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  1. JamoDamo

    How do i collect beach worms for beach fishing?

    Thanks for the guide mate. I would love to go fishing with Scotty Lyons one day and learn how to catch blackfish from him, that would be awesome. Thanks for the video and the help mate! Thanks JamoDamo
  2. JamoDamo

    Look at this ENORMOUS Murray Cod at least 1.8m-2m

    Yeah truely a freak of nature that fish its awesome!
  3. Hey Raiders, look at this insanity! Well it is at least 1.5m
  4. JamoDamo

    Sydney bull shark fishing spots

    You can catch bullies in salt pan creek but i wouldn't eat them in that river...
  5. JamoDamo

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    You could ikijime the spine before the heart and keep the heart pumping or you could place the fish upside down in the sand or hanging off the wharf tied to a piece of string and the gravity will drain the blood for you.
  6. JamoDamo

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    An easy way to dispatch flatties is to put them on a rock then you push down firmly on their head and there you go their neck is broken, this way you can bleed the fish out without them suffering. JD
  7. I also have a 4000 sportfisher jarvis walker reel that I haven't used once. It is 12lb line and works fine maybe i should go with that although i know i need to get a smaller 2000-3000 size reel.
  8. I mean 300 size Green Hornet not 3000. Theres one at big w that i might get that has 8lb main line for the blackfish/whiting rod which i think would be a good starting point. I read the only review on the reel and it said that said that it was a great reel and that they had caught kingfish,barramundi and heaps of bream,whiting and flathead. Thanks, JamoDamo
  9. Hi Raiders, Do any of you guys know the equivalent of a 350 size reel to say a 1000-2000 size reel, just curious because i am trying to find a cheapish but good reel for my blackfish rod. Should i get an alvey or just stick with threadline? Thanks, JamoDamo
  10. JamoDamo

    How do i collect beach worms for beach fishing?

    Alright thanks heaps mate! Thanks, JamoDamo
  11. Hey Raiders \, JamoDamo again. Just wondering if any of you guys have any knowledge or expertise in how to gather beach worms for beach fishing. I will be going to Cronulla beach either Elourea or Wanda. I asked my marine biology teacher how to find pipis and worms. He said that along Cronulla was pretty bare because so many people fish there. I know i need pillies in an old rag or tea towel and you put the pillies in the rag or tea towel and you wave the bag back and forth spreading the scent along the sand and if there are any worms they will come up to smell the bait and they form a "V" in the sand when the water runs back out. I went for a little swim there when I was bodyboarding with my dad with goggles and i saw some stonker whiting, bream and a nice flathead! I also bought myself a blackfish rod which i am keen to try out! I just need to find a reel for it. Does anyone know the equivalents of say a 350 size reel to a 2000 size reel I am not sure which is which. Anyways thanks guys so much! Thanks, JamoDamo
  12. JamoDamo

    Where to get good kind of cheaper boats?

    Thats an awesome deal on facebook marketplace thanks all!
  13. I know this is pretty out of reach for me considering i am in high school but where would i be able to get like a decent kind of cheaper side boat. I know that boating is a very expensive hobby but i thought i might as well ask. I saw gumtree, facebook marketplace and ebay for decent boats. They were a good price for boats ie 5k for trailer, motor and accessories. The reason i am asking is my parents are interesting in getting a tinny centre console or side. Just something that is kind of high off the water so that it isn't just a river boat but can go around on the inshore reefs on a good day of course. I saw one for 5k with a kill tank, bait tank, motor, trailer fishfisher etc. Although that was a while ago i would assume there is a gold mine around there somewhere... Thanks, JamoDamo
  14. JamoDamo

    Old days

    Blackfish what is your biggest luderick ever, i know this isn't really relevant to this thread but yeah. Trying to think of weed spots lol
  15. JamoDamo

    Old days

    Although i am not an adult and do not own any vintage/old fishing gear i found some stuff on facebook marketplace you blokes might be interested : https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/902282633479998/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/655543294953314/