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  1. I grew up in Valla, northern Rivers in bushland. We burnt off regular but the area still went up. No RFS then , no local brigade to help. Just us and nearby relos beating the flames with wet sacks and shovels. All of us got out there.
  2. Yes, I've heard about the bhudists releasing live Barra as part of a "prayer" thing. It's fairly common and if you do catch one, it's rare and they probably survived the transition to the harbour and river areas
  3. @Niall , Ive got a boat and Ive had NO luck around blackwattle Kingie suggested a bait line, of which I +1 to. I toss a bait line out when Im throwing lures about as well. Never know with fish sometimes.....
  4. There has been rat king's up lane cove river as far as burns bay Rd bridge, but not as common as in Sydney Harbour.
  5. Garie Beach good but closed after sunset.....unless you want to stay locked in all night
  6. Thanks man..can you PM me an address and phone number please. I can visit this Saturday mid morning. Dave
  7. ok, thanks for the info so far. appreciate the help
  8. Hello fine people. Fibreglass and resin. Is there actually marine variety? Would standard hardware store glass and resin be ok still? Reason I ask is that it is over 1.5 hr round trip to either RTM in Penrith or Whitworth at Drummoyne. I'd prefer to buy closer to home and not loose a few hours running around. Dave.
  9. Lots of variables to said, weight of boat, speed, people on board....etc.... Some outboards a bit better on fuel than others My pongrass surfmaster , probably half a ton ...has 50hp 2 stroke Evinrude on back. With me only, 83kg, at 17-20 knots and a bit of fishing gear, about 10ltrs an hour With 4 adults combined weight, 320kg, at 17-20 knots....11-12 litres an hour. You will need to do some tests as said, probably best pick a cruising speed and go 30mins, stop, have a look at the gauge, drive 30mins, check again. Will give you estimate. Then take about 1hr more fuel than you need.
  10. thanks @James Clain , might be wortha shot for a lazy fishing day. carp, they are mostly bait caught I think? not really lures?
  11. Cool. I didn't know you could fish there at the lake. Also, would anyone know if there are any fish in very upper "fresh water" part of Parramatta river? Up past the ferry wharf? Obviously not to eat, just catch and release.
  12. True that. Probably same cost as near a small car, was last quoted a few years back for that, over $2000. I can borrow a spray gun and compressor and paint including primer and top coat should be about $200 ish mark or so. It's 8 foot long boat But thanks for the suggestion. I'd not wrap it myself though....