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  1. Judging by the dust on the lid 4L lasts a long time 😁
  2. Sealed the wood using this stuff; its excellent but a bit expensive. Could probably use a cheaper varnish from Bunning and get a good result.
  3. Ha no, the floors are not fixed & i have no battery so its not mandatory i believe. If I start taking on water i can remove the front or back floors quickly and start bailing. The floors have a pull strap for easy access. Will post a pic later.
  4. I had Sunday to finish the flooring off. It was tricky to get the center floor to fit perfectly; the template works as a good guide but when it come to putting the actual wood in it requires a few adjustments due to the 9mm thickness. The Bunnings marine carpet is also 2mm thick so that was another thing to consider when cutting the wood. Im pleased with the result. I just need to add the cleats and rod holders and secure the outboard and im done.
  5. Great thread. There are so many different floor designs and so many thing to think about when choosing one. I took my inspiration from https://mattsfishingblog.com/tinny-pimp-project/ This design is simple to make (if you are good with a hacksaw and rivets), strong, allows for a floor hatch, no gaps under the seats, clean look as it hides the floors supporting ribs. ps ive only made the frame so far. Marine ply floor to follow soon
  6. Made the center floor frame over the weekend; lots of hack sawing and riveting. Im very happy with how it turned out, its super strong and level. The space in between the two center struts is 30cm, big enough to add a hatch and create some storage space (fishing tackle box / paddles / beer ) Next step is the flooring
  7. Thanks mate. I don’t plan on standing on the front or back only the centre which I’ll be making with vertical supports as you mentioned. In the front I cannot see the rivets coming through, they seem fairly solid. I might try standing on it, wish me luck.
  8. Tinny pimp

    Tinny fit out

    Hi All I just bought myself a Quintrex 350 Dart that i'm pimping out with a full floor and fishing extras. Its a small basic boat but all i need for a fish on Sydney's Port Hacking River; no frills no fuss . I thought Id share photos of my fit out journey. Its slow going as I only have a few hrs at weekends to work on it but so far ive done the front and back floor foundations and ply fit out (bow and stern) Im using Angled aluminum 25x25x3 + aluminum rivets Diam 4.8mm Grip 6.4mm + 9mm marine ply + the other stuff that I'll share only the way. All from Bunnings. For the motor I managed to find a new Mercury 9.9hp two stroke (would have preferred a 15hp but no new one around due to the new emission laws. Boo) which does the trick nicely, the boat only weights <80KG so it gets up on the plane very quickly and easily. You can see from the photos Ive cut the Angled aluminum to length and riveted to the seats and adjacent frame (for the back near the transom I used selleys no more nails instead of rivets, I didn’t fancy putting holes in the boat 😉). I then use cardboard as a template to jigsaw the marine ply. Once I have done the center deck I will epoxy the ply to make it water tight and then glue & staple marine carpet on.