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  1. Marine grade? I didn't know there was marine grade. I will investigate more. Thanks for info
  2. Nice but waaaay too pricey for me
  3. @noelm, I don't need to lift 5" . Probably maybe 2". So more leg, 3", in the water than a short shaft transom cut down
  4. I found what would do perfect. Thick aluminium angle and a motor mount plate made of ply. It's a 30hp. So. Guessing 6-10mm thick? 50-60mm angle would do it.
  5. It's a curly one yes. Slider adjust yes. Short shaft was too short. Long shaft needed and bought because we think about 3" , as opposed to 5" in the water is required. I've sent you, on PM , photos of what would do it. I just need the aluminium angle and I'm right to make the rest up. So yes, a Slider adjust for sure. I stopped making sense to myself years ago 😁
  6. I've got long shaft motor on short shaft transom. So basically another transom plate could potentially bolt straight to the existing transom As it's going up, not down, to reduce leg length. But as I'm not sure what overall length I need, I'm still head scratching. I've spoken also to Frank and he might be able to make up something. I will do a sketch later to try to show people what I'm trying to do
  7. Anyone , by chance, got a jack plate they are not using? My transom is 240mm wide .
  8. Anyone got a jack plate they are not using?
  9. So....i put the 30 on the back today to see how it fits's a bit wider at the bolt holes than the transom. I might have to invent some form of jack plate, maybe from ply, to get the height right before I make something more permanent. I will add more photos
  10. Yeah.... looking good😁
  11. The ski suit? Dunno...would have to get one made up,.😂 About a month I'd say before the boat is back in the water....