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  1. I would be careful pulling out on a ramp with front wheel drive as there will be less weight on the front
  2. pegz

    Stiff Steering

    I am looking into hydraulic steering (if i can get the money past the misses)
  3. pegz

    Stiff Steering

    ok it is good for building muscles at the moment
  4. pegz

    Stiff Steering

    Ok thanks for that
  5. pegz

    Stiff Steering

    Hi My steering has gone very stiff (hard to turn) it is cable push/pull system. Disconnected from motor and it swings freely. Is it easy to pull out cable from tube to lube ?
  6. Can i order a pair of stickers (blue)if possible, i am in wollongong
  7. Hi i upgraded my trailer with a gal roller (pics in my boat section) towed to port hedland WA and back with no issues
  8. I all ways avoid tolls, even a few extra K's to do so.
  9. pegz

    Members Boats.

    I have looking at them wondered if they worked well
  10. pegz

    Members Boats.

    What trim tabs did you use
  11. pegz

    Fuel filter

    I have both tanks connected to the fuel filter with isolation valves on each.
  12. couple of baby sharks just over 1m and 6 yellow striped ones. all released
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