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  1. Any spots in Narooma where it’s shallow and I can wade out and throw surface lures? For whiting? cheers
  2. Hey guys just thought some of you might know since I can’t find it on the internet, what’s the cast weight of the Shimano Maikuro Swimbait rod?
  3. Hey guys, been casting murray cod lures (mainly topwater) and I have had some issues with lures snapping off as I cast them? I'm using 30lb braid with 50lb leader and using a double uni knot. It usually snaps on or around the knot? Any suggestions on how I can stop this and why it is happening? thanks
  4. Ok thanks, would I be able to run an electric motor and a fish finder on that battery?
  5. Would this battery do? And how long would it last with a electric and the sounder hooked up on it? https://www.jaycar.com.au/12v-7-2ah-sla-battery-nbn-back-up-battery/p/SB2486
  6. Is there anywhere you can buy the housing with the battery on its own?
  7. Hey guys just wondering is there such thing as a portable fish finder? As in one you charge at home then take onto the water? I don't like the idea and hassle of a battery on my kayak. Thanks
  8. Already has assist hooks and I already took off the middle treble
  9. Was fishing for 4 hours late afternoon today wading out in the estuary (Wallis lake). Starting in waist height water throwing the ebi panic lure saw countless whiting following it but no hits or hookups. Then moved to the 50mm sugapen with assist hooks on the back saw even more fish following It in schools but only one hit but didn’t hookup. Moved into shallower water (knee Hight) and continued with the sugapen, had a semi hookup but came off 5 seconds later. Saw more fish follow it and then changed back to the ebi panic lure. Landed one fish the size of the lure but saw more follow it. I’m keeping the retrieve at a fast pace and tiny twitches. Does any one know what to do in this situation to force a reaction out of the fish and get a hookup? thanks
  10. Anyone got any spots in Burrill Lake or the channel which don't only hold tiny bream?? Looking for some decent flatties, bream and whiting. thanks.
  11. Hey guys, I’m buying a new mid range fly rod and reel - the airflo apex combo. It’s a 4wt combo and I will be using it for stream and river trout and for the smaller trout in dams. Anyone got any recommendations on what brand and lb tippet and leader I should get? Thanks
  12. Hey guys anyone got any fishing spots around Ulladulla/ MollyMook or dolphin point. Preferably rock fishing - and what species can I be looking to catch. thanks
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