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  1. pegz

    Fuel filter

    I have both tanks connected to the fuel filter with isolation valves on each.
  2. couple of baby sharks just over 1m and 6 yellow striped ones. all released
  3. 4hr session off Port Hedland lots of small ones these were the biggest and released
  4. pegz

    Was A Big one

    Got this one as a consolation
  5. pegz

    Was A Big one

    Had a shark hooked up, 12k off port hedland
  6. pegz

    Members Boats.

    Hi I seen the side guides on ebay for $250, thought that was too much so made them myself parts from Bunnings and a shop. the floor and stringers were professionally done I made the seat boxes and had them fibre glassed and installed with the floor, they can be removed easily by a couple of screws. Transom was in good condition. in all it cost $5500 and 4 weeks. I will need to make new lids when I get back home as I hadn't had time to finish them before leaving.
  7. pegz

    Guide poles

    it helps to guide the boat on when alone and a side wind blowing
  8. pegz

    Members Boats.

    Not sure on total weight but it is heavy, the xr6 has a higher towing capacity than xr6Turbo. My next car will be a 4X4. I launched at port ramp and had a bit of trouble on the Anderson grid that they have at the bottom. I usually launch at Berkley ramp on the lake and go out through the entrance, then when the swell picks up come back into lake and do some more fishing. I am going to go to Sydney harbour one day.
  9. pegz

    Members Boats.

    it should do, I averaged 10.5 L/KM driving from Wollongong to port hedland. I was a bit worried about the ramps over here as the tides are huge but it pulls out the long ramp easy
  10. pegz

    Guide poles

    Made guide poles for easy boat retrieval and centering. Gal pipe obtained from Bunnings, rollers mounted on steel bar that they were made for and fits inside pipe with a washer welded in place to stop it sitting on roller. There is a bolt going through mounting bracket and the chain to stop any movement need to replace rollers with nylon type as these ones have gone soft and leaving bits stuck to the boat
  11. pegz

    Members Boats.

    inside cabin has toilet using a hummingbird fishfinder and uhf and vhf radios made side guides to center boat when retrieving as I am usually by myself
  12. pegz

    Members Boats.

    Hi New member, restarted fishin a couple of years ago. My boat Monark Victory( sold to me as a Haines Signiture) first boat that I have owned so was a bit green. Has toilet inside cabin Length = 5.2m Motor - 90hp Tohatsu 2 stroke 70L under floor fuel tank, 50L fuel tank at rear between seats twin batteries (moved from rear to under feet when sitting to move weight forward rewired by me new floor and stringers 6months ago, new bait tank(plumbed) and catch tank Jobs to do - new trim tabs thinking of getting auto ones, tidy up wiring behind gauges. more photos to follow due to restrictions I have just towed to boat from Wollongong to port Hedland WA took 5 1/2 days with a ford FG xr6 with no issues