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  1. Thanks dude 🤙🏻 Swells looking pretty bog on Friday starting at the 2.5m and getting up to the 4-5m mark so I might be giving it a miss and save it for another day.
  2. Hey guys what’s the biggest southerly swell mermaids inlet can handle?
  3. Many thanks again guys 🤙🏻
  4. Thanks heaps for the info I’ll let you guys know how I go 🤙🏻 Couldn’t find eaves ravine on the maps but I’ve ear marked a few spot along the coast not sure of all are accessible. Any recommendations for lure types? Will they hit surface lures stickbaits
  5. Hey fishos! Hope all are well, im heading down to jervis on the last weekend of may and I’ve got some time up my sleeve for a fish so I’m after some info on chasing kings land base around the jervis Bay Area if anyone can spare any info that would be awesome🤙🏻🎣🐟
  6. Thanks mate will do 🤙🏻
  7. Hey guys need some help, I’m heading of to Hamilton island on the first week of May and I’m wanting to squeeze some fishing in both land based and on a boat does anyone know where I could test my gear? I’ll be hiring a dingy one of the days cheers 🤙🏻
  8. Hey fishos got a question for you. Does anyone know if a coltsniper bb pe4 would pair up well with a saragosa 6000 cheers 🤙🏻
  9. Hey guys new to the forum and looking for some help, I’m currently looking at going to Broughton for a weekend camping a wondering if any of you legends know of any land based spots for pelagics around the island ? 🤙🏻
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