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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, I’d love to close the transom in, build in a live bait tank ect but don’t really feel like spending the $$$$ to have it done, maybe in years to come. I had the engine replaced yesterday, extremely keen to get it out and give her a run. Main reason for the engine swap was to eliminate the hassle and unreliability of the really tired 2 stroke. started her up yesterday and absolutely no smoke, started as soon as I touched the key, so much quieter. I won’t be taking 20 minutes to get her going every time I want to head out now! I haven’t looked into an electric motor for the bow, any recommendations?
  2. Hey Raiders, been a long time lurker. I’m refitting out my boat, she’s originally a Pride hull with a half cabin that’s been chopped down and built into a centre console, I can’t take credit for the works it was built by an ex water copper. This week I’m having a Yamaha 115 four stroke EFI installed, this is prompting me to finish the “fit out” to suit my needs more. I’m searching for the right T top and trying to sort out an electric anchor winch because I’m basically too lazy to drag one up. I also need to sort a boating ladder, with previous boats I’ve always had swim boards with factory mounted ladders. I’ve attached a pic of the boat, any tips? Thanks guys, I’m located in Sydney and up the central coast a fair bit. If you see me out give me a shout! Cheers Jack