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  1. Don’t know much about long tails - are there long tail tuna biting off the rocks around Forster area in January ?
  2. Ok thanks mate ! I’ll flick some stickbaits around - what have u had luck with there for kings?
  3. What’s the accessibility like there? Off the rocks?
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    LBG nsw

    Hi guys am planning a fishing/camping trip these upcoming holidays. I'm looking for somewhere that's under 7 hour drive from Sydney and that is fairly remote. I'm going to take my heavy setups and looking to chase some land based game preferably off the rocks. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Gday paddy, it would be good to know a price point as you can get compact fly rods from a couple hundred up to a few thousand dollars - obviously you pay for quality
  6. Thanks will get myself some singles
  7. Thanks JonD. Went down to Brou Beach this afternoon and flicked metal lures until I hooked a fish, fished that same spot and hooked up to around ten salmon but only managed to land 3. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it usual for the hook to come out of some fishes mouthes when almost landed? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info! I’ll be fishing off rocks about 10 minutes south of Narooma and will have to stay on the rocks as the beach is rocky and weedy.
  9. Hey guys just wondering what fish I could catch throwing lures off the rocks down Narooma way. Are the salmon, bonito, Jewies, kings etc about? If so which lures should I use? Thanks
  10. Hey, root hog seems to be on the bridle track isn't it? I'm looking around on maps and can't find an access route to it. Can you drive to the bridle track or do you leave your car somewhere and walk?
  11. Alright thanks! I am gonna try swimbaits and spinner baits? Is it too late for topwater?
  12. Thanks mate, have you heard of jubilee Park on the macquarie near bathurst? I'm thinking of that spot because it is easy access, do you reckon there would be cod there?
  13. Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any Murray cod spots in the macquarie River within an hour of bathurst? If not has anyone had any luck with cod around Orange, Carcoar, Blayney etc in the Belubula River? Thanks
  14. Any specific colours? I bought a TT frogerz purple one today and a purple bassman.
  15. Does anyone have any suggestions for cod lures for fishing from banks of dams with a 20gram - 45gram rod?
  16. Thanks For the advice! I have recently been doing that (thumbing the spool to get accurate casts) and I feel like it's time to invest in a baitcaster. Thanks
  17. OK thanks. I just found out the cast weight for the rod is up to 48grams. And I thought we still are akoud to go fishing in nsw just with one person???
  18. I can't find the lure weighting for it
  19. Hey guys, I am very new to cod fishing and I am buying my first baitcaster setup. I don't fish for cod very often so because of this I won't be spending lots of money. I just want to ask you guys if a 4-8kg baitcaster rod is good enough for cod. Its an Abu garcia Pro max combo which has a 4 to 8kg rod and a reel with a 7.1:1 gear ratio. I will be using it with spinner baits and some smaller hard bodies for rivers and sometimes dams. Also I can't find the lure rating for this rod anywhere, I have looked everywhere and cant find it, if anyone knows it could you please share it with me. Do you guys think this combo will get the job done? Thanks
  20. Will an Abu garcia Pro max be an alright combo for chasing smaller cod with stuff like spinnerbaits?
  21. Hey Guys. I am investing in a baitcaster for Murray cod! The problem is I have no idea about baitcasters. Firstly, can you change the reel handle from right to left or do you have to buy a separate reel - All the baitcasters I have found online are right handed. And also if anyone has any suggestions for a baitcaster combo/ baitcaster rod and reel for under $200 that would be great. I will be fishing in rivers and sometimes in dams. Thanks
  22. Guys bad news. I took it apart, cleaned and greased it and it was fixed and back working normally, I took it out this afternoon and after about half an hour the same problem started happening. Now I'm at home (3 hours later) and my reel seems to have magicalky fixed itself . Hmmmmm could it be to do with the line being wet??
  23. Hey guys just to let you know I took the reel apart, cleaned the grease and oil off it and re greased it, cleaned it all up, put it back togethor and magically the problem is know solved. Who knows what was wrong with it.