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  1. Hi guys, went down to the Jenolan on the weekend and had a great time. Bloody beautiful and remote. Thanks Wcurral for the tips. caught 3 beautiful rainbow on celtas. River was very low but still some nice pools. Bloody tough walk out that almost killed my brother in law ha! Can see why it’s pretty rarely fished. saw to black snakes, had a nice cook up on the fire and all around great time. Very keen on trying somewhere else for my next adventure.. if anyone has any tips it would be great! (Somewhere with a flatter walk would be cool Sounds like the Cox’s down from Little River could be good? How close could you get by car? Maybe Cox’s river camp ground then hike along? Is that private land or can you get along to underneath the little river and camp? also what’s the easiest way to upload a few pics/vids? Cheers
  2. haha awesome stuff thanks wcurrall! Will definitely be giving this spot a go and will let you know how it turns out
  3. Hi PaddyT, thanks a lot for the reply. Mmm that's a shame you think it may be too dry for rivers at the moment, I really have my heart set on them rather than lakes. I have been looking at Fish River and Duckamaloi on google maps up around Oberon and some youtube vids which looked great but i suppose they may be from before the drought! Maybe someone else will have some intel anyway. In the meantime I will have a look south of Black Springs... assuming you mean Campbells River. Thanks again
  4. Hey folks, Have just joined up to this forum as I have exhausted most online avenues for researching best options to try for a trout or 2 in and around the Blue Mountains. Basically it will be my first time fishing the area but have done a fair bit of freshwater fishing in Canada and NZ and love it. I am wanting to try somewhere potentially over the long weekend and would be more than happy for a bit of a hike/bush bash in to get to a good spot and then camp overnight. I am hoping someone would be kind enough to give me a tip or 2 about areas to try and with some consideration of the current drought and the impact that may have on best places to fish.. Thanks a lot in advance Tim