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  1. As much as I like whales I wish they would keep away from me I had 1 come so close I could have touched it with a rod scared the crap out of me
  2. Well done planning on getting out there this weekend hopefully weather is ok
  3. I keep remembering these blokes now another one I worked with would have about 20 joints on the boat that didn’t bother me but when we got home to clean the boat he lit up one with my teenage daughters inside the house.not happening . Re previous post rel and his mate the mate was pissed when he got to the ramp drank bourbon all day rel insisted on coming home to help cleanup gave them a coopers each and old mate starts vomiting in front yard .now it’s 99 per cent on my own I always pay for the lot anyway
  4. I had one day about 10 years ago I took stepdaughters adult boyfriend out after I’d had a big night on the beers was crook as a dog but stayed out all day just to watch the arsehole suffer
  5. Yeah I’ve had all of the above even had to supply a rel and his mate beer and cigarettes as both had no money always tell people to take a seasick tablet cause I’m not turning back . Dave your workmate needs a smack in the mouth
  6. Hi Neil we all know the moon can play a big part with fishing maybe just the tides I don’t know wouldn’t surprise me if it affects other creatures as well . Might be something to all those pagan rituals after all
  7. Hey well done will be going same grounds tomorrow after I try for snapper weather permitting
  8. Yeah zoran is spot on I’ve had plenty of times weather reports were good get out on water and conditions have been scary as hell not much fun heading in when you’re scared shitless keep an eye conditions if things change head in
  9. Yeah don’t understand why they keep pulling you then I have been pulled over twice within a few weeks 1st time fire extinguisher was a bit suspect they told me to replace it I did and got pulled again as they checked my rego and wanted to see if I had done so .plenty of clowns on the water for them to worry about
  10. You will be fine start at 50mtr mark and keep going deeper if you keep catching under size I went out yesterday and bagged out it is a fair way out as depth drops slowly so make sure you have enough fuel also make sure you have sinkers to hold bottom.weekends normally find a few other boats out there. do you have all safety gear?
  11. Dave is your boat under 16ft I’m pretty sure under that size you have to wear a life jacket if solo may be why you’re getting hassled yeah and don’t start me on government trying to control every part of our lives
  12. Hey pickles yeah it’s near on impossible to see where you’re going in that kind of fog it was a slow careful trip and why I stopped at juno .I do know area well but still a bit dodgy.had a few years back travelling from apple tree bay trying to work out where the other boat was that was making wash realised it was me going in circles
  13. Early start today on water 4.30 am heavy fog would have got lost without gps easy to get disoriented in that fog . Stopped near Juno and wet a line while waiting for better conditions to head outside not much there but only stayed about 30mins and vision ok .went to 150ft deep and a few blue spots up to about 60 cm nice drift but as water got deeper bite slowed down . Back to 150ft and bagged out on my own today so only enough to share with 1 older couple I usually give a feed too just have to be careful because the wife eats the flathead and makes poor hubby eat bloody mullet
  14. Hi mate depending on where you’re coming from parsley bay boat ramp at Brooklyn is a great ramp and only about 10 minutes further to travel to heads
  15. I normally start at 50 metres and go deeper if need be
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