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  1. 15' runabout. Does Jamieson park one have a pontoon?
  2. @Renegade460 . where did you launch the boat from on Narrabeen lake please?
  3. Ha! tell that to the people ive seen anchor right in the middle of a channel
  4. motiondave

    Auxiliary motor

    probably, i was, and still am half asleep. lol
  5. motiondave

    Auxiliary motor

    you need oars if you only have one motor, regs state if you have back up , you dont need oars, but having them is a good thing. electric motor might do it, but youd need powerful one and LOTS of battery power on hand.
  6. what areas are you looking at? are you anchoring for a few hours fishing or overnight. the map you linked is fairly clear as to where you can set an anchor.
  7. @kaniSS , I have a few land based spots up lane cove river, but to be honest, I bought a boat, best $1500 Ive ever spent, and apart from fuel, its cheap to run, and I get to plenty places now out of casting range of shore spots. took me 4 years to justify that amount spent. if you want land spots, get this book ive got a copy and it tells of places I didnt even think of.
  8. @Eddy best thing I can suggest is purchase this book either online or see if any local fishing tackle shops and a shop have a copy. heaps of land based spots in Sydney to choose from. Places like the Entrance and WingDang can be over fished out. around woy woy wharf and near the train station can be good, but depends on time, tides and soemtimes, sheer luck.
  9. @NewbieBoatie Try Five Dock Bay Drummoyne, as its free and is three lanes, in a bay so you dont have to worry about wash from ferries or river current. Or, if you dont mind paying for parking, the one at Bayview Park, end of Burwood Rd, again in a bay area and now river or current to worry about. they are the more common I use, mostly Five Dock bay 99% of the time. But Ive also gone to Davidson Park Rozelle (access to middle harbour), Parsely Tree Boat Ramp, Hawkesbury - Brooklyn .
  10. I didn't think of the switches themselves....
  11. Ive got foam boxes set up for vege scrap disposal as well as breeding earthworm for bait.
  12. Interesting....I really must have a look at the canals near the bays I fish from. As for earthworm, I use them on a jighead and very slow retrieve them , gets hammered by most fish.
  13. Wife trying it for size😁
  14. Yes. Not using 2 pack. Just going to apply enamel.
  15. As I cannot find where the heck I started... Here's a few pics of mini boat build. It's come a long way since acquiring a while back. Top and bottom hulls almost complete. Transom still getting work. Will start with 25hp on the back. I will add photos in extra comments.