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  1. Thanks kingie chaser, I've had a look at these and although very informative, it's not quite the info I'm after
  2. Hi all! I've recently started thinking about kayak fishing. Kayak fishing really floats my boat because of the limitless opportunities you have on a kayak (in regards to land based fishing and fishing off a bigger boat) kayak fishing can help you reach deaper/more productive waters without spending your Bank account on a motor boat. I already have a kayak in mind, the Next Gen 9 fishing kayak by Kayaks2fish. This kayak ticks all my boxes. I'm writing this to ask for information on a few things I'm interested in. If someone could answer one or more of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. - Are fish finders worth it, not just for looking at bait but also for looking at structure/ depth. Are they waterproof and are the wires waterproof? Is the battery that powers the fish finder waterproof and can you recharge the battery? - Is an anchor worth it? I do a bit of bait fishing and verticle jigging so with this in mind I'm wondering if an anchor would be OK for kayak fishing. I will be mainly fishing sydney Harbour so is it too deep for a kayak anchor? - is a trolling motor worth the money? This one I'm a bit confused about whether people actually use trolling motors for saltwater kayaking. I guess they would be useful for trolling top water and bigger lures but what is your guys opinion on these. - storage solutions. I've watched a few videos on storage solutions and there a lots of different options. Should I use a milk crate? An eski? Etc, I figured it would be better to get first hand info from you guys. All round I am a bit of a Newby to the kayak fishing game and just looking for a bit of help starting off. If someone could take the time to respond to a few of these questions it would be greatly appreciated, I understand it can take a while to read these and respond. Regards, Will
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I won’t be fishing on the little manly cove side, just the manly cove/fairlight rocks area.
  4. Thanks James, does anyone know of this area produces squid or flathead
  5. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  6. Thanks! Your info will be very helpful and I like your link to the “gangsters holding a gun sideways”. I’ve always been a spin guy but i feel like (for many reasons!) that a baitcaster would be better suited for this specific type of fishing! Thanks
  7. I have a friend who uses one all the time! He has offered to let me use his for a bit to see how I like them.
  8. Thanks frank I really appreciate the offer but I actually live out of Sydney but Sydney is indeed my most popular spot to soak a line. If I ever get down your way I’ll give u a text but I really appreciate it!
  9. I really have no idea of prices for baitcaster rods and reels
  10. Hey Hey, Ive recently started fishing freshwater mainly for Redfin and Murray Cod. The spots I fish are usually quite snaggy which is perfect for m.c the problem with my spin outfit is that I can’t accurately get to the snags to catch those Murray cod. The thing I’m trying to get at is if it is worth buying a baitcaster reel for that extra bit of accuracy? (I’m on a bit of a budget) any suggestions and information would be greatly appreciated! Will
  11. Thanks Neil, I will be going out tomorrow after today’s rain and will keep in mind fishing up against structure. Thanks for the info!
  12. Hey guys im having a bit of trouble cracking the Murray cod. I’m fishing at my local dam straight off the dam wall and I’m using mozzarella cheese as bait. It’s a good spot because I’ve seen people catch big Murray cod here. If any of you have any tips to share that would be great? - where to cast? (I cast quite far away from the dam wall but I’m wondering if I should keep the bait on the wall) -is mozzarella cheese the best bait? -best rigs? - any other advice would be greatly appreciated Regards, Will
  13. What a read! Thanks wazza
  14. Going mainly for the rats, just for a bit of fun.
  15. Sorry for the dull question. I'm trying to see what rigs to use and what size squid to use.
  16. Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone has any advice/experience with using squid as live bait off Sydney rocks for kingfish. I've got a raider snapper rod and 4000 reel. Thanks
  17. Yeah thanks mate, I'm usually rock fishing
  18. Thanks guys, I have a lighter rod in the 2 to 3 kg rating and a heavier one in the 8kg rating, I use 15lb braid on the big one and just 7lb on the small one. I want to target really anything a decent size, flathead, kingfish, big trevally etc. I have been fishing with strips of squid on both rods and all I catch is little fish.
  19. Can someone help me? I am fishing with bait and sick of catching small fish like wrasse etc. Does anyone have bait fishing tips to help me catch bigger fish?
  20. Thanks. What do you mean by ripping off enough of the mono to make sure it fills to the top with braid?
  21. Thanks Derek. I have got 160m of 15lb braid sitting in my shed and I'm wondering would that be enough?
  22. I have 15lb mono on the stradic 4000 at the moment and I'm wondering would it be worth it spending the extra bit of money buying 15lb braid and putting a 30lb leader on? The thing I am concerned about is that I am not experienced at tying leader to braid.
  23. I have been going quite well with the new gear. I have only caught two rat kings on the metal lures on the Avoca rocks, But I’ve caught a lot of trevally around the 30-40cm mark. I’m going to try for kings off Clarke’s point this weekend.
  24. Hey Derek do you have the Stradic 4000 fk?