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  1. Hey raiders, So i've got myself another salty fighter hahaha, I bought it around january 10th this year and up until now its been amazing. I noticed today and for the last couple sessions that my leader has been getting ridiculously chaffed when there was no reason for it to be chaffed. I scoured through the runners looking for the problem and aha! I found it. Turns out the rod tips runner had been chipped making the ceramic insert of the guide useless... Well a quick google search and I learnt how to replace the rod tip. I practiced on two old graphite lure rods that had broken bef
  2. I might possibly buy another new one off dinga just to kill the problem and then put them on bait rods ahhaahahaha
  3. I bought another one not too long ago!!! Man it is so weird getting used to the taper of my old rod but I just knew I had to get another one!! I'm having a bit of trouble with play in the handle knob and handle itself making me feel like bumps and knicks which is pretty annoying I am just trying to trouble shoot at this point
  4. Yeah it how I started and now its my main type of fishing, theres plenty of budget lure rods out there you just need to go in store and look at what you want to get, if you decide lures aren't for you you can always turn the rod into a bait outfit
  5. Well, my salty fighter had a good run caught me plenty of fish and then disaster struck... I stepped on the runner causing shock to go through the blank completely wrecking it. Went to load it up a bit after I got it repaired (Dodgy job) it snapped at the repair site.... I was absolutely heartbroken my favourite rod that caught me many a fish had now decided to snap on me... Luckily for me I saw the okuma z series and got it as a backup/second lure rod before my fighter snapped on me and low and behold it turned up and became my new rod. Its a composite blank but it gets the job done just fine
  6. Hey guys, I thought as I have no idea what these are that I might ask all of you on fishraider what these rods are. I found three of these two piece yellow shakespeare rods in a throw out my mate tipped me off to look at, I was intrigued and just had to take them home and catch something on them. I estimate they are probably from either the 70's-80's around that time period. They have a soft parabolic action and the reels have around 8lb tortue on them. I can't wait to give them a go and see if I can catch something good on them. The reels click and the drag is very loud by they all work
  7. Man I feel your pain, similar thing happened to me while fishing lures for bread and butter species and hooked up to and lost a 80cm plus flathead right at the bloody bank like literally right there for the taking right at my feet. I wanted to cry I was so upset...
  8. 4-5" zman minnowz, opening night, midnight oil and pearl blue glimmer are stand out colours. Use 1/4 and 3/8th jigheads in a 4/0-5/0 size and hop across the bottom near holes Zman swimmerz I have heard are good too. You can use soft vibes and bream sized vibes for jewfish and others. You will get them on 3" but up and above for an increased hook up rate
  9. How good are the squidgy prawn wrigglers? Cloud 9 is a best in 65mm
  10. I've sent a message to the bloke on facebook hopefully that gets me through
  11. I'll definitely apply cheers for letting me know Donna
  12. G'day Raiders! To say that my holidays and this past week has been a fun time is an understatement, I fished every single day two sessions each catching fish every session on lures! I bought a new lure rod after my previous stick decided to snap... However all is well and good as I have gotten around 14-18 fish on my new rod in a week or two worth of fishing! Still got some great sessions in with plenty of great fish! Got some gorgeous flathead over the first few days and only kept one with releasing the rest interesting enough I also got a talior when they came up the river dialing
  13. I've heard of people using bungee cords and stringing them from the handles on the top of the window from either side of the card and then fastening their rods to that but if the rods are 1 piece and on the longer side as JonD said I stick them out the window keeping them flush with the car. Hope this helps in some way Cheers, JamoDamo
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