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  1. Hi I have a tohatsu mc40 I use a 2 inch nail and give it a hit with a hammer been doing it that way for over 20years
  2. Mate you don't need to spend all that money the fish don't know what your using save some money towards lures or something else you want big bucks doesn't mean more fish
  3. No I havnt got navionics tried to change again no luck .I've got an old handheld GPS will just have to take that with me when I reach waypoints I can add the Mark to sounder bit of a pain but will only have to do each one and can then navigate by name
  4. Just on that if I got a avionics card would that fix issue thanks
  5. Ok tried to change the time zones about 6 options but none for Sydney looks like I can't put waypoints in only find my own. Anyone have any suggestions .make sure if you buy overseas electronics it will work here
  6. Sorry as above do fuel filters and check fuel lines and pump easy as
  7. Mate get a manual or go on the net nothing to service a 2 stroke with some basic tools. Yes buy a pump.for gear oil do impeller and yes get a full kit as you don't no last time it was done apart from those and plugs it's really only grease when you see what's involved you will wonder where they get a figure of $700
  8. Didn't know about that 1 I was looking for artificial reef 99%of my fishing is broken bay pittwater and Tewkesbury river so while I have spots there I still want to sort out sounder
  9. Thanks all will see what I can do
  10. Ok thanks it was on wgs84 so I need to put back I don't know how to change time will try and Google it would time make a difference?
  11. Jon I did look around area as Google said 1.8 km from sth head GPS marks took me around 500mtrs off land
  12. Oh and also Australian 1984
  13. Ok so I can find Australian geod.1966 or wgs84 which one? Also unit isn't showing right time would that mean anything thanks for your help it's a shame to spend all that money for something that I don't no how to use
  14. Sorry don't no what that is I'm a dinosaur with electronics
  15. Tried yesterday went to coordinate from website couldn't find anything there I'm using a usa bought hummingbird helix I sometimes wonder if it needs to be calibrated for aus