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  1. Hey guys I'm 18 and 190cm tall I'm going to be fishing mainly north Sydney but am heading down to tasmania on a bit of a fishing trip soon.
  2. A lot of you guys are saying 7ft isn’t great for the rocks. Anyone have any suggestions to match with the Shimano Stradic 4000? Going to use off the rocks and throw metal lures to catch kings. (Price range 100-200)
  3. Hey guys, I’ve fished for a very long time but mainly with bait. I’ve always used my right hand for reeling and I’m right handed. I’m just about to get started with lure fishing (mainly on the rocks) and I am buying a new combo. What are your guys’ thoughts on left or right handed reels. Any suggestions for me starting the lure fishing game using a left or right handed reel? thanks
  4. Thanks for all the info Derek! This combo is also suitable for flatties right?
  5. Thanks for all the info Derek!n this combo is also suitable for catching flatties right?
  6. Hi, I prefer to use a shorter rod as well. I find it lighter and easier to control the lure and give it a more realistic action. Hope you don’t mind Derek but I think I’ve made my mind up and think I’m going to go with the raider snapper rod and the Stradic 4000. Does anyone have any lure recommendations to use off the rocks in and around Sydney with this setup (15-45g lure weight). Will
  7. Hey Derek, The Shimano raider snapper 762 (15-45gm lure weight) a 4000 Shimano Stradic c/w 15lb braid , would that be suitable to upgrade the main line on the reel to 20lb?
  8. Hey Rick. The bluefish is a protected species sorry about the confusion, I call a different type of fish 'blue fish'
  9. Thanks paddy. I fish with a buddy and yes the gaff doesn't handle everything. I currently use a 7 ft rod with a silstar spinning reel and throw 20 to 40g metals. As you can tell this is why I am looking to buy a new rod and reel.
  10. Hey guys I was out fishing at the little manly cove jetty/pier and caught a nice sized red morwong and had no other luck apart from some tiny snappers and bream. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck at this spot. Has anyone tried out metal lures for kingfish or tailor? Most people there were just catching leather jackets and bream apart from the occasional blue fish. Share your thoughts on this location.
  11. Hey mate, I meant physical weight of the rod and reel. Going to target other species like salmon, tailor, bluefish etc. sorry for the confusion 🙃
  12. Thanks Derek for the reply. Btw I use a 2m Gaff which pretty much handles all fish I catch.
  13. Hey raiders So I want a light weight fishing combo (preferably Shimano but doesn’t have to be) suitable for throwing lures off the rocks and catching some kingies. I don’t really have a price range. any suggestions?