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  1. Ha I have 3 kids under 5. They love fishing but don't really have the patience yet. My daughter just brings her line striaght in as fast as she can yelling i've caught one!
  2. I really appreciate all the advice. I can see now that what I am trying to acheive is not very realistic. It is easy to scan through ads of boats and dream. A boat large enough for family getaways is going to be either out of my price range or too big a liability or both. The guy I know with a Sea Ray 29ft with twin v8 petrols said he hardly uses it because of the cost of fuel. Converting to outboards is an option but very expensive. I think I will wait a couple of years until the children are a little older and are able to come fishing and get a reef boat and getaways might have to be on land or hire boat. Until then i'll stick with a tinnie for the calm waterways.
  3. I have thought about some of the above boats for fishing only. A few people near where I live have Trophy's but have heard quite a few negative comments on their build quality. I have not tried to stay on a 30 foot boat with the family and will take the advice onboard. The idea of having a boat for going on a family break would be to take it places where a calm water boat cannot go e.g. North Stradbroke Island, Moreton etc.
  4. Thanks for the info Jon. It is a fair point - all boats degrade over time...
  5. Thanks, I had briefly thought about this but might look into the options again. How well would an inflatable stand up to being exposed to the sun constantly. It is one thing to have a small cheap tender deteriorate but the larger RIBs are not cheap. Also have heard they can be very wet boats. Still they often require smaller motors for their size and you can't have everything I guess.
  6. Fair comment. I could extend about 1.5m with Council approval but would not gain a massive amount of depth. Council do not seem to maintain the depth in the canal despite it being Council owned land. Apparently it is the owners responsibility to maintain a depth of 600mm under the pontoon. I think this is to protect seagrass.
  7. Doesn't need to be 11m, just listing my limitations as far as frontage goes. Have been looking at 23 feet + but these smaller leasure style boats don't really have the accomodation for a weekend away at least with any level of comfort with 3 kids. What is the average 30 footer shaft drive going to draw? I realise that shallow draft is the biggest challenge.
  8. I have a friend with a Sea Ray 290 and he reckons it only draws 50cm with legs up. In reality if it draws a touch more then it wont be a massive issue. I'm sure it will settle into the sand a little.
  9. Wondering if I could get some ideas of which brand/model people might suggest that fits my needs so I can keep an eye on the second hand market. I live on a canal but it is fairly shallow. At the front of my pontoon it can be down to about 50cm at a very low tide. If my boat draws more than this I will have to constantly maintain the frontage by regularly pumping out sand. A cat would be ok as it can sit level. It is only sand/mud - no rocks to damage the hul. Looking to get a larger boat after owning multiple small trailer boats. Length limited to about 11m. Height limit 6m due to bridge (no mast). Would like something dual purpose for reef fishing plus weekend get away for the family (3 kids). If I can't have both then fishing/comfortable day boat for the family. Doesn't need to go fast but needs to be relatively fuel efficient. Price under $60k (looking at second hand). Obviously any boat left in the water will mean a lot of maintenance. Ideally outboards which clear the water would be great but as length goes up this get unlikely in the price range unless multiple old large 2 strokes which kill any chance of reasonable fuel efficiency. I want to avoid old large carby V8 petrol inboard/sterndrives for same reasons. I am hoping to get to know which branded hulls are likely to have stood the test of time and which might present good value long term so I can focus on finding a good well maintained example and jump on it when it comes up. So far have looked at Sea Ray, Mustang, Bayliner, Sunrunner, Leeder. Also things like Noosa Cat but these larger powered cats but these seem to command a real premium for some reason. Any opinions welcome as I still have a lot to learn.
  10. Mark77

    Advice on old tinny

    I am concerned about this but I thought these type of "closed cell" foams are not supposed to absorb water. I guess anything put there will have the potential to hold some water (and salt) in the area. The only other option I can see would be to use some kind of hard plastic like the strip that is under the ribs (like cutting board or something) but it wont be very flexible and might have to be glued in to keep it in place.
  11. Mark77

    Advice on old tinny

    Thanks Frank. Much appreciated.
  12. Mark77

    Advice on old tinny

    Just an update on this. I filled the boat with just a little bit of water and found a clear pinhole leak. It was forming a drop about every 10 seconds in a spot that was under a rib so I would never have found it from the inside. I might get some knead it and see how it goes. As far is the gap under the rib goes, I found some edpm foam strip at Bunnings. I might cut some pieces and try to squeeze it under the ribs and see if it helps.
  13. Mark77

    Advice on old tinny

    The part with the patchy paint is the plastic strip. It sags off the rib a bit and if you push it back on properly the gap is a bit bigger than shown. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  14. Mark77

    Advice on old tinny

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. I think as far as the leak goes, I'll start by putting a new bung in and put it back in the water and look really hard around for any signs. I've attached a photo of what I mean by the gap between the floor and the rib.