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  1. As above - has anyone every heard of these hulls? I never have. I'm looking at a hull advertised which is called a "165" - 16 foot half cab. Wanted to find some info on build quality and performance but could find nothing. Guessing its from the 80s.
  2. I wouldn't have thought these little boats would be that seaworthy but I just watched a youtube video of them being used in the surf. They look surprisingly dry. Even when ploughing straight into 6ft surf the just went over the top. I'll keep an eye out for one of these.
  3. Thanks Noelm. I have heard they are very capable boats for their size but at least around here they seem to command a real premium. Seems 10-12k is the going rate for one with an old 2 stroke and in fair condition overall. I'm yet to see one that has already had floor/transom done in that price range.
  4. Good to know thanks. This reinforces what I thought. I know they made some larger deep v hulls but the smaller ones all seem very much like very light ski boats.
  5. Thanks guys that is great info on the Steber. I just rang and spoke to them. They seem very friendly and helpful as stated. The fellow I spoke to was Alan and he knew the boats very well. He said that the 475 was a much dryer and more seaworthy boat than the 425 if looking at taking it in open water. He said there was timber in the liner and an inspection should involve making sure that there are nothing that has compromised the liner that would allow water through. Also timber in the transom. They sound like a great little boat but harder to find the 475 than the 425 it seems.
  6. Hi, I am in the market for an affordable used fibreglass boat around 14-15ft. Something to knock around the rivers and estuaries with the family and not have to worry too much about it. I can leave it in the water in front of my house for periods of time which will of course lead to it degrading over time. What i would really like though is something that I can also occasionally go offshore with weather permitting. Old Haines hulls are quite sort after even if they need a lot of work and not as easy to find as some of the other well known aussie boats such as Cruise craft, Savage and Steber. I was told that Steber have no timber in their hull which gives them a big advantage over the others. Alot of these manufacturers had models that seemed to be marketed as "all-rounders" in the 70's and 80's. Runabout style front drives that had layout similar to ski boats but the pictures of them give the impression of quite deep V for a ski boat - boats such as CC Rogue 14 and Savage Envoy. Even some full on ski boats like Haines 1600SO look like they have a reasonably deep V compared to hulls like Pride that look like they would be struggling to handle even small shop. I know the much larger Haines 2100 was marketed as a ski boat with offshore capabilities. All of these boats mentioned are rated to carry fairly high hp ratings for their size which would indicate decent built quality and good for quick trips out to the reef. One obvious disadvantage is the limited deck space they have for their size due to a fairly long enclosed front and limited beam but are still big enough for 2 to fish from. Steber seem to be a bit of an exception in this era as they had models in this size range marketed as proper fishing boats similar to Haines. My questions are: How well do these runabouts handle larger seas (safety if caught out) ? Is it true that a Steber boat should never require transom and floor replacement due to age? If anyone can suggest a particular model that would suit my needs please do!
  7. I'm very confused. I want to convert a 12ft tinnie to inboard with jet drive as I usually fish in an area with shallow dirty water and many sand banks. For a several reasons including cost, convenience and availability I would like to use an older small jet ski powerplant. Likely a 567cc 2 stroke Rotax engine which had around 50hp when new. I will need to get the boat registered and I live in NSW, however I suspect that what I am about to say relates to equally to other states. In an attempt to ensure that I would not be doing anything illegal, I emailed Maritime NSW and asked if there would be an issue with registering a tinnie with an inboard, and whether there is any restriction on engine size. I pointed out that an inboard motor mated to a jet drive is significantly less efficient than an outboard when it comes to power delivery and therefore, I don't believe that any hp ratings related to outboards should apply. After 2 weeks and no response, I rang them and asked the same question. I was told to ring the people that issue boat codes and ask them as it wasn't a maritime issue. I rang one such agent and asked the same question. He told me that to issue a HIN number, he must see evidence of ownership, and apart from that the particulars that are recorded against the HIN code only relate to boat dimensions. He said it is not his responsibility to determine whether any engine fitted to the vessel is appropriate or safe. I rang Maritime again and told them what the boat code guy had said. They then changed their minds about this and told me that I need to contact the manufacturer of the boat and ask them. I told them that many older boats such as mine have no builders plate and the company that I believe manufactured the boat no longer exists. I also told them that I highly doubt that