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  1. Please keep making these awesome fishing stories! Its always a pleasure to read them over lunch or just in general! Keep it up you legend waza!
  2. Go for a td hyper 2-5kg or 2-6kg awesome bang for buck. Really good plastics rods give it a look. Good luck mate. Jamo
  3. Going the bream raider 722 1-4kg, don't really fish anywhere else and I like the shorter rod. I either get this or a td hyper but i'm leaning to the raider
  4. Hey guys! Thinking of buying a savage gear bream raider 1-4kg to replace my savage gear manic. The reel seat has moved over resulting in the reel seat and guides being off centre so now it won't cast very well at all. As they say out with the old and in with the new! At $100 it seems pretty damn good! My mate has one with a sienna 2500 that I tried today and it wasn't too bad, tad heavier that I expected but I loved the crisp taper of the rod, perfect for plastics I thought to myself. Anyways wanted to hear what you guys have to say. Cheers James
  5. Move onto other species that you can catch more easily during winter ie blackfish and leatherjacket if you want your catch rate to go up. I moved from primarily plastics to getting back into blackfishing and i've done alright
  6. Daiwa 21 legalis reels are an awesome choice if you are on a tighter budget, but seeing as you have a good price range, I recommend the shimano stradic FL's, Nascis, saharas, on the daiwa side of things I reckon these few would be good. Daiwa exceler, legalis, freams. Shop around and actually go into store and try them out for yourself
  7. 6lb braid, 4lb fluorocarbon leader. 1-2, 1-3 and 2-4kg rod with a whippy tip but enough backbone are perfect for bream fishing. For the reel pick a 1000-2500 size as that is all you will need to fish for them effectively. In regards to lures, i've had success on zman 2" grubz and 2.5" grubz in watermelon red, gudgeon, midnight oil, bloodworm and motor oil. The slim swimz you have will work well too in 3" but cut them down a centimeter or so, this retains the fatter profile of the lure whilst becoming a smaller sized plastic. 2.5" slim swimz are also great for this. Squidgy 65mm wriggler in bloodworm work super well along with red rum, all these lures I have done quite well with. With jigheads get size 2 jigheads for 2.5" grubz as they fit perfectly and don't catch the tail as much as size 1's do however either side will work well on grubz and slim swimz in the 2.5" size. Use size 4 jigheads for the 2" grubz and squidgy wriggler 65mm ones. With weights 1/8th will work however if you want to catch more fish I suggest you get sizes from 1/12th to 1/20th or even lighter if you can get them. Hidden weights in size 1 work well for the 2.5" grubz and size 2's or 4's for the 2" try get around that 1/20th size. If you have the coin invest in some crankbaits! Prolure cranks, Atomics and all sorts of other crankbaits will work a treat! With scents for bream specifically you can't go past pro cure shrimp or saltwater yabby/nipper S factor also works a treat. Use scent sparingly, it goes fast than you think. When fishing for bream your retrieves can vary on the day from a singular hop, to the old trusty double hop, and a quick flicky retrieve that brings the lure up off the bottom and coupled with the light jighead it waffs back down to the bottom. Don't be afraid to try different things and see what makes them bite on said day. With bream retrieves try to keep it as slow as you possibly can. Hop every 10 seconds or so and WATCH YOUR LINE you may not feel the bite but you can see pickups, bites and all sorts of useful info when watching your braid. Also fish around STRUCTURE, this can be snags such as fallen tree branches, steep banks, rocks, boulders, drop offs, slower moving water all sorts of things. Try to assess the area you are fishing and fish it accordingly. With leader any 4lb will work but I prefer the berkley vanish brand and sunline fc rock. Both awesome leaders with awesome abrasion resistant if you get shredded into a snag by a bream or hook up to a flatty. Hope this helps somewhat and points you in the right direction regarding bream! They are a tricky fish to target but once you learn the intricacies of these fish I am sure you will smash them! Good luck mate let me know how you go. Jamo
  8. Try a sliding live bait rig, will give you the chance to belt your sinker out to where you want without injuring your livebait with a big slab when it smacks the water. This rig allows you to keep your livie in prime condition and the ability to selectively cast where you want your bait to sit. Give it a go and let me know
  9. Buttery smooth, super light, finesse drag, balanced with the rod super well just an all round top setup
  10. I've made up my mind. Stuff the freams, the kix or the legalis.. I am going the shimano stradic FL 1000! $230ish and a 1-3kg td hyper balanced beautifully so thats my setup! Can't wait!
  11. The legalis was the reel I was going to go with at first, then I tried the freams and then the kix and now I have no idea what to get
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