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  1. I use parsley bay have never seen anyone get a ticket then on rail shutdown weekends the guys use it for parking. When bridge to bridge is on those they are the only ones that can use ramp or carparkits ok by me as it's only once a year .oh well looks like I'll be up at 4am Saturday
  2. Unfortunately people parking in car and trailer spots in just cars isn't even a cause for a fine.please correct me if I'm wrong as I've lost my shit a few times with arseholes who do this even when I've pointed out the sign they think it's ok typical attitude of me me stuff everyone else
  3. Mate Seal the plywood paint the top whatever colour you want and use a sieve to sprinkle sand on it .non slip easy to clean don't need carpet in a fishing boat cheap and easy
  4. Dave parking should be fine at brooklyn today
  5. 50 mtr Mark is the depth I start at
  6. 50 mtr Mark a few k offshore plenty of tinnies out there just pick your days I think today would be ideal
  7. Hi Dave I fish there regularly my advice would to head straight out to 50 mtr Mark get a feed of blue spots then come back to pittwater/ hawkesburyand have a fish.maybe I'm just a crap fisherman but have been struggling inside I don't think there's bern enough rain to worry about large trees etc but of course keep a lookout cheers
  8. Thanks mate love a feed of calamari but always hoping for something nice if using for bait.last time in pittwater 2 squid caught tried for kings with no luck so ended up keeping them and getting a couple of blue spots can't complain at all
  9. Hi I've never tried for squid offshore either even though I've seen it on tv what sort of depths are you looking at. Only problem then is bait or dinner
  10. Hey mate bloody shame after all your good work.dont let some dickheads take it for next to nothing is motor worth selling separate
  11. 3.30am wake up today worried about crowds (none)at parsley bay on water 4.15 few spots for lives ended up with 2 squid ok that's a start. Over to Scotland island where we had seen and lost a king the week before on light gear so we had heavy gear today.after about a hour without a touch decided squid for dinner and chase flathead done the usual drifts for bugger all.ok a bit wet but not to windy let's go to 50 mtr Mark bloody horrible out there but after heaps of undersize fish 2 nice flathead and calamari for tea. Don't think daughters boyfriend was impressed may need new fishing mate blood
  12. Will be trying for kings tomorrow in pittwater hopefully something to report
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