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  1. And then to add to all of that a 78cm Dusky flathead that had a width of at least 20cm. It was caught on a "lollipop" livebait, I got this quality model on a 2500 reel loaded up with 8-10lb line with a 8lb fluorocarbon leader, me and @SaltyGreek worked so hard to get this fish after losing 4-5 HUGE fish that busted us off so many times. The fish took 3-4 big runs peeling off line like no tomorrow until I finally wrangled her in. Got her into my small landing net and brought her up and out of the water for 1 minute to a minute and half got a few quick photos and plopped her back into the drink to go harass some more baitfish:
  2. Here is a mud crab that I got 6-7 months ago caught in a trap up the coast that measured 10.6cm from its mouth to bottom of its carapace:
  3. Here are some of my pb's Here is a my first sand whiting that measured 43cm to the tip and had the girth of a ginger beer bottle with a 1.5cm on that. To add to that I caught on a noodle rod paired with a Steelite centrepin reel! The bait was oyster suspended under a blackfish rig on a size 8 blackfish hook excuse the hairdo­čśé:
  4. They are a nasty pest thats for sure, I caught a 1.5m one in the Georges River on a herring cutlet on a 2500 spinning reel on 8lb line! My rod buckled over but took the pike eel didn't pull string, the fight was insane I called it for a big flatty but when I brought it up it was a HUGE Bronze Pike Eel. When it was on the surface it was rolling like crazy, when we tried to net in it luckily popped the trace swimming off back into the Georges. It makes me think, maybe pike eels could get into shark nets and attack people in there as I am sure the would be totally capable of getting through the net i'd say thats probably much worse than a shark!
  5. This is my favourite combo that I was given by @luderick -angler its a snyder glas 10ft 6in blackfish rod with 14 runners on it accompanied with a really soft action and along with that a Alvey 475CP that is smooth as butter with 8lb Dango Wax float line. I was also given a few floats and 200 hooks in the mustad 540 sizes 6-8 beak pattern. I finally have that specialised blackfish I so badly wanted and it works flawlessly I can't believe I got given such good gear! Anyways heres a picture of the rod and reel:
  6. You can also buy a steelite centrepin off gumtree or ebay that are also quite nice to use.
  7. @jecaseka The 455bxl is useable depending on the current you are fishing. The reason it doesn't spin as smoothly as other blackfish reels is because it is on a spindle that doesn't have ball racers so it isn't "fingertip control". I now use my 455bxl blackfish alvey reel for stillwater float fishing it is a good little reel just the inertia isn't great so the line won't peel off with the current with that being said it is a entirely useable for whatever you want to do with it I just found it a pain to have to peel the line off constantly. I recently was given a Snyder Glas and a Alvey 475CP by @luderick -angler and it is flawless as a set up, I was very very lucky to get given this marvellous gear to cut my teeth on the blackfish for years to come I finally have a "dedicated" blackfish set up that I so badly wanted to have. Alvey is starting to roll out its blackfish reels into production so if you aren't a fan of the 455bxl there is always a chance that you can get your hands on the 475A, 475B and all the other models! Good luck in your search and I hope this helps you somewhat. JamoDamo
  8. It was about 5-7cm long we found it under a rock with water in it looking for mudskippers
  9. Pretty sure its a g├╝nthers wrasse
  10. Thanks heaps everyone! I think if I go fishing again on a holiday i'll buy a travel rod so I can transport it easily, She said 1m was the most I could have it so I guess I just buy a cheapie jarvis walker rod for the week should suffice as I have done it before when I went up there before. JamoDamo
  11. Btw I was going to buy a pryml rod tube 220cm
  12. Hey Raiders, In the near future I am heading up to qld on a holiday to the sunshine coast where I know has pretty good fishing option available. I am flying on Virgin Australia and I have looked the requirements to take them up: They say I have to take it in a pvc tube with two screwable caps on both ends and the max length for my tube must be 3m. I rang the customer support number just to clarify what it had to be just to double check and the woman said it had to be 1m long (the rods that I am taking are longer than 1m halved into two pieces) contradicting what it said on the site. I am lost on what to do and just need some advice on what to do. I have read the other posts on fishraider but I still have no idea what to do. I know that I have to have the rest of my baggage such as terminal tackle and reels have to be in my bag with my clothes in it. Sorry if this question is a bit vague but I am just absolutely clueless on what to do. Thanks heaps guys JamoDamo
  13. Btw all I am really going for is bream, whiting and flathead.
  14. I am also going to try get a job soon so if I want to buy it again I could have a source of income to do so.
  15. Will do, I have watched some videos on beach fishing and how to read and beach and where to cast your baits, terminal tackle I need etc. Thanks heaps everyone I really appreciate the help.