any manufacturer would accept the liability of providing such information in writing for no benefit to them. They then suggested that the manufacturer could possibly just give a ball park figure! So at this point I realised that I was wasting my time talking to Maritime about it. I asked one specific question - would any such modification interfere with the registration process. They admitted that this is not a consideration for registration. The person then told me that if I was pulled up by a maritime officer on the water, they have some shipwright training and are somewhat qualified to make an assessment of the safety of my vessel and potentially deem it unsafe! I find it hard to believe that this could be legal but I guess it is somewhat similar to a cop giving a defect notice for a car?? The difference being that there seems to be clear cut laws about what you can and can't do when modifying a car. Are there any such laws for boats? The take home message was that I don't believe that they knew whether what I was talking about was legal or not. I know that conversion to jet propulsion if not that uncommon. I have seen commercial guys use tinnies with a jet to run mullet nets off the ocean beaches up and down the East coast. I have also seen people on several forums who have homemade alloy hulls about 10-14ft long with large (up to 300hp) jet ski transplants and at least some of them seem to have registration. I looked up one such QLD registered vessel by the rego numbers on the QLD govt website and it just stated the length and "inboard jet propulsion" under the engine type with no details on hp. Also there are hundreds of race/ski boats out there with huge V8 engines in very small hulls and I assume that any such boat using navigable waters must be registered. I have read many threads about the legality of fitting larger outboards than what is recommended by the builder and people often mention things about issues with insurance if something goes wrong. I'm not sure what insurance they are referring to exactly. I cannot see that determining whether a boat is overpowered would be very easy in cases of no builders plate. I would not be insuring my boat against theft or damage as it would not be worth much and I am not worried about damaging other vessels as I rarely encounter other boats where I go. If I do it is another tinnie. Personal liability insurance is not included in boat rego like it is with car rego and although it may be included when getting property insurance cover, I doubt many owners of small inexpensive runabouts have this type of insurance - right or wrong it would mean that it is a moot point in these cases. So after all that, does anyone know whether it is a clear cut case of being illegal the law to convert an old boat with no builders plate (but with a HIN number) to an inboard motor/jet unit? If so please help me by providing some info on the specific legislation which I would be breaching.
  8. Ha I have 3 kids under 5. They love fishing but don't really have the patience yet. My daughter just brings her line striaght in as fast as she can yelling i've caught one!
  9. I really appreciate all the advice. I can see now that what I am trying to acheive is not very realistic. It is easy to scan through ads of boats and dream. A boat large enough for family getaways is going to be either out of my price range or too big a liability or both. The guy I know with a Sea Ray 29ft with twin v8 petrols said he hardly uses it because of the cost of fuel. Converting to outboards is an option but very expensive. I think I will wait a couple of years until the children are a little older and are able to come fishing and get a reef boat and getaways might have to be on land or hire boat. Until then i'll stick with a tinnie for the calm waterways.
  10. I have thought about some of the above boats for fishing only. A few people near where I live have Trophy's but have heard quite a few negative comments on their build quality. I have not tried to stay on a 30 foot boat with the family and will take the advice onboard. The idea of having a boat for going on a family break would be to take it places where a calm water boat cannot go e.g. North Stradbroke Island, Moreton etc.
  11. Thanks for the info Jon. It is a fair point - all boats degrade over time...
  12. Thanks, I had briefly thought about this but might look into the options again. How well would an inflatable stand up to being exposed to the sun constantly. It is one thing to have a small cheap tender deteriorate but the larger RIBs are not cheap. Also have heard they can be very wet boats. Still they often require smaller motors for their size and you can't have everything I guess.
  13. Fair comment. I could extend about 1.5m with Council approval but would not gain a massive amount of depth. Council do not seem to maintain the depth in the canal despite it being Council owned land. Apparently it is the owners responsibility to maintain a depth of 600mm under the pontoon. I think this is to protect seagrass.
  14. Doesn't need to be 11m, just listing my limitations as far as frontage goes. Have been looking at 23 feet + but these smaller leasure style boats don't really have the accomodation for a weekend away at least with any level of comfort with 3 kids. What is the average 30 footer shaft drive going to draw? I realise that shallow draft is the biggest challenge.
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