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  1. Thanks Derek. I have got 160m of 15lb braid sitting in my shed and I'm wondering would that be enough?
  2. I have 15lb mono on the stradic 4000 at the moment and I'm wondering would it be worth it spending the extra bit of money buying 15lb braid and putting a 30lb leader on? The thing I am concerned about is that I am not experienced at tying leader to braid.
  3. I have been going quite well with the new gear. I have only caught two rat kings on the metal lures on the Avoca rocks, But I’ve caught a lot of trevally around the 30-40cm mark. I’m going to try for kings off Clarke’s point this weekend.
  4. Hey Derek do you have the Stradic 4000 fk?
  5. That’s a good idea! Might give that a try
  6. I might have a go with some stick baits while heavily burleying.
  7. Hey guys, I’ve heard a few things about fishing off Clarkes Point (Sydney) It seems as though it’s a good spot for catching kingfish. Anyone got any suggestions or methods to catching kings off this area?
  8. Hey guys I'm after some advice on using burley from the rocks. I am targeting kingfish with metal lures. Does anyone know any good burley recipes for Kings and ways to dispense the burley without it running out in 10 minutes?
  9. I'll be mainly landbased
  10. Hey mate I’ll be fishing in 2-5m depth
  11. Hey guys kinda new to lure fishing and just want some advice on which lures and which weight jig heads for flathead. I've got the raider snapper 15 to 45g cast weight with a stradic 4000. Any recommendations?
  12. Hey guys I'm 18 and 190cm tall I'm going to be fishing mainly north Sydney but am heading down to tasmania on a bit of a fishing trip soon.
  13. A lot of you guys are saying 7ft isn’t great for the rocks. Anyone have any suggestions to match with the Shimano Stradic 4000? Going to use off the rocks and throw metal lures to catch kings. (Price range 100-200)
  14. Hey guys, I’ve fished for a very long time but mainly with bait. I’ve always used my right hand for reeling and I’m right handed. I’m just about to get started with lure fishing (mainly on the rocks) and I am buying a new combo. What are your guys’ thoughts on left or right handed reels. Any suggestions for me starting the lure fishing game using a left or right handed reel? thanks