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  1. The windybanks store closed over a year ago but I think they still do bait from servo,s
  2. Fun2fish

    Blown head gasket

    Hi replaced my head gasket a few weeks ago head was pitted but I was lucky enough to have a spare one. Unless you can find out cause and if any other damage I would look at something else
  3. Ok they are blue spot I thought so they are my winter staple as long as I can get outside and avoid the whales they sneak up and scare the crap out of me😁
  4. Well I'm confused now I thought the flatter i got offshore were blue spots ,they do have spots I thought all flathead had spikes.oh well whatever they go good on the plate
  5. Use a wheel clamp to stop it moving and maybe a high lift Jack to raise it and set it on a timber frame/box.
  6. Hi mate lower it first see how it goes
  7. Hey Dave I know what you mean about weather but if you go to hawkesbury or pittwater midweek there is nearly as many fishing as the weekends definitely can't complain about people wanting to go out though
  8. So when all this lockdown started there was talk about the fish getting a bit of a break but it seems to be the opposite with so many people out of work (im 1 of them ) there is lots of people on the water midweek may be lots of factors but fishing seems to be harder than usual for this time of year any thoughts