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  1. my biggest dolly at a fad was on a live dolly. probably went 18-20 kg. I found the choppier the day the better, and no good in strong currents
  2. I have had jewfish 10-12 kg size and only a head to show in one bite, about 500 mtrs off novotel in botany bay.. But im sure you will get em off the beach off novotel. I saw a video of someone catching one of the beach sans souci i think..
  3. Well thats odd, I used to fish Forster alot and they were a disaster some years, and Sydney at times they were worse, antwhere from up against the shore to out on the shelf. My mate traps them outa south west rocks aswell.. maybe port stephens is a jacket free haven, Lucky you..
  4. Heart will continue to pump for 5 mins or so, gradualy getting erratic and weaker. Nerve pulses continue. we would bat them over the nose to stun, then cut a small scallop between the eyes to expose the spinal chord... Then run 5 foot of stainless wire or thick mono down the inside of the spinal chord to the tail to totaly nerve kill the fish, However the heart keeps pumping. Muscle memory, I dunno.. But thats what happens Ive pulled hundreds of tuna, marlin etc hearts out after brain spike and they pump for ages. We would nick under each pec fin then 2 nicks next to the 3rd last little yellow fin on bottom of fish, Then lift Gill and put a slice in the membrame and shove a sea water hose in and pressureize the internals and force all the blood out until water came out the holes, But as we all dont have water pressure on board the next best thing is to cut thru one set of gills. The heart will keep directing blood to the gills to be re oxygenated but as their cut the fish bleeds out real quick. So put them in sea water to begin with fro 5-10 ins, so the blood dosnt congeal, then into ice slurry Interestingly an initiation for new crew was to bite into nand swallow a chunk of the pumping heart of the tuna, they didnt know it but you receive a whack of adrenaline from it, Actualy it is a JAP delicatesy if you have one onboard to offer fine slithers of the heart , Cut whilst still pumping and serve, yum... bleeerrrrrr if u know better, they eat toadfish too remeber... each to their own.
  5. Yeh new pump housing, new impellor, new thermostat full service and replace anything that could be the issue, Temp probe was put on as rev limiter came on and it was 88degrees, apparently rev limiter/overheat kicks in at 90 deg. Then water jackets scrubbed/scraped and put head on and new gaskets etc. Also exhaust jacket scrubbed and scraped, then new gaskets and re attached. Like i said before seems not a full jet of water thru telltale at idle. also not much water through the upper exhaust outlet (fine minute spray) so water mainly comes out at prop end This starbrite contains hydrochloric acid. apparently you run some into motor, let sit for 10 mins then run some more through, let sit, then a full proper water flush for 10 mins or more. Just asking if anyone has had any experience with it. I use salt away now for the final rinse before putting boat away for 6 weeks whilst at work. Mechanic got me started on this, sounds fair enough. its a preventative mostly
  6. I read somewhere u can hit your zmans with a wire brush to put tiny holes in them. That way the juice goes in a bit for some extra stink. I have also been leaving mine in with pilly and squid bait tub while not using. Wonder how any used ones u dont want to put back in the packet would fare if you froze them with rest of leftover bait. As they are silicone probably be ok?
  7. I used to be a longliner so this can get technical with pressure bleeding etc. But for the average joe a whack over the head with a bat to start. brain spike if u can and then DONT cut their throats, Lift the gill plate and slice strait thru one whole set of gills. then put in water bucket or over side on rope for ten mins to bleed out (mind the makos and crocs), then into ice slurry. Cutting their throats cuts both sides of the pump.(heart) Next time you 2 tailor or kingfish cut ones throat and the other cut the gills. When you fillet it you will see the difference in meat appearance
  8. i used to fish cooks river as a kid in the 90s off brighton amatuer fishing club wharf. Most weekends. Man i used to get some big bream up to a kg, blackfish up to 1.5 kg, flatties up to 3 kg, few tailor, big eels and plenty of mudcrabs. I used to let em all go. One day i saw all these fish coming up gulping for air, all sorts as mentioned above. the pelicans would swoop on them and then spit them out. Saw something similar at lane cove in 2002, all these fish beached themselves and were gulping for air.. hundreds of estuary fish all sizes. was incredibaly sad both times.
  9. tip down rig a livie 50 ft down used to work for me.. they used to put a big piece of shade sail down there. Dunno if still do.
  10. I have recently tried z man after years of gulp. iv done ok on gulp but recently i think they have perished in pack easy, torn, split, bent , swam odd.. I was in a shop and they had a pack z man paddlerz 5 inch bad shad.. so i thought id give em a go.. Well i will never use gulp again. Yes the z man caught a heap as the fish were on the chew but how they lasted will never cease to amaze me. Gulps if i got one fish they were ruined, well generally they are school or spanish mackeral.. even a trike and there toast,,, But the Z man i tried first cast 9kg mac.. still like new. then another 8kg mac.. then 2 doggy mac. and a couple bludger trevally.. still in good nik. I went home and left lure on the rod, it sat in my shed on rod for 6 -7 weeks while i was away at work. i took the same lure out and first cast a 10 kg cobia, then a 4 kg cod, then a 10 kg mac, then a couple of small dog mac.. and still in good nik. i dipped it in gulp juice occassionally. Then finally i lost the plastic to a bust off from a big fish. Oh no my lucky plastic. And yes i do put 3 inches of wire above my head for these toothy critters. Single strand joined by albrite knot to mono leader. From that experience i bought a whole pile of em and are yet to use.. so many gulps i have chucked out as dried, bent, tails bent, moldy, split head when thread headkeeper through. Yet Z man stayed on well, didnt tear even while in the crush zone of spanish mackeral jaws throughout fight. and they hit like rockets... INCREDIBLE lure durability.. I was sceptical about this 10x tough BS but man i give em credit where its due.And I was a typical die hard bait or live bait fisho, Well still am but some days cant lose a full pilly, and one cast of these little buggers and your on. Y Well thats my experience. I do like re dipping them in gulp juice though, apparently dosnt stick well to plastic but seems to work. Maybe someone else has some cool ideas with scenting. The paddlerz are prescented in package.
  11. i used to fish there as a kid. never ever saw a kingy. i never ate anything out of cooks river but.
  12. Hi Im new here. I have a 30 hp yammy 2000 model 2 stroke. Good condition, recently the rev limiter has kicked in with overheat. Motor was running good until when over 3/4 revs then rev limiter kicks in. Motor always flushed. So the Mechanic has replaced water pump and impellor, Also cleaned water jackets etc. Now the rev limiter only kicks in at idle after hammering along for a while, I travelled 5 mile flat chat and no problem, neutral and idle getting anchor ready, then take off and rev limit activates, neutral, few revs and increase water flow thru, cools down and away I go... no problem til do the same again.. Water thru the telltale is constant but not like a full jetstream out. Mechanic is inclined now to remove whole powerhead to inspect the lower galleries, but I can only assume another 500-700$ I am inclined to put starbrite flush descaler through to maybe clear restrictions of scale and mud. Anyone had any experience with this product? Thanks