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  1. cfish

    Walker Wobbler

    I brought a heap from tassie a couple of years ago, all the old colours , they still sell alright down there, the green with a touch of red on the nose is a popular lure for tassie trout.
  2. Even unleaded can have a small percentage of ethanol these days, if there is a tiny bit of water in my tank you can see stabil dissolve it with your own eyes. I have used Ringfree as well however it a cleaner /decarbonizer rather than a cure for water problems, you can this as a shock treatment like Seafoam if you want to risk being fined by the EPA. Fuels are designed for modern cars with plenty of additive so its probably a waste of money.
  3. There are a couple of ways of using thread finish. The first is to add filler to the thread before coating, this gives you a layer of thread with a coating of epoxy over the top. The second way uses no filler so the epoxy soaks in and becomes part of the thread as well as changing to a darker colour, it sounds as if your rod has used the second way and any rod builder should be able to choose a thread combination to match your rod.
  4. I believe an incorrect time is the most likely problem, most Lowrance units are affected without the latest software update available from their website.
  5. I'd keep the spray chines on, you don't need to be going fast if you pushing into the wind and waves.
  6. Yep i heard the central coast guys wanted the numbers reduced a bit. I can remember before the salmon and kings recovered and species such as bonito and trailer were bigger without he completion. I've just driver up from Victoria and didn't see much bait about so maybe that's part of the reason as well.
  7. Hi Doza I brought the same unit myself and also own a Elite HDI but have not been on he water yet but I'm guessing the Totalscan transducer will be networked under "Device Configuration " and will have to be activated under that menu. If I remember correctly the Elite transducer should work if you select generic 83/200 khz
  8. That's a fair distance by electric power, I do ten k plus trips myself and don't want to discourage you just be aware I've had to paddle back on occasion. .At low speed these motors draw 9 amps and at full power 20 amps however you won't get double the speed at full power and use unnecessary battery unless your prop is the right size which is unlikely. I usually lock the motor straight ahead on half speed and leisurely paddle.
  9. I put in some feedback to the draft version which has been totally ignored. They have really underestimated how popular Cape Banks is with the Korean and Chinese community .
  10. You can still buy all the old colours down in Tassie, they still sell alright and will catch most species of fish.
  11. Wading is illegal in TCD as is fishing from the wall, I don't flyfish anymore however as swordie mentions a green woolly bugger is a pretty good choice for that area. Some fairly deep spots on the far side of the dam you can fish without wading.
  12. I would give Fitzroy Falls a miss as I've fished it occasionally since they built it and never caught a thing. Salty trout, the Mongarlowe River would be the closest decent water . You can check out Bill James guide books however many of the waters that held trout twenty years ago are barren of fish these days
  13. Thanks for the tip, I have the same motor but haven't been on the water yet, checked it and had to jiggle the handle a bit to get it to lock and i'll take my file just in case. I had the previous model for many years and the new one looks much improved , great value for money.
  14. Gear oil is twice as thick as engine, as long as it's not cream coloured which indicates water I wouldn't waste time or money flushing, go fishing instead.
  15. I'm not much into jewie fishing but follow the local bait shops on Facebook they will post when fresh Hawesbury River squid is coming in.