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  1. Thanks Neil, I'm doing ok. Just plodding along... I do try to make my own equipment, or modify and or recycle, repurpose, etc. It all might not look pretty but serves a purpose 👍.
  2. Another I made but this time I added a steel plate to help support it in sand shore line, grass area, dirt. Not recommended for beach use, I use a 1m length of PVC pipe for that.
  3. I cut a length of 40mm PVC pipe and used tape wrapped around it to hold it on. That's basically it.
  4. @HawkesburyParadise As asked by a few people, here are my home made peg rod holders. I made these about 5 years back from left over 10mm thick mild steel bar and some PVC pipe. It's 500mm long and I welded a length about at the middle as a support, plus I welded on a little old bolt to help support the pipe, then I used a grinder to make a point on the end so it can be shoved in the ground.
  5. good job for mid week, maybe I should try further upstream as well, as anytime ive gone during the week, theres plenty trawlers about and ive gotten zero fish. But thats from spencer down I found.....
  6. Correct, it's under Parra river council trust, catch and release in that fresh water area. That section of fresh was within my 5km excersise radius so I didn't have much choice apart from brackish water from the ferry down... I might go back there in summer to try lures for the heck of it..
  7. Nope, all bass apart from carp. Its fresh water
  8. Basically yes, I made my own up and taped a pipe to it. I will take photo of it tomorrow
  9. I had to put the carp back there, it's under Parra council, so all fish caught must be returned, and there is security cameras around .
  10. I made my own, but you can buy basic steel rod pegs from Kmart, BigW or fishing shop
  11. Best watch this video for soft plastics use. I use little rattly divers as I can work them on a slow or medium speed retrieve plus I can lift the rod to keep them off the bottom to avoid snags, good for weedy areas and some snaggy areas. There's a zillion divers around. Dark colour work well I find , brown or black. Short or long, most times I take both zman grubs motor oil colour and a diver or two. I've only been fishing for about six years and I'd say I took on lures not long after starting but only really use them recently. As said, sometimes I just toss bait lines out and relax, sometimes I toss a lure around as well.. Edit That's the sort of lures in small hardbodies I use, mostly darker colours though. eBay cheapies will work, but I do have more expensive ones I got from tackle Shop as well.
  12. leaders for sinker fishing , can be anything from 50cm to 1m. Ive found that longer leaders can float around a bit more, while shorter leaders seem to stay put. Usually, and someone can correct me, longer leader for slow current, shorter leader for stronger current. Around bobbin, maybe try two rods, one with long leader, one with shorter. with a float, I use one of the cheap foam ones that have small spring clips on them, so I can sort of adjust the line length below the float. Sometimes even 1m below float with no sinker on the line, just bait, so it floats about can have a decent hit rate. Unless the water flow is strong, then I have to add a running sinker that goes down to the hook. Depending on where and tide time im fishing, my general leader is 50cm ish from swivel to hook, with sinker above the leader. But sometimes I will fish with 50cm leader ish, and a running sinker to the hook. For some reason, I get less snags, but I have to wind in the line fast and lift the rod up to get it off the bottom. I find different spots might need a different line set up, or a change to see if one thing works more than another, kind of like having two rods, either one cast out further, one closer, and different baits. Its going to take a bit of experimenting Id say, but as said, maybe others here can advise directly on fishing Bobbin head from shore, I did a while back at a high tide and got zero. I use plastics/lures and bait as I never know what the fish will be interested in, and thats either from boat and shore line. Ive had fish smash bait lines one day and not lures, and another day , Ive had fish smash lures and not bait. Go figure. Dont panic, its only your second time out so just try a few things. Is Bobbin head your most local spot? Can you travel around Sydney more? Id suggest go look for this book as its only $10 and has heaps of spots plus tips for lines, bait, rods, etc. Cheers, Dave.
