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  1. Yeah cleaned everything with wire brush and scraped as you said .with so much info available now plenty of things can be tackled yourself
  2. Hi ended up having to replace bushes earlier than I thought I would have to fairly easy just need to look at way it all goes together and solder new ones on if you are going to to try a starter motor rebuild pay attention to where everything goes not hard to clean up and solder bushes on
  3. Hi have done 2 there 1st time on 1 of big boats shared with a couple same resort 2 hrs trolling nothing switched to bottom bouncing I got only fish 2 รท leather jackets that's fishing few years later went with charter kiwi guy had me single again went with a dad and about 10 year old son he got crook so cut day short but did land a 13 kg Wahoo i don't do much game fishing but just booked a day in Hawaii fishing over Xmas sorry can't remember names of charters but I think kiwi fella had a stabi cheers
  4. Ok mate understand now the one I have needs to be soldered it should be easy enough thanks all for your help
  5. How did you connect new brushes if not with solder?
  6. Hi all dmck did you cut old brushes off at copper strap and solder new ones on strap to strap thanks
  7. Hi just an update pulled starter apart and decided to clean it up with degreaser and wire brush works great again will need to change brushes soon looks fairly easy.if your having trouble try cleaning it saved over $550on new one cheers
  8. Hi having intermittent problem starting tohatsu m40c electric start sometimes starts no problem other times solenoid clicks but no starter turnover if I remove scowling and turn starter motor cog by hand can usually start by key again have swapped starter motor with spare and checked cleaned wiring I'm thinking solenoid any ideas thanks