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  1. I remember seeing someone catch a moses perch in Botany Bay and also in Port Kembla harbour
  2. I hope next time we go we get into some good fish. Man that run was insane! I looked over at your rod was bent heaps and the drag peeling off. We have to some sabikis for next time need to get more very small hooks for them. We can put them in a keep net or in a bucket but they die quickly in a bucket apparently even if it is aerated. I might go tomorrow probably not but if I do i'll try get some more herring
  3. Lime kiln bay. Chuck a trap in you should get a few. Go towards the "troll bridge"
  4. I have a spot you might want near there too it has MASSIVE mud crabs and massive mullet in excess of 50cm all the time.
  5. I live extremely close to the dog park if you could pm the location that would be awesome
  6. Hi Raiders, Sorry that I haven't contributed much at all to this forum besides questions, my question is that is the Alvey 455BXL good or not. I have only used it once and had quite a bit of trouble getting the line not wrapped around the top half of the reel. Sorry if this isn't really relevant to anything or helpful I just need a little bit of input on the reel if any of you have it because I can't find anything like a review about sorry. I will try to contribute a fishing report soon as I am going for blackfish or whatever is around on Saturday. The reason I am asking is because it was a little strenuous to gather the sinken slack line to hook the fish and to reel in the rig after a 30-40 metre drift. Thanks heaps , JamoDamo
  7. I would say it would have too much resistance on the way down not weighted but I would try making a stick float by putting the straw over the kebab stick already cut and sealing both the ends and putting either cut wire fashioned into a runner or a cut safety pin. Should work good for blackfish because of the slim shape creating much less resistance comparative to a straw by itself, it might even be as sensitive.
  8. I might weight the float. I made my first experimental float with what I could find around the house. I used an old bobby cork and cut off the end of it and put it on the kebab stick then I found and used some wire to make runners. At first I tried a nerf dart as it is buoyant foam but it would go sideways and not sit the way I wanted it to and it also didn't sit straight and I knew Blackfish are picky with their food so I tried the bobby cork and tested it in my dad's bath pond weighted it down and it worked really well for a first diy float. I also secured it with a tiny bit of rope like string on to the runners and it works pretty well. I need to get the actual materials for it ie carbon rods 3mm, Balsa wood or foam and then I should be alright and epoxy that sets in 5 mins. I might give it a go today. Thanks JamoDamo
  9. Yeah will do. I am going fishing today again and I am just going to keep experimenting.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking jewfish candy or good cut bait thanks for info waza I really appreciate it so much!
  11. Yeah, theres a sandbar near Como that I know holds whiting
  12. Hey Raiders, I have 3 Jarvis Walker Blackfish floats medium size for Blackfish. Does the size make much of a difference ie is a like a 28-30cm float way too big for the estuaries or as long as I weight it properly it doesn't really matter? Need help now as I am going for them soon. Also went fishing today and caught some little fish, I caught one little trumpeter and little fish that looked like a good live bait for Jewfish it kind of looked like a tarpon and had to medium to large pectoral fins on top and bottom of the fish. It swallowed the hook down quite a bit so I cut the line but it jumped around quite a lot and some of its scale came off and a little bit of slime hope it didn't die. Thanks for help. JamoDamo
  13. But yeah I guess they might work, as I have said in other posts you can use fish intestines as gun whiting bait as they think it is a worm or earthworms.
  14. I am just happy to catch something lol.
  15. I think it must apply more to say canals and drain etc.