  13. Hello, are you land or boat based? Fishing is that. a learning game, Id say theres days even the hardened fishos get not much results as well. as for bait , maybe take a small packet of frozen bait prawns along as well, and maybe some salted pilchards used in pieces, plus the chicken. also try good old bread rolled tight into a ball and squashed on the hook. Maybe even try a float line, try to estimate the water depth and run the leader off the bottom depth, so if its 2m deep, try leader under float of 1.5m or 1m. Hook size? I use a size 2 long shank or size 2 suicide for general purpose bream, flathead, and that seems to work ok. Sinker size, bigger sinker does help for casting distance and holding it down, but can snag sometimes. I dont have a recommended sinker size as I really dont know the sizes and know by sight , hehehee. With hooking, either try to hook the fish or wait for it to grab and run, personally, Im lazy and most of the time when I see bites, I wait, but sometimes I try to strike the fish. seagulls have plentiful food supply from the picnickers there, so its going to be an issue. For bait keeping, I have a small insulated lunch bag with a freezer pack in it to store my bait, so I only take out what im about to use and keep the rest frozen fresh. You seem to be fishing at the right time with the tides, but someday, the fish are just not interested it seems.
  14. A can of aerostart can come in handy....😁
  15. @maccapacca @61 crusher I fish Lane cove river fairly regularly from shore and boat. Woodford bay from Kelly's Esplanade end is ok, good flathead to be found though. unfortunately st Ignatius college Wharf is now off limits to fishing, but from boat or kayak, toss lines at the wharf for good bream. Or paddle over to the flats edge and work the channel for flathead. from shore try under the road bridge and the little park area next to it.
  16. I'd say avoid the hacking and possibly George's like its plagued, well....on weekends.... I've only been out on Friday as of recent and even it was 2pm arrival, Drummoyne ramp was near full. I've heard stories that places like parsely bay was chockers, not sure about other ramps. @Fab1 what day and time and where were you planning? Overall, I expect ramps to be busy till intrastate and interstate travel resume and then overseas travel.
  17. Why not something like a 475? They look comfy, windscreen, Bimini Can attached to keep sun off and they handle anything from glass Stillwater to big chop and wind and swell. Well....that's what I've noticed being out looking around...
  18. Side console would be fine. I had a tiller steer for about three weeks and quickly got fed up with aching shoulder from sitting at the back and hanging onto a handle. So I bought the pongrass, cost me $1500. Not sure where you are located, but going Into Sydney Harbour and through it, comfort and being able to hand wind, decent chop, wake waves from cruisers and ferries, some swell, etc. Even fishing near lion island, it changed pretty fast in condition once wind picked up, was motoring through decent head winds and sizable chop. That's not even off shore, I'm yet to do a trip out to long reef, even a few hundred metres off shore, but I've seen Ronnie's struggle around there as I could see them near Narrabeen .
  19. Id say early mornings for fishing for sure, but when one works till 1 am, and tries to sleep by 2am, then up at 7 am to get damn kids up....Im NOT a morning person so any advice on afternoon kingfishing with be greatly appreciated, but not on this thread as it highjacks this one.
  20. thats a pretty decent budget really, 20-25k would get you a good aluminium quintrex or something easy, that would handle just about any conditions, including thrashing through the harbour . Id suggest a front steer though as its more comfortable with front seats, windscreen, and get a mini kota for the front, unless one is included. So thats a 440, 460 or even a 475. a 420 might not quite get you out in rougher conditions. I only have a pongrass surfmaster thats old, fibreglass and handles chop like anything.... Im eventually going to look for a quintrex later, or maybe an old centre console aluminium boat, but thats a few years off.
  21. Well done, I finally got out in the water near 2pm yesterday, didn't even get a damn Yakka😂, and I slow trolled with Burley, some squid around a few spots, zero. Oh well, they all must have been well-fed in the morning.
  22. motiondave


    I keep spare bungs and BEFORE I launch the boat, I check... TWICE, that it is in.
  23. Old thread I know....anyone know about what the boat itself might weigh? Less motor? As I have surfmaster.. Just curious
  24. I take various baits as well, chicken, salted pilchards, bait prawns. I only use the cheap squid calamari for mostly when I'm out looking for Jews or Kingies , although little bits got the bream a while back. When I get the box, I usually divide it up into smaller amount so I don't take a full kg when I go out. Only what I'm estimating to use, the rest goes back home as I have a freezer pack in the baitbox .
  25. Im still not convinced at $45 a KG and Ive yet to catch my own squid , im still working on that and will practice more this season, and hopefully get some live stuff for a change.
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