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  1. Nice bag of fish there well done
  2. Man that was our first good sesh in a while aye. Good work on the jew really proud of you man you finally achieved ur landbased jew dream! I think if we fish the same we did today there will be many more to come
  3. Hey raiders yet another thread asking about all there is to do with fishing, In my entire fishing career i've never owned but I have used graphite rods. I've used composite and fibreglass up until now and I have now gotten a graphite rod for lure fishing. I noticed on my abu garcia redmax that below the first runner there was a icon saying that the rod was "24 ton graphite" and I got curious, I've looked it up but still I am unsure about what it means, also I have noticed compared to my mates salty fighter that it does not cast a 1/8th or 1/12th as far as his does I am pretty sure it woul
  4. Yes please would like to get some stuff to outfit future boats
  5. Hey raiders, I've bought a good little stockpile of my own sp to use anytime I want to go out. I have practiced rigging and found out how poor squidgy durability quality is! Rigging them on the hook even rips them up and it just doesn't seem cost effective. Buying a few more zman before I completely stop my shopping spree ahahaha. What is everyone elses thoughts on them? I personally really like them but they just rip so easy.
  6. Nice bag of fish there mate!
  7. Congratulations Donna and Stewy!
  8. Always bringing home a nice feed Yowie good work as always!
  9. Thanks waza! In my experience I liked the blackies better but they are both great! Thanks mate! I didn't think i'd be getting this much attention on one report but happy I have! Yeah I am waiting for summer this winter has been painfully long and so bad for fishing but oh well Yeah it sure did I was determined to get something! Yeah ugly but tasty, I love the fact they will eat most lures that you throw at them makes it less challenging for a beginner/novice lure fisherman but I guess I know enough to get by!
  10. I might buy scent if they become finicky but I think I should be ok
  11. Sure was tasted so good! Thanks Rebel! Thanks Green Hornet! Yeah I just did quick hops across the bottom with 8 second pauses. I have some 2.5 inch zman grubz in midnight oil so I might give them a go I don't have any scent but I'll buy some just in case its needed.
  12. Thanks Yowie! Yeah he was a nice fish good fight in him first fish I've gotten in months. Thanks Donna! I am buying a few more bits and pieces tomorrow so that should sort me out for a long time to come! Yeah some days they are on fire some days they are not, the other report I made was at one of the spots I went to and we got 5 legals and 2 undersized ones along with two more legals I caught on the day : Just shows they can be so good on one day and nothing the next.
  13. Very nice, interesting to see how the older gear is still going and still catching fish
  14. Thanks Ryder appreciate the kind words. Sure did I was stoked when I got it in!
  15. Thank you for teaching me how to rig them properly and most importantly how to use lures thanks mate thats what helped me succeed!
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