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  1. They usually eat any algae around, when you catch heaps and you gut them you'll see their stomachs are choccas full of this rough slimey algae.
  2. When fishing plastics that weed does my head in, although would become a feeding ground for any blackfish about... and they'd get super fat!
  3. I will definitely consider it, I'm in the market for a new blackfish rod anyways. Thank you for the thought Frank, I will let you know asap regarding it. Cheers Jamo
  4. Bullrout, caught one the other day. Heaps cool looking but they are so dodgy. I caught it and called it a "hospital trip" hahahaha
  5. If you want to catch fish on lures honestly just go for gulp, they smell like crap but fish love them! Also i'd suggest going around a 6-8lb fluorocarbon leader of at least a rod length matched with a 1/12th or lower size jighead. Try off sandflats, you'll catch flatties bream and whiting easily. Also to add to this go to somewhere close to the ocean, you'll find ocean going fish that will generally hit almost anything you throw at them. Further more gulp patterns that I find work extremely well include the gulp sandworm in 2" in camo or the bloody colour and the 2" baby shrimp in Camo. I've had heaps of success with these plastics. Also zman slim swimz in the 2.5" are one of my go to's the tail action is great and fish love to slam them especially flathead bloodworm, motor oil and midnight oil are amazing colours to use! FIsh as light as possible and vary your retrieves also start watching windsor bait and tackle on youtube his videos are chocca block full of info that is relevant to your situation, he will teach you subtle things that will get you onto more fish! Scent wise buy gulp rub on scent or s factor I've had a lot of success with both of them also give procure a go later on in saltwater yabby/nipper and shrimp for bream and flathead and mullet and bloody pilchard for flathead. Use the double hop retrieve, small flicky hops, long pulls of the rod and all sorts of other retrieves that you can think of during your next session. Also don't be afraid to try new areas, its always good to expand your horizons! Anything regarding plastics fishing feel free to contact me I'm always free and happy to help anyone that is keen to get into this awesome way to fish! Let us know how you go. Jamo
  6. Anyone following this guide WILL catch blackfish. If you find where they hold you will catch fish. Get good weed and gear and you'll all be well on your way to getting a few.
  7. Atomic arrowz 2-6lb 7ft Daiwa exceler 2000D 6lb braid of your choice. With that setup you'd be belting lures a country mile!
  8. The herring are amazing for unweighted bream bait, good flesh baits too but depends on the day for using them as dead bait however live herring are possibly one of the best big flathead / jewfish livebaits you can get. In my early days on fishraider me and my mates used to livebait herring for flathead and the live and every weekend we would get absolutely roflstomped..
  9. Those are some cracking blackfish for the river! Me and the boys unintentionally ended up targeting them unprepared however we managed half a dozen for a feed from 29cm-38cm. They are still around just not in large numbers however theres always plenty of small fish... onya. Jamo
  10. Man fishing ultra light setups in skinny water creeks is so much fun! Good on ya, some good ep in the bag toooo good! Well done!
  11. Great Trevally, they go like a steam train at that size!
  12. Man you always seem to manage a feed and a good one at that! Prime eating fish there. Well done as usual good on ya yowie!
  13. I've caught bream with hooks down their mouths and flathead too. I generally cut the hook down to the bend so that its less of a nuisance for them if possible, poor buggers.. Jamo
  14. Very nice Snapper for the hacking Yowie! After lockdown i'm planning to go and give it a go with some baits for pelagics and whatever else I can catch! Onya Jamo
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