of adjustment needed, and yes, lol, the date is a long way off
  9. I ended up having a good chuckle to myself about it
  10. I had a day off work, so......off we go for a fish in the boat. Launched from the ramp next to the M1, bit choppy and windy , but powered through it in the ol' pongrass surfmaster mostly exploration day and peace and quiet basking in the sun went up as far as Spencer for a bit of a fish and look around, then back down a bit to try a few possible spots. Not much on the bite, got a stocker bream and two little tailor , live prawns mostly being taken. no touches on squid or pilchards or chicken. no matter , too nice a day to be at home I made a bit of a video as I have a chea
  11. @kingie chaser , not just boat trailers, some people struggle to back even a box trailer, mind you, the shorter the trailer, the harder it is to steer. But yes, plenty people, especially recently it seems, lots of boating newbies struggling. All have to start somewhere though...
  12. All good, theres plenty like that anyway
  13. you are correct, ive seen plenty times people driving boat onto trailer, its a careful task to say the least. I have to drive mine on and its only 15' runabout at Apple Tree Bay, and its not my idea of fun, I have to line it up, then at the last second, turn the engine off, jump over the windscreen, and hop onto my trailer, holding the rope and then pull it up onto the trailer enough for the strap to reach, then I wind it up.
  14. the price of gas, in last few years..has atrociously gone up. It used to be cheap, not in my books its not. However, has advantages, I have tank and gas mains, so its efficient in heating the water and best for cooking though....
  15. im going to search for that on youtube
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