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  1. eladamrine

    Ramsgate Beach 12 September 2019

    Thanks for letting me come a long. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the day. Thanks. By the way, did you see the Trevally fisherman who came after us catch anything?
  2. eladamrine

    Ramsgate Beach 5 September 2019

    Hi @LandBasedKeith, I live around the area (Rockdale) and I am interested in fishing for blackfish. Are the string seaweed at every groyne in Ramsgate or is there a particular groyne? I also tried using prawn and pilchard at high tide in ramsgate last week and didnt get any bites. Do you know if any other species are in Ramsgate? Thanks.
  3. eladamrine

    Black drummer spots near Botany Bay

    Thanks for your replies Wazatherfisherman and noelm. @noelm I try to boil green prawns, I hear that kills the virus. I will try gathering cungie. Do cungies grow in rivers and bays or only on ocean rocks? I live near botany bay so that would be the first place I look. I don't know how to look for deeper water. Is it related to looking at the pattern of the wash? @wazatherfisherman thanks for the detailed response. I'll probably print it so I can read it all. I just bought a lifejacket and attached rock plates to my shoes. The ocean scares me, so I wear them all the time when rock fishing. I will look into getting cungie to use as bait. I want to ask how long would the cungie last in the freezer the salting technique? And what other fish might I encounter with cungie apart from drummer? I've heard what you say about having the hook 1m off the bottom of the sea floor. How do you judge the depth? Is it just trial and error and seeing at what depth you get snagged? Thanks for the tips about rig setup. I'm excited to try out the spot you mentioned in the Royal National Park. Too bad it looks like bad conditions tomorrow or else I was going to head to the Royal National Park or Dobroyd Head. Looks like the East South swell will make both places dangerous.
  4. eladamrine

    Black drummer spots near Botany Bay

    Thanks KoalaBoi. I have caught some Luderick near Potters Point in Kurnell and they have the types of rock platforms that you mentioned. That gives me some confidence there might be Drummer there as well.
  5. Hi, I have been lurking these forums and decided to post for the first time. I want to try to catch a good sized (>1kg) black drummer. I have been trying at a couple of rock fishing spots in Kurnell (Doughboy Head, Potter Point, and Kamay National Park. Also tried Bare Island today) with no luck. I thought I'd check that there are Black drummer at these spots before I commit more time. Are there any good spots near Botany Bay (I live in Rockdale) that I might have more luck with? Since I am here I should also check my gear, rig and strategy is right. I pretty much follow the advice from this video from The Hook and the Cook (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q6bQu6hs5A). I try to find a gutter with lots of whitewash, and use a bread burley every 5 mins. Then I cast towards the edge of the whitewash. I use peeled green prawns (from woolies) as bait on a size 1/0 baitholder hook. I use a running float on the main line, with stopper set to 2m. I use a size 1 ball sinker down to the hook. I use some budget fishing gear that I list below: - Shimano Aerocast 122 Surf Rod (12" 6-10KG) - Daiwa C4000 Reel with 20lb mono (the video suggests 30lb, but this is what was already on the reel. Willing to change) I have trouble getting big bites. A lot of times my bait will get picked off very quickly by smaller fish. I have seen a poster on this forum suggest Dobroyd Head as a good Drummer spot (https://www.fishraider.com.au/topic/89598-a-hook-size-for-both-luderick-and-drummer/?tab=comments#comment-660106). However, it is about a 50 min drive for me. It will be my next destination if there are no close spots. Thanks