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  1. Thanks heaps everyone! I think if I go fishing again on a holiday i'll buy a travel rod so I can transport it easily, She said 1m was the most I could have it so I guess I just buy a cheapie jarvis walker rod for the week should suffice as I have done it before when I went up there before. JamoDamo
  2. Btw I was going to buy a pryml rod tube 220cm
  3. Hey Raiders, In the near future I am heading up to qld on a holiday to the sunshine coast where I know has pretty good fishing option available. I am flying on Virgin Australia and I have looked the requirements to take them up: They say I have to take it in a pvc tube with two screwable caps on both ends and the max length for my tube must be 3m. I rang the customer support number just to clarify what it had to be just to double check and the woman said it had to be 1m long (the rods that I am taking are longer than 1m halved into two pieces) contradicting what it said on the site. I am lost on what to do and just need some advice on what to do. I have read the other posts on fishraider but I still have no idea what to do. I know that I have to have the rest of my baggage such as terminal tackle and reels have to be in my bag with my clothes in it. Sorry if this question is a bit vague but I am just absolutely clueless on what to do. Thanks heaps guys JamoDamo
  4. Btw all I am really going for is bream, whiting and flathead.
  5. I am also going to try get a job soon so if I want to buy it again I could have a source of income to do so.
  6. Will do, I have watched some videos on beach fishing and how to read and beach and where to cast your baits, terminal tackle I need etc. Thanks heaps everyone I really appreciate the help.
  7. Thank you so much for the help guys I was completely clueless on where to start. The guys at a shop said that as long as it was in sellable condition and had no faults and was as good as new they said I could take it back! I would most likely be going for Bream, Whiting and Flathead even Talior or Salmon if I am lucky enough to catch them. I just need to learn how to catch beach worms and pipis ( have no idea how to do ). I have no idea how to get the pipis but i'll watch some videos on it. I also need to buy more swivels, hooks and sinkers so I can have a go at it. I was using ball sinkers at first but they were very small, I have some nice sized star sinkers and barrel sinkers I could use for it and I know I can also hit ball sinkers on both sides to make them flat so they don't move around as much. Thanks so much, JamoDamo
  8. Hi Raiders, I have recently found an interest in buying a beach rod for beach fishing. I bought an 8ft Shakespeare 4-8kg combo for $67.75 from a shop just yesterday, the conditions were hard to get any bites as I used a small sinker, which I later upgraded to a heavier one but I couldn't keep it from drifting over the beach hence I couldn't feel bites and couldn't fish. The conditions were 2-4 ft waves with 15 kn winds. I think the rod will suffice but I just need some input on if I should take the rod back (called to see if I could they said yes) to see if I should buy a shimano 12ft 6-8 kg rod with an fx 4000 size reel. Thanks for the help sorry if my question isn't very clear. Thanks JamoDamo
  9. Great report Yowie! Nice just legal Jewfish I am yet to catch one myself, just gotta learn the tactics and get rods for them. JamoDamo
  10. Oh that will be epic hopefully we get as good at catching herring as old mate is xD he is a beast and pulls them in so quickly! Btw I am getting the sabiki rigs soon
  11. lol sorry xD I think we will land some soon tho
  12. I remember seeing someone catch a moses perch in Botany Bay and also in Port Kembla harbour
  13. I hope next time we go we get into some good fish. Man that run was insane! I looked over at your rod was bent heaps and the drag peeling off. We have to some sabikis for next time need to get more very small hooks for them. We can put them in a keep net or in a bucket but they die quickly in a bucket apparently even if it is aerated. I might go tomorrow probably not but if I do i'll try get some more herring
  14. Lime kiln bay. Chuck a trap in you should get a few. Go towards the "troll bridge"
  15. I have a spot you might want near there too it has MASSIVE mud crabs and massive mullet in excess of 50cm all the time.