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  1. I'm thinking that he should just get a Jarvis walker black queen as I have heard good reports about them and how good they are for estuary blackfish it has enough length to keep them out of structure during the fight and also can double as a good whiting and bream stick. They are cheap readily available so I reckon thats probably the best choice
  2. Hey raiders, One of my mates looking into buying himself his first blackfish rod, He doesn't really want to spend heaps on a setup as blackfish are a once every now and then species. I have looking around for him and I suggested he get my first blackfish rod the Jarvis Walker Jimmy Crane Light 8'6 2-5kg which is a noodle of a rod and an excellent choice to get off cheaply and get a quality rod for the price, however he has unsuccessful in trying to find one of the rods above I also said maybe he should consider a jarvis walker black queen as they are well known for being a good estuary blackfish stick. I need some suggestions on what you guys think is the best rod for price as we aren't really spoiled for choice. I was showing him some rods and they were all up in the $120 plus mark which he really want to spend on a rod he will only use every so often. So any cheaper rods that have a soft action would be very much appreciated looking forward to some replies. Thank you all! Oh and by the way my mate and me went out for blackfish and got a legal one! Cheers, JamoDamo
  3. It would be the same baits regardless most likely but I guess that that would vary according to the availability of the bait to the jewies because their diet most likely wouldn't change right?
  4. Hey raiders, Yet another thread asking for help, in your opinion what do you guys think is the best winter jew bait? Me and my mate are keen on getting our hands on some yakkas or talior as they are our most accessible and easier option to go and try get some bait for jew. Are there any particular spots we should try like say hopefully somewhere in the Georges as that is our local or cronulla beach, I know that the bigger talior have now moved in so I am going to try and take advantage of that but my other worry is that because of winter that the yakkas will be a lot more lethargic and a lot more mellow and not as aggressive when feeding etc. Thanks for the help looking forward to some replies. Cheers everyone, JamoDamo
  5. I used local weed collected from a nearby spot near my house with my mate I am considering making a weed farm so I don't have to constantly go on the hunt instead I can just get it from a soda bottle with weed and saltwater in it and later on a full on tub with it growing in it I am planning to grow all different types so I can have a good variety next time. Cheers, JamoDamo
  6. Would this be dependent on the depth of the water you are fishing or just generally 4-8 foot?
  7. Thanks to all who replied I really appreciate the help. I've got an excellent spot that always produces good weed 5 mins from home so i'll use it as bait and burley so they get tuned into what we are using as I believe that was one error we made. SaltyGreek had trouble with the steelite so I am going to the the 455bxl luderick special on the float rod so he can use the sidecast option. we've got to make premade burley and find the depth, i'll set it a rod length and if we aren't on the bottom i'll set it deeper and see if the float is laying over or just off the bottom and then i'll adjust 30cm up and start from there and find them. Thank you all so much for the replies @Koalaboi and everyone. Thanks all! Cheers, JamoDamo
  8. We didn't burley a lot about every 3-5 minutes, I dunno it was just really really hard going
  9. We tried literally everything like changing depths trying different spots everything we could think of
  10. How I got my first and huge pb 42cm whiting on sea snot (Oyster) I will never know has anyone else gotten whiting on oyster, the bizarre thing is I had it under a blackfish float for a bream! Might try earthworms and give them a go. Cheers JamoDamo
  11. Hey raiders, I know I have been putting up a few more posts about blackfish lately so here we go, me and my good mate @SaltyGreek, this day was just utter pain with very few downs and no hook ups we fished in the georges river setting our floats around 6-8 deep with beautiful weed we gathered on Friday, I got one good down where the float shot under and I struck and met with the feeling of a lunging heavy blackfish on the end of my line for around 5 seconds I shouted to Salty Greek "I'm on!" he said "What?!?!" as we were really surprised to even hook up and as soon as that hope came it left us when it pulled the hook. It was a really really slow day with only a couple downs between us both but no landed fish. We were using a burley with weed from another spot not even a few minutes apart that was pretty soggy and mixed in with sand and sticks and other debris. Is the reason we weren't getting any fish because it was a slow day or was it because it we didn't find the depth that they were feeding at i just don't know. Please help or give me suggestions to what I should do I was so keen to go out today and it just flopped horribly. Cheers all, JamoDamo
  12. I collected some weed today around 2.5 handfuls for bait and burley as it could become a longish session, tune in for a blackfish report around Sunday or Monday depending on how I go, theres two maybe three people fishing so that explains why I have quite a bit
  13. Theres shark nets there that I can go in, no way would I be going out in the open without the protection of the nets. They hopefully should be hanging around the net.
  14. I'll go have a look and snorkel around the net only on the netted side. I'll have a go with nippers and all the baits they eat thanks for the reply! Have you gotten many here? There is a rocky bottom and cover. I have tried on that rock not for long on the western side but it was a pretty low high tide. I think if I make burley it will bring them on the bite. Thank you for the reply with some very valuable local knowledge thanks so much!