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  1. I usually take videos and photos of boating trips and put them together as a video.
  2. excellent stuff, well done
  3. as scratchie says, sometimes its just good to burn fuel for the day instead. Ive done that,
  4. Great stuff and my kind of start time, 3pm. Working night shift and getting up at 7am to get kids to school is bad enough. Well done.
  5. Wasn't actually marketing crap, the shop I go to only had the penzoil small bottle at the time . They got stock of gulf western later, of which I'm back using again. Edit, I worked in automotive for 8 years, standard parts, race, rally, had several cars myself from V8 to rotary, attended conference from manufacturer explaining the design of engines and oil development, with no one particular brand suggested. oils ain't oils, 😁
  6. long as it keeps feral guts safe, then great
  7. I've heard about potatoes peelings doing that...
  8. Nice but that would cost more in parking , petrol, take longer and more money in food and entertainment. And my kids require 24/7 watching so I'd get no fishing done Nope. Boat easier sometimes that shore spots😁
  9. Yep. I just had prop off, no gear oil leak. I also spoke to a bloke whom used to own auto spares shop and sold lots of oils. He says more than likely penzoil has extra additives to protect. So it's all good. Grumpy Evinrude still runs
  10. Hello, I usually buy Gulf Western 2 stroke oil for grumpy old Evinrude, and it runs fine. However, I bought a 1ltr bottle of penzzoil 2 stroke premix. Still runs fine but there is a sludge dripping out after the motor has stopped from behind the prop. Mostly on muffs warms up and flush at home. Never had this with gulf oil, only a slight oil drip after running. The gearbox oil is clean (could do with a change) and no milkiness. I can only guess the penzzoil stuff obviously "reacts" differently . I've gone back to gulf oil and I'd say there is still some penzzoi
  11. nice idea, water might be a tad rough at that time but thanks for the info, I will look into that trick
  12. Ok cool, I made a bread mix up but tossed in a pack of catfood, as that seems to work extra as well. I have to use Pilchards, (or I mash up old prawns, squid, slimey, what ever Ive got left over.... ) , till I get better at catching bait as Ive mentioned, getting up before dawn is not going to happen with my work hours, family, etc, so I battle along and try to find different methods. And you advice has been great, Im understanding how to do things, be it, I modify them to how I can manage it.
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