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  1. It used to be illegal to release carp until some carp anglers had the law changed, the argument was it being too difficult to dispose of the carp they caught in their comps . I agree in some circumstances its not reasonable to stink the place up with dead fish.
  2. Upstream of Pheasants Nest Weir is the no go area, the downstream bit has suffered a lot from mining in the nineties and its a long time since I fished it but a few lost bass, protected macquarie perch or murray cod would be unlikely but not impossible .Below Maldon Weir would be better spot if you can still drive down there.
  3. There is relatively little water treatment at the dam, as the dams relatively narrow and deep they mostly relie on the containments settling out by themselves, this is the cheap way of doing it but means we can't fish there.
  4. I agree there are some decent landowners out there, I believe as new properties are resurveyed they are adding a reserve along the river, unfortunately its going to be a long process.
  5. Might see some redfin come down this time ?
  6. Say ten years Fisheries would have advised you not to step out of the water. Now their saying you can walk the lower bank, I really doubt the average farmer has come around to that way of thinking and would be ready for argument. I believe the HW mark is land alternatively covered and uncovered EXCEPT in the case of flood, not exactly clear. I just find it easier to go to Victoria now days for a month of 4WDing.
  7. The only access to the river is by Kowmung fire trail or walking , should also mention most of the area was burnt twelve months ago. If you want to fish the spawn run need to walk as the waterfalls downstream from Molong Creek prevent the fish moving up to the more accessible part .
  8. Bit late just having read this thread,the lower Hollanders and most of the Kowmung apart than the fire trail crossing was burnt during the fires , been dry as well I hope you caught something.
  9. I just checked and didn't realise how low the dam is, Markhams might be the best option.
  10. People launch at Markhams or the western shore at Quartz Pot if you follow the road to the end, been a while since was out that way however the western road side of the Quartz pot a had had a bit of a flogging last time.Take some coin as they might come around for the camping fees.
  11. I believe BerleyPro make a thinner cover, Don't have any personal experience as a run a side arm, you would need to check comparability with a knowledgeable person. A Hobie dealer might stock them in Sydney
  12. No problem fishing Pelican Point or Wooloware Bay as long as you check the weather, as a matter of fact plenty of kayakers go out there. You would want to be really sure of the weather before heading out much further, Towra Point and Quibray Bay have quite extensive no fishing areas so check that as well or it could get expensive.
  13. I brought a heap from tassie a couple of years ago, all the old colours , they still sell alright down there, the green with a touch of red on the nose is a popular lure for tassie trout.
  14. Even unleaded can have a small percentage of ethanol these days, if there is a tiny bit of water in my tank you can see stabil dissolve it with your own eyes. I have used Ringfree as well however it a cleaner /decarbonizer rather than a cure for water problems, you can this as a shock treatment like Seafoam if you want to risk being fined by the EPA. Fuels are designed for modern cars with plenty of additive so its probably a waste of money.
  15. There are a couple of ways of using thread finish. The first is to add filler to the thread before coating, this gives you a layer of thread with a coating of epoxy over the top. The second way uses no filler so the epoxy soaks in and becomes part of the thread as well as changing to a darker colour, it sounds as if your rod has used the second way and any rod builder should be able to choose a thread combination to match your rod.
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