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  1. Sorry i don't have a photo but i got a 17cm bass over the weekend on an atomic hardz dd Felt a hit then thought it got off it was so small! Couldn't even get my thumb in its mouth to hold it!! Fish tank size!!πŸ˜‚
  2. Cheers mate i am only 15, so i was extremely excited when i saw it and nearly fell of the shark net!!!πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜² Put up a mint fight! Had to try to not fall off while skull dragging it to the sand, while it was head shaking! It couldn't have been hooked any better, as i only had light leader and its teeth were nowhere near the leader thanks to the weedless hook straight in the corner of the mouth
  3. Just down at clontarf for this arvo and hooked a 67 cm flatty (new pb fish) On a zman minnowz calico candy with a headlockz weedless hook and a running ball sinker Fishing off the shark net Cheers guys
  4. wondering where to launch the yak at fig tree bridge lane cove river, to hit those topwater bream and sp flatties want to go there because it is only 20 minutes away can you launch from the loop road that goes under the bridge (cunninghams reach side) glad of help
  5. I know there is lots of posts about this topic, but just wondering about topwater bream lures Four from a shop, (looking at walk the dog lures),(i have a free a shop 10 dollar voucher and wanting to spend it on topwater) Bassday Sugapen Lucky Craft Sammy Megabass Dog X Savage Top Prey Should i get the top prey (kind of minded to) or just go for the good quality/more expensive ones (what colors are favourites) And when does topwater really turn on for bream and whiting Glad of any help Cheers

    Mort Bay Area

    Thank you very much!! Just what i was looking forπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ” The search bar is a bit touchy, sometimes you just can't find what you want Cheers
  7. Narrabeen lagoon is pretty good for flatties on Soft Plastics and good for bream on chicken, also whiting get up on the flats there, one of my mates got a 85 cm flatty on a Daiwa double clutch I have caught plenty of bream there and flatties on blades Just recently i got a 30 cm bream and a 37 cm flatty both on chicken And you can eat them from there!!
  8. Mate i went there early one morning and fished just outside the maritime museum and a security guard came and said that i can fish over the other side of darling harbour and up around the sydney wharf apartments(i hooked up to a solid 35 cm+ bream but i lost it right beside the boardwalk, on a zman grub), i would say just straight away go outside the maritime museum next to the submarine (big bream hang around and they are fat because everyone feeds them),until you get kicked out and just be polite and move along to the board walk up around the sydney wharf apartments, look on the inside edge of the boardwalk, fairly shallow and if you see one cast away from it and try not to spook it (there are usually some just sitting under the boardwalk) hope this helps

    Mort Bay Area

    i started this thread because i thought it could be a new topic Didn't want to change the topic on the other thread! cheers mate
  10. Are there any other spots like this that are near and would be better fishing? I went there but didn't have a rod and just thought it could be a good spot
  11. THEJET

    Mort Bay Area

    yep cheers mateπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