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  1. Hey Dave I may have to buy your au I can put a mask on it
  2. Mitsubishi called me back about pricing sounds good but no delivery till maybe February not good my mechanic has put a head gasket Sealer into the old Ute have to drive it for a week and take it back to him he says if it seals it should be good for a fair while I'm hoping it works but will take a bit for me to be confident in it.i like the old girl but thought of new one was nice.2nd handprices are crazy a few dual cabs with over 300000 km their asking over $20000
  3. That was a shit ramp at Gosford had a big hole at bottom I've never had a problem with traction
  4. Will ask how much for 4x4 but I probably used it once at a ramp bi
  5. Looking at single cab triton around $32000 I don't no where that car guide thing came from wish that was price
  6. Thanks everyone feel confident it will do.the triton I've had for about 14 yrs same boat for about 24yeah I get my monies worth
  7. Plenty of grunt those Aussie sedans shame to see them go value for bucks was great
  8. Hey fab that is my main concern I don't want to spend on what I don't need so trying to make sure a single cab will work.i normally launch at parsley bay so it's well maintained.i was posting a week or so ago about prices of new outboard and car crapped itself so a large expense was not what I was expecting. 1 company is doing 10 yrs warranty and 10 yrs capped servicing is attractive as I hold onto my things
  9. And sorry Dave your falcon is pretty
  10. I grew up in heyday of ford and Holden would love to have kept some of them but rust and reliability wasn't great
  11. The Ford's were good but they really hit the au with the ugly stick
  12. The triton has been the most reliable car I've had but 360000km and blown head gasket and maybe more not really worth repairing oh 2003 model
  13. Use to have falcon and Holden they were great for towing and like driving a lounge so comfortable. If I didn't need a Ute I'd prefer a sedan don't no what the obsession with dual cabs is
  14. Never had a new car and thinking 1 would see me to retirement
  15. Butdont think I need 4wd
